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Music Tech Magazine August 2019

Music Tech is the world's most practical music recording and production magazine. Every issue is packed with hands-on features written by professional producers and engineers, software walkthroughs for all the key packages, Ten Minute Master guides to technologies and techniques, and the very latest product software news and reviews.

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it can be the biggest hurdle

Performing your music to an audience is always a daunting experience, whether you’ve never played live before in your entire life or if you’re on show 52 of a non-stop tour. There’s always that potential for things to go wrong, for your gear to fail or for the crowd to simply not get what you’re trying to do with your music. It stands to reason then, that preparation is key to feeling more comfortable on stage and thus being able to enjoy the experience – which ultimately translates to audience satisfaction. Martin Delaney (perhaps the most ‘outgoing’ of our writing team in this regard) has penned our cover feature this month, which elucidates numerous aspects of going live; from setting up your gear to fine-tuning your performance style. Elsewhere this issue,…

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the musictech experts

ANDY JONES Editor At Large Andy has an MA in Music Technology and has been writing about it for 25 years. He has launched and edited several magazines in the subject and was Editor of MusicTech for four years. Naturally, he has far too many synthesisers. DAVE GALE Dave is an award-winning orchestrator, media composer and producer, with a passion for synths and modulars in all their forms, whether software, hardware, vintage or modern. Dave is MusicTech’s resident Eurorack expert, as well as a soundtrack composer. ALEX HOLMES Alex has been an electronic musician for many years and has a passion for beats, bass and all forms of electronic music. He’s currently involved with three different dance-music projects. Alex creates our sample-filled DVD each month. MARTIN DELANEY Martin was one of the first UK Ableton-Certified Trainers. He…

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in case you missed it…

SCHOOL OF ROLI ROLI, the innovative company behind the Seaboard and Blocks, has announced its first product without a squishy surface which could also develop your keyboard playing skills. LUMI is a wireless multicoloured backlit keyboard that connects to the LUMI iPad app. Working in tandem, the coloured keys of the LUMI light up in time with notes flying towards you in the app – reminiscent of such games as Guitar Hero. ROLI’s bid is to make learning the keyboard easier with this functionality, allowing you to jam along to famous tracks before upgrading to piano roll or musical notation when you feel ready. LUMI has 24 miniature keys and thanks to the MagSafe-like technology debuted on the Blocks range, multiple units magnetically click together so you can expand your keyboard, two octaves…

13 min.
fm synthesis

Subtractive synthesis, which we looked at in detail in our last instalment (to read it, see has a long and illustrious history. For many years, it was the only show in town when it came to programmable sound synthesis. But by the early 80s, the market was becoming rather stale: good synths were expensive, affordable synths often had many limitations – and all were confined to producing only a certain range of sounds. Other sound-synthesis techniques existed, but those that had made it as far as commercial release were exorbitantly expensive. One alternative, yet to escape the lab, had been developed during the late 60s by Dr John Chowning at Stanford University and was dubbed ‘frequency modulation’ (or FM synthesis). Radically different to subtractive in both method and results, FM…

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fm synthesis tips

1 Great For Some Things, Not For Others Play with the presets on your FM synth(s), paying attention to what it does well and what it doesn’t. Electric pianos, electric organs, hard basses and bells are where FM’s excels, but it’s not so good at warm, evolving pads, filter swoops and the like. 2 Start With The Conventional Start out by learning how to combine operators to create conventional subtractive-style waveforms. This helps to bridge the large conceptual gap between subtractive and FM. Once comfortable, you can start to experiment more. 3 Learn Your Algorithms Algorithms lie at the heart of the FM sound, and it’s imperative to choose the correct algorithm for any given type of sound. Outside of trial and error, old books on DX7 programming are one of the best sources for…

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FEHRPLAY: PARALLEL SOUNDS £19.99 Norwegian electronic music producer Fehrplay highlights his ability to meticulously blend cinematic emotion with dancefloor sensibilities, delivering customized cuts from the playbooks of deep house and techno in his first sample pack collection. RAW HIP-HOP Blurring the lines between underground hip-hop and the boom bap beat scene - Raw Hip-Hop comes packed with hundreds of expertly recorded and processed loops, one-shots, and MIDI. £29.99 AMBIENT & ORGANIC EXPERIMENTS Ambient and Organic Experiments delivers over 1GB of live and synthetic material, alongside field recordings for deep cinematic moods across WAV, MIDI, and one-shots £29.99 OUTRUN Outrun delivers a treasure trove of old school drum machine beats, epic chase-scene arpeggios, interstellar synths, cinematic chords, and driving melodics. £14.99 Samples_______Patches_______Plugins_______Instruments…