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be safe out there

For most of the country, this issue kicks off another season of riding. There is a lot to think about when getting back on the road after a few months away from our favourite motorized pastime, so it’s no wonder that May has been recognized as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month for many years. Check out the articles within these pages to help you get the gears moving inside your head and think about what you need mentally and physically to be safe out on the roads of this vast country. Be sure to check out Emily Roberts’ article on page 38 about inspecting and possibly upgrading your personal riding gear. But keep in mind that having safe riding gear is only one part of the equation. Consider enrolling in a refresher training course…

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harley-davidson pan america

A couple of years of anticipation followed after Harley-Davidson initially showed pictures of a completely new platform, which included a naked bike, a bobber and an adventure bike, in 2018. Since then the Motor Company quietly dropped the naked bike, but in February it released full details and pricing of the 2021 Pan America 1250, the first real adventure Harley-Davidson Pan America bike to come out of the U.S.A. Two models will be available: the Pan America 1250, at $20,999; and the higher-spec Pan America 1250 Special, which is equipped with semi-active suspension, additional electronics and off-road accessories, for $24,199. The Pan America model is a ground-up new design aimed to compete head-on with the latest big-displacement ADV bikes on the market, particularly those coming from Europe, such as the BMW…

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revolution max 1250 engine

An entirely new engine powers the Pan America, and it’s the most technologically advanced mill ever produced in Milwaukee. The 60-degree liquid-cooled V-twin is a DOHC design, with four valves and two spark plugs per head. The cams feature variable valve timing, which broadens the power band without sacrificing top-end power. The cams can be removed for servicing without taking apart the cam drive, thus maintaining cam timing. Valves never need adjustment, as the Revolution Max engine incorporates hydraulic valve lifters. Compression ratio is 13:1, and the bottoms of the pistons are cooled with jets of oil. The engine requires premium fuel. Despite the engine’s 60-degree V angle, it has a 90-degree firing order due to crank pins that are offset 30 degrees. This gives the Pan America’s engine the same firing…

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threads by the numbers

45.3 The percentage of how much safer full-face helmets are than open-faced helmets. This number comes from Prof. Dietmar Otte, a German researcher who produced one of the most in-depth motorcycle helmet studies of our time. 100 Founded in 1921, Moto Guzzi marks its 100th anniversary this year. Carlo Guzzi, Giorgio Parodi and Giovanni Ravelli were the three young men planning the new motorcycle company when Ravelli died in a flying accident. The open-winged eagle in the company’s logo is in memory of Ravelli. 3,406.17 The longest distance in kilometres anyone has ridden in the span of 24 hours. Carl Reese made the Guinness World Record at Continental Tire Proving Ground in Uvalde, Texas in February 2017. 1,500 The initial number of 1969 CB750 Fours that Honda planned to produce per year. Because of skyrocketing sales, Honda…

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say what? LEARNING ONE OF LIFE’S LESSONS Emily, in your March column (“Learning to Let Go of Love”), you have transitioned from a pretty good writer to a very good writer. You took a personal experience and did a wonderful job of making it both relatable and entertaining to your readers (like me). Nice job, kiddo. Not to put too much pressure on you, but the inevitable outcome of this is that you have made us all the more looking forward to your next Brappy Thought. Thanks, eh? MAX BURNS VIA EMAIL MICHELIN FAN, FOR THE MOST PART ANYWAY For years, I have been an advocate for Michelin tires. In recent years, my tires of choice have been Michelin Pilot Road 4 GTs. I was very interested in Emily’s positive review of the Michelin Road 5 tires (March…

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wtf where’s the food? your picks

Red Rock Garage Motorcyclists looking for a rest while riding on the scenic Highway 33, which connects the Boundary Country and Okanagan regions of B.C., must stop at the Red Rock Garage located at 5842 Highway 33 in the tiny community of Beaverdell, B.C. What a surprise when you step through the doorway – you can buy gifts, some remarkable homemade baking, coffee and cold drinks. There even is a small workshop and tools for riders in need of DIY repairs and, of course, gas pumps. The Red Rock Garage is truly a “Small Coffee Shop with a Motorcycle Addiction.” Editors note: the Red Rock Garage closes for the winter, but reopens on May 1.…