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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure

March 2019

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure is a monthly 116 page full colour magazine covering all aspects of modern leisure bike riding. New bike reviews, product news and events add to the unique mix of touring features and long term road tests.

United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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smooth and relaxed

Mikko Nieminen I’ve had an epiphany. A proper penny-dropping, fireworks-exploding, Eureka-shouting kind of thing. And before you ask; no, I haven’t been meditating at a remote mountain retreat or fasting to achieve enlightenment (perish the thought, I like my food far too much). I haven’t even dabbled in hallucinogenics. No, sir! It was a perfectly ordinary day and I was stone cold sober.But first, let me set the scene… having had a bit of a sabbatical from two wheels, I felt a little nervous when I got back to riding a few months back. Things improved pretty swiftly, and I felt that my riding was fine, but the level of confidence just wasn't there. It's not like I was making big mistakes that worried me silly. It…

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motorcycle sport & leisure’s contributors...

Roland Brown A bike journalist for more than 30 years, Roland has contributed to countless publications worldwide and authored a dozen books on bikes. He has tested machines ranging from Rossi’s YZR-M1 to a 1923 Douglas but still can’t decide which type of bike he most enjoys riding. Stuart Barker Stuart Barker has been a freelance motorcycle journalist for 17 years, writing for most of the major bike titles. He has written biographies of Barry Sheene, Steve Hislop, Niall Mackenzie and Evel Knievel, and is currently editor of the official Isle of Man TT programme. Chris Moss Mossy has made a living from bikes since 1985 – first as a motorcycle courier in London, and then as a journo from 1995. He’s raced, ridden and tinkered…

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watch your speed

Anew set of permanent speed cameras have been introduced to smart motorways across the UK’s major road network – and motorists could now be handed fines at any time of the day or night, even if there isn’t a visible speed limit displayed overhead.The new cameras are in operation on a stretch of motorway near East Midlands Airport. But the M1 is just one of a number of stretches being converted into smart motorways alongside the M6, M25, M3, M20 and M5.The smart motorways use overhead gantries to control traffic flow by changing speed from the national speed limit right down to 30mph if there’s traffic ahead. The hard shoulder can also be made into a live lane at peak hours – and you can even be fined £100…

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norton lands major £20m japanese export contract

Iconic British brand Norton Motorcycles has signed a new £20million export deal with Japan, which will support 200 jobs in the UK and see around 1000 new motorbikes sold to Japanese customers over the next five years.The contract was announced in mid-January as Japanese PM Shinzo Abe met with his British counterpart Theresa May in London – the deal being part of a series of new business for British and Japanese firms and farmers worth more than £200m.Kay Johnson, head of global sales and marketing at Norton Motorcycles, said: “Norton has an agreement with our distributor PCI Limited in Japan which will run over a five-year term to manufacture more than 1000 bikes, and will achieve an estimated value of £5million.“We very much look forward to growing our workforce…

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more new bikes registered in 2018

According to the MCIA, in a year that has seen turbulence across several retail sectors, the Powered Two Wheeler (that's motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and trikes in plain English) market bucked the trend by finishing 2018 slightly ahead of 2017. 2018 was a good year for the sales of naked bikes. The strongest growth was seen in the 51-500cc segments, which comprises among others, space efficient, zero- and low-emission machines, ideal for medium-distance commuting and congestion-busting local deliveries.The most popular style of newly registered bikes in 2018 was naked, followed by scooters in second place, and adventure sports machines in third.The overall PTW market topped-out at 105,816 registrations, made up of 81,263 motorcycles and 24,553 scooters. ■…

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café racer kit for yamaha’s yzf-r3

GG Retrofitz of California has just revealed its latest conversion kit, which turns a standard Yamaha YZF-R3 into a retro-styled café racer – and we love it. Called the ‘Rocket Street’, the super cool kit is compatible with Yamaha’s YZF-R3 models from 2015 to 2018. The kit consists of a windshield, individual trim parts, and a tank cover – in addition to all the tools you’ll need to fit it. Sadly, the headlight isn’t included – so you’ll have to buy that separately.In addition to the standard white version of the kit, there are also three unique graphics sets. The standard version will set you back $1198, which works out just shy of £1000 (the graphics cost a further £250) – but at this stage, we’re not sure if…