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Music Tech Magazine May 2019

Music Tech is the world's most practical music recording and production magazine. Every issue is packed with hands-on features written by professional producers and engineers, software walkthroughs for all the key packages, Ten Minute Master guides to technologies and techniques, and the very latest product software news and reviews.

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THE MUSICTECH EXPERTS ANDY JONES Editor At Large Andy has an MA in Music Technology and has been writing about it for 25 years. He has launched and edited several magazines on the subject and was editor of MusicTech for four years. Naturally, he has far too many synthesisers. DAVE GALE Dave is an award-winning orchestrator, media composer and producer, with a passion for synths and modulars in all their forms, whether software, hardware, vintage or modern. Dave is MusicTech’s resident Eurorack expert, as well as a soundtrack composer. ALEX HOLMES Alex has been an electronic musician for many years and has a passion for beats, bass and all forms of electronic music. He’s currently involved with three different dance-music projects. Alex creates our sample-filled DVD each month. MARTIN DELANEY Martin was one of the first UK Ableton…

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music tech magazine

BANDLAB UK LIMITED Suite 7, Riverside Court Lower Bristol Road, Bath, BA2 3DZ Tel +44 (0)1225 461932 EDITORIAL MANAGING EDITOR Andy Price EDITOR AT LARGE Andy Jones ART EDITOR John Thackray FEATURES EDITOR Will Betts PRODUCTION EDITOR Owen Bailey MULTIMEDIA EDITOR Alex Holmes Have a story? Email us at editors@musictech.net SALES BUSINESS DEV. MANAGER Di Marsh di.marsh@musictech.net PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS PRINT William Gibbons & Sons Ltd DISTRIBUTION Marketforce (UK) Ltd BANDLAB TECHNOLOGIES CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Meng Ru Kuok CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Ivan Chen CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Tom Callahan AVP, WEB TECHNOLOGIES Laurent Le Graverend AVP, COMMS & PARTNERSHIPS Lauren Hendry Parsons SENIOR MANAGER, BRAND STRATEGY Krystle Hall MANAGER, EDITORIAL STRATEGY Iliyas Ong SENIOR ART EDITOR Michael John Fernandez BANDLAB TECHNOLOGIES All content copyright BandLab UK Limited 2019, all rights reserved. While we make every effort to ensure that the factual content of MusicTech is correct, we cannot take any responsibility nor be held accountable for any factual errors printed. Please make every effort to check quoted prices…

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on your dvd…

Dance Guitars, Jazz Drums And More Loopmasters presents another bundle of royalty-free samples for you to check out, including high-energy rock and funk riffs taken from Complete Dance Guitars, and glitchy ambiences from Textures for Electronic Music Vol.1. There are also pounding beats and bass from Paul Sirrell Deep Garage House & Tech, dark pads and basses from Maztek X Neurofunk Basement and beautiful keys taken from Neo Soul. Finally, there are some soft and detailed jazz drums from Mark Fletcher Jazz Brushes. Use the code MUSICTECH10 for an exclusive discount. Size 305MB Format 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV loopmasters.com VIDEO FEATURE/19MINS In-The-Box Mastering With Cass Irvine Wired Masters mastering engineer Cass Irvine shows us how to create a polished master in-the-box. In the first video, the premaster is split into song sections on different tracks for EQ…

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in case you missed it…

THE JOY OF SIX Fabled console brand Solid State Logic has released SiX, a compact desktop mixer with several professional-grade features. Despite its diminutive size, the SiX promises a big console sound that aims to cover your studio, post-production, stage and podcasting needs. Looking at the SiX in more detail, then, the physical construction of the mixer is based on a SuperAnalogue design which, according to SSL, enables it to capture the sonic flavour of its larger predecessors. The SiX also boasts a balanced signal path – excluding headphone out – and is capable of clear, detailed audio. SSL claims that the console’s audio has a “wide dynamic range, ultra-low noise and distortion, as well as superb imaging”. The SiX also features two mono recording channels with SuperAnalogue mic preamps. These channels feature…

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create classic studio sounds

In the world of music-making, looking backwards rather than forwards is by no means a bad thing. Guitarists have been using classic-gear designs from Fender, Marshall and Gibson – to name but three – for decades. Yet it’s only in the past few years that producers and engineers of all levels have had access to the pioneering studio-hardware designs that defined music from the 1950s, 60s and 70s onwards. Time was, if you wanted a classic Neve sound, you would have to hunt down original units, often costing astronomical amounts of money – especially in mint condition. Now you can buy an authentic reissue of the 1073 Mic Preamp & Equaliser from Neve, or take your pick from affordable similar products from Warm Audio, Golden Age Project and Black Lion Audio,…

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work the room

As easy as it is these days to dial up a vintage effect ‘in the box’, it can be a lot more fun creating your own unique sound by taking advantage of your own surroundings. If you have a reverberant bathroom or kitchen, try rigging up a temporary echo chamber with a loudspeaker at one end and a microphone at the opposite end, pointing towards the tiled wall. For the longest available reverb time, remove any bath mats, towels and other absorbent materials. Filtering the signal before sending it to the speaker will help create your own unique small echochamber sound. Explore your recording environment to find interesting and useful ambient spaces. Experimentation is key to producing a trademark sound; even the inside of an oven can be used to create…