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appreciate what you have

Well, here we are in Ontario under yet another lockdown that four days later turned into a “stay at home” order. Every time one of these lockdowns are announced, the public gets a little more confused. The government says it’s not confusing, while the national and provincial news stations state they are trying to decipher the rules because, well, they are confusing. More than a year of living with COVID-19 affects everyone’s lives and, obviously, has thrown a wrench into the riding plans of many of us. In this issue, Curtis Nickel notes many 2020 plans were kiboshed by the coronavirus – but all was not lost. He just made alternative plans that included doing what we’ve all had to do: explore our own backyard. Curtis revisited some of his favourite roads…

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triumph’s emergency call app

Riding motorcycles is inherently risky and, in the interest of self-preservation, you try to mitigate those risks by riding defensively and responsibly. However, accidents do happen and if one does and you get injured, getting emergency response as quickly as possible becomes imperative. But what if you’re riding alone and your injuries prevent you from making that all-important emergency call? A solution: Triumph has developed a smartphone app that will make that emergency call if you’re not able to do so yourself. The Triumph SOS app utilizes your smartphone’s various sensors and internal GPS to detect a potential crash and will call the local 911 emergency services to advise them that you need immediate help. The crash is first verified by the app by monitoring your movement – should you be riding…

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got any spare change?

Circuit Mont Tremblant, the storied racetrack in Quebec that has hosted two Formula One races and a number of CSBK national rounds, is for sale. The 4.26-km Mont Tremblant circuit, built in 1964 and now owned by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, has been stirring up controversy for a while: residents of Mont Tremblant village, a popular wintertime ski destination in Quebec’s cottage country, have been complaining of noise from the track for more than a decade. They took their complaints to Quebec’s Superior Court, where they filed a class-action suit against the company running the facility. A judge ruled in favour of the residents in March 2020, and Stroll’s company was ordered to pay several million dollars in damages. Now, just over a year after that decision, Stroll has put the track…

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by the numbers

23 The percentage increase by which Canadian motorcycle sales were up in February 2021 compared with February 2020. February 2020 marks the last month before the pandemic was declared, and motorcycle sales in Canada have climbed steadily since then. 1958 The year in which the FIM banned full enclosure fairings in road racing due to safety concerns. In the early ’50s, those streamlined fairings (a.k.a. “dustbin fairings”) were popular among racing brands such as NSU and Moto Guzzi. After four NSU racers were killed on streamlined bikes over the course of two race seasons, NSU gave up the concept – and Grand Prix racing all together. Moto Guzzi stuck it out until the fairings were banned. The infinite number of smiles and friendships that Chris Ellis, retired general manager of Triumph Canada, made during…

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say what?

NEW TECHNIQUE TO TRY You have done it again: another exceptional issue (April 2021) wherein you and your team really are able to cover all the bases. Your tribute to Dale Walksler in your “Crossroads” column was telling and touching in a nice personal way to begin the issue. In particular, I always find Misti’s column interesting and informative. This time around, her message on cornering is so good and so very clear. However, I might have titled the column “First Lean, Then Throttle” to underline her two-step message. Certainly, when I get out on the road this spring, I will practise rolling off the gas first. This throttle handling will be new to me. I know it will all happen very quickly, but I have not been accustomed to rolling off the…

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where’s the food? your picks

Keith Openshaw Barn Door Restaurant This place is situated in the middle of nowhere at 6565 Interchange Rd, Lehighton, Penn. The usual fare: ’dogs, burgers, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, fries and ice cream. Clean, friendly staff and reasonable prices. Crazy busy on the weekends, but I was there on a weekday, so it was fairly quiet. There is lots of parking. I ignored my GPS on my way to Philly and found this place. The biggest draw for me was the sign, which claims the establishment is the largest general store in the world. Leave time to look around the store – you’ll be a while. Also, there are nice roads in the area.…