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Calling all drop dead gorgeous Monster High fans! Monster High Magazine is the destination for fans of the clawsome fashion dolls, featuring freaky fabulous styling tips, guides for making Monster High inspired accessories, puzzles, quizzes, posters, fangtastic sweepstakes and more!

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United Kingdom
Titan Publishing Group
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monster high news!

PHOTO BOOO-TH CH›CK OU› P›AY.MO›ST›RH›GH.CO› F›R ›HI› F›NG›AS›IC GA›E; AC›ES›OR›ZE A ›HO›L ›R ›OU› S›LF›E! CH›OS› F›OM HA›NT›NG SP›CT›CL›S, GH›ST›Y ›FF›CT›, ›ND SO MU›H ›OR›! THERE’S A NEW FRIEND AT MONSTER HIGH! LE›’S LE›RN AL› A›OU› HE›... Dayna is the personification of a teenage girl who is a dreamer, but is also brave, independent, and adventurous. She is always hunting for treasure, but she is not looking for wealth; she finds many things interesting and beautiful, and loves to collect them. I seek! I am always on the hunt for the next big adventure the priceless treasure, the brightest star. There are so many fangtastic things in the world, and I aim to find them all! KI›LE› S›YL› I like me fashion like I like me treasure: shiny and jewel-y and gold! And a hint of…

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make a... double-sided photo-box!

YOU’LL NEED... Scissors sticky tape 2 Photographs Adult to help you 1. SNIP along the black dashed lines. Place the photo-box main picture side down, sticky tape on the pink strips to create straps to hold the photos in place. Slide your photos into place, making sure the picture can be seen in the frame. Use the picture as a guide. 2. FOLD along the yellow lines and add glue to the pink tabs. Fold them in and STICK them down. Tuck the other tabs in. 3. POP your clawesome photographs on your desk! HEY GHOULS... Finish reading pages 8-9 before you snip out the photo-box.…

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› ›R › › MO ST IG CROSSWORD Use the clues to complete this scary-cool crossword! ›RY ›L SC -CO WORDSEARCH Find all your favorite ghouls and mansters in this fangtastic crossword! Check in all directions for the answers! HAUNTED › › ME SA E! A ghost is haunting Clawdeen's icoffin! Can you help her understand the message? Hint: a mirror will help! NSTER MO SCHOOLING! HO› W›LL DO YO› K›OW YO›R ›ON›TE› H›GH SC›OO› S›BJ›CT›? ›IL› I› T›E ›AP› TO DI›CO›ER A ›EW OF TH› C›AS›ES YO› CA› T›KE AT MO›ST›R ›IG›! › ›M PH NT PHRASES! Ghostly voices are echoing through the school. Can you match the phantom phrases to the right ghoul? A B I’› A VE›AN. N› I›KY BL›OD FO› M›, ›O ›T’› F›UI›, VE›ET›BL›S ›ND A ›OT OF IR›N ›UP›LE›EN›S. C MY SK›N ›EN›S ›O DR› O›T ›F › S›EN› T›O…

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make mummy cookies

YOU’LL NEED: A PACKET OF YOUR FAVORITE COOKIES BLACK AND WHITE WRITING ICING READY MADE WHITE MOLDING ICING HOW TO MAKE: 1 Spread black icing across the top quarter of the cookies. 2 To make the eyes, roll the white molding icing into small balls, add a dot of black icing to the middle, and press into the black icing on the cookies. 3 Using the white writing icing squeeze a zig zag pattern across the cookies, leaving an oval space around the eyes. Leave to dry and then enjoy your yummy mummy cookies!…

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stars for february / march

SC›RP›O OC› 2›-N›V ›1 You are the calm in the storm this month, Scorpio. Your faith in others will inspire them to have faith in themselves, and every monster around you will feel their troubles disappear. Lucky color: White Lucky number: 6 ›IT ›AR›U› SA NO› 2›-D›C ›1 Make a wish, Sagittarius! Your positive attitude this month makes all things possible. And that extends to your GFFs, too. Every ghoul is smiling when you’re around! Lucky color: Yellow Lucky number: 9 › ›OR› CA RI DE› 2›-J›N ›9 Take some time out with your GFFs, Capricorn, and have a ghoul’s night in. Share your hopes and screams, daydream, and don’t take unlife too seriously. Lucky color: Purple Lucky number: 4 ›AR› US AQ JA› 2›-F›B ›8 You’re feeling ready for a new adventure, one that’s creative and inspiring! However, what you do isn’t as important as the ghoulfriends you…

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Spooky › › SU OK Solve this spooky puzzle so that the numbers 1-4 never appear in the same row or column twice! CURSED TS! CA Surely, having this many cat amulets may be asking for bad luck if one of them gets broken! Count the cats as quick as you can! WANDERING WO › DS › ›NK›E’› N›TE HA› G›TT›N ›UM›LE› UP. C›N ›OU PU› T›E ›IS›IN› W›RD› IN TH› C›RR›CT PL›CE› › › FI RC FACTS! How well do you know the ghouls of Monster High? Can you answer these questions? STERY MY IN THE DEEP! Work out the correct path to help Lagoona find her Oceanography textbook!…