Motorcycle Sport & Leisure September 2021

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What’s the best thing about motorcycling? For me, it’s getting some mates together, planning a brilliant route that suits everyone, loading the bikes with all the essentials, and then just disappearing for a few days, enjoying some fantastic, scenic roads that will stay in your memory for a long time. The beauty of it is to forget all the worries of everyday life and just ride and enjoy the moment. If that sounds like something that you like too, we have a real treat for you. In fact, we have three treats in store for you… As we are still trying to edge our way out of the whole big Covid mess, foreign travel is a bit questionable at best. It doesn’t look like we’ll be heading that way too soon. So,…

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motorcycle sport & leisure’s contributors...

Peter Henshaw Peter is our history man – he’s written more than 60 books and is a former editor of this very publication. Now a freelance journalist, he writes about transport of all kinds, though bikes are really at the heart of it all. He’s an all-year-round rider who does not own a car. Roland Brown A bike journalist for more than 30 years, Roland has contributed to countless publications worldwide and authored a dozen books on bikes. He has tested machines ranging from Rossi’s YZR-M1 to a 1923 Douglas, but still can’t decide which type of bike he most enjoys riding. Dave Manning As a self-confessed motorcycle anorak, Dave’s particular two-wheeled penchant is for customised bikes – in each and every modified form they come. He’s a strong believer that every single bike ever…

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the sportster is back

Gone is the old Sportster that struggled with the latest emissions regulations. But fear not, there’s something new on the way: the Harley-Davidson Sportster S is an all-new sport custom motorcycle from the American manufacturer. Powered by the liquid-cooled Revolution Max 1250T V-twin, the old dog has learnt some nifty new tricks. The engine has been tuned for low-end grunt. Peak power is a claimed 121hp (90kW). And there’s 94ft-lb (127Nm) of torque. That’s not a bad start. Harley promises that the lightweight chassis and premium suspension deliver responsive, intuitive handling, extraordinary power and performance. With the 11.8-litre fuel tank topped off, the Sportster S model weighs 228kg. There are three preprogrammed ride modes (Sport, Road and Rain) and two custom modes to set performance characteristics and the level of rider aid intervention…

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2022 isle of man tt races confirmed

The 2022 Isle of Man TT is set to take place from May 29 to June 10. In addition to the live broadcast by Manx Radio, there’s going to be online video coverage of the iconic road race throughout the two weeks of practice, qualifying and racing. Cameras will be positioned around the Isle of Man Mountain Circuit and will be joined by two helicopters, which’ll help to shoot the raw footage for the new online live stream, the traditional TV highlights, in addition to some extra delights including the TT preview show, an annual documentary and a new series that will follow top teams and riders and take a look behind the scenes at the TT. There’re also going to be some big changes to the way things are run at…

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the end of petrol bikes?

The Government has published its Transport Decarbonisation Plan, which outlines its plans to end production of new internal combustion-engined vehicles. The cut-off point for cars had already been proposed for 2030, but this is the first time that specific proposals have been made for new motorcycle production. The plan is to aim for a ‘phase out date of 2035, or earlier if a faster transition appears feasible, for the sale of new non-zero emission powered two- and three-wheelers (and other L category vehicles)’. Consultation on the plan is due to start soon. In the plan the Department for Transport goes on to state: ‘Zero emission motorcycles and other powered two-wheelers are an efficient and clean form of mobility that can reduce congestion, improve urban air quality and reduce noise – we will…

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first impressions matter

I bet you that this bike will sell in BIG numbers. Why do I say that? Two things: firstly, the previous incarnation of the bike was already very popular, and secondly, it takes no time at all to gel with the new bike, so even a short test ride will show it in good light and make the purchasing decision that little bit easier. And when I say that it takes no time to appreciate the bike, I really mean it. When I jumped on the Tracer 9 GT at the Tamworth Yamaha dealership and set off for Wales, it only took a few metres to start to appreciate how easy the bike was to ride, how comfortable and confidence inspiring it felt, and how Yamaha had clearly improved the package…