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as plans change

This summer we did something that we have never done before. We loaded up our dog, Raven, into the back seat of our truck and took a month-long road trip to British Columbia to ride with our daughter, Emily. At least that was the plan. Using a cap, we converted the back of the truck bed into a camper and headed west with my bike on a trailer that was also loaded with tools and miscellaneous stuff for Emily. The plan was that I would unload the bike and ride part of the way, but Gwen had been experiencing bouts of vertigo and was unable to drive safely, so Plan B came into effect. Taking the scenic route, we arrived about eight days later in Revelstoke and proceeded to unload everything and get…

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triumph’s new 1200 triples

In January, Triumph released the Speed Triple 1200RS, which featured a new 1,160 cc inline-triple. This engine is new from the ground up, and claims 177 horsepower and 92 ft-lb. of peak torque. The company has just followed up with a sportier Speed Triple RR. While the 1200RS is a typical Speed Triple, featuring the firm’s familiar naked-bike styling — a shorty tailpiece, bulbous humpback fuel tank sitting atop a twin-spar aluminum frame, and trademark, twin bugeye headlights — the new RR is a classic sport bike. The last time Triumph offered a faired, open-class sport bike was back in 2006, the final year of the Daytona 955i. The Speed Triple 1200RR features a blend of contemporary and classic styling touches, with a streamlined half fairing that houses a single, round LED…

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new tiger 1200 teased

At press time, Triumph had teased about an upcoming new model that will also be built around the 1,160 cc triple. It’s a new Tiger 1200. Details have not yet been released, but what we’ve gleaned by looking at photos of the bike is that it is all-new, it’s shaft-driven (formerly chain), and it seems to have a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel. If this turns out to be correct, the Tiger 1200 will be the only adventure bike to combine those off-road-friendly wheel sizes on a shaft-driven motorcycle.…

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yvon duhamel — 1939-2021

The legendary road racer, AMA Hall of Famer, Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Famer, and father of racers Mario and Miguel Duhamel passed away on August 17th. He was 81 years old. The charismatic French-Canadian racer was born in Montreal on October 17, 1939, and began racing motorcycles on ice in the mid 1950s while still a teenager. His road racing career began in the early 1960s, but he became most recognizable — and successful — when he began racing factory green Kawasaki two-stroke triples in 1971, displaying his trademark number 17. He won Kawasaki’s first AMA National race that year, and became the most successful rider for team Kawasaki for the following two years. Duhamel won races in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, and often competed in Le Mans and Bol d’Or…

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say what? WE LOST ONE OF THE GREATS A few weeks ago, Yvon Duhamel sadly passed away. Yvon was one of the greatest sports personalities this country has ever seen. He excelled at whatever events he participated in, from motorcycle road racing, snowmobile racing and trials riding to dirt track and motorcycle ice racing — the list goes on. During the 1970s, he went to England along with a number of American motorcycle racers to compete against the best of the British riders. At that time, England was the place to go to learn the basic rudiments of real road racing, but Yvon and his fellow American riders showed the Brits how it should be done. Yvon was a remarkable talent; the best of the best at whatever he chose to do. Yvon and…

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the circle of awesomeness

Sometimes you meet people that instantly alter the course of your life. They become what I call the “specials:” people that introduce you to something new, and with whom you can always be yourself no matter how much time goes by. Sometimes down the road they meet other “specials” in your life, and the mutual feeling extends — or, as my friend Scott Collins says, “The circle of awesomeness continues.” I recently had a few of those encounters: moments where the circle of awesomeness zoomed around a few special people in my life and left me so elated I could hardly breathe. I started riding 21 years ago, after Scott dragged me to Seattle to watch my first motorcycle race. I’ll never forget the feeling of riding into the pits: the…