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Music Tech Magazine October 2019

Music Tech is the world's most practical music recording and production magazine. Every issue is packed with hands-on features written by professional producers and engineers, software walkthroughs for all the key packages, Ten Minute Master guides to technologies and techniques, and the very latest product software news and reviews.

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Bandlab UK Limited
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the musictech experts

ANDY JONES Editor At Large Andy has an MA in Music Technology and has been writing about it for 25 years. He has launched and edited several magazines in the subject and was Editor of MusicTech for four years. Naturally, he has far too many synthesisers. DAVE GALE Dave is an award-winning orchestrator, media composer and producer, with a passion for synths and modulars in all their forms, whether software, hardware, vintage or modern. Dave is MusicTech’s resident Eurorack expert, as well as a soundtrack composer. ALEX HOLMES Alex has been an electronic musician for many years and has a passion for beats, bass and all forms of electronic music. He’s currently involved with three different dance-music projects. Alex creates our sample-filled DVD each month. MARTIN DELANEY Martin was one of the first UK Ableton-Certified Trainers. He…

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hits don’t come easy…

The art of writing songs is something that is all too often ascribed to some mythical gift that manifests itself within people at a certain age, with little thought given to the long periods of trial and error, dedication to the craft and persistence to forge a career in the industry that mark out many successful songwriters. My own study of the mechanics of songwriting opened up to me the wider world of music production and the creative solutions that we all now have as artists. But fundamentally, the practice of building a new song from scratch – and understanding why a successful one works – still eludes many. In this issue, we have a thorough exploration of the topic, featuring a dissection of the building blocks of every hit song,…

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music tech magazine

BANDLAB UK LIMITED Suite 7, Riverside Court Lower Bristol Road, Bath, BA2 3DZ Tel +44 (0)1225 461932 EDITORIAL MANAGING EDITOR Andy Price EDITOR AT LARGE Andy Jones ART EDITOR John Thackray FEATURES EDITOR Will Betts PRODUCTION EDITOR Owen Bailey MULTIMEDIA EDITOR Alex Holmes Have a story? Email us at editors@musictech.net SALES BUSINESS DEV. MANAGER Di Marsh di.marsh@musictech.net PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS PUBLISHING PRODUCTION MANAGER Craig Broadbridge PRINT William Gibbons & Sons Ltd DISTRIBUTION Marketforce (UK) Ltd BANDLAB TECHNOLOGIES CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Meng Ru Kuok CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Ivan Chen AVP, WEB TECHNOLOGIES Laurent Le Graverend AVP, COMMS & PARTNERSHIPS Lauren Hendry Parsons SENIOR MANAGER, BRAND STRATEGY Krystle Hall MANAGER, CONTENT STRATEGY Iliyas Ong SUBSCRIPTIONS & BACK ISSUES magazines.bandlabtechnologies.com TEL +44 (0)1371 851 882 EMAIL support@musictech.net…

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on your dvd…

MT DVD199 4GB PC&MAC Cinematic Guitars Our exclusive lead pack this month was recorded using a range of electric guitars processed through a number of effects pedals and plug-ins by sound designer Michael Denny. The pack contains 50 samples that are split into four categories, including strummed chord sequences, epic FX one-shots, emotive riffs and atmospheric texture beds. All files are in 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV format and the looped samples are at 90bpm. These rich and evocative sounds are ideal for creating a mood in cinematic and soundtrack productions. Size 170MB Format 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV michaeldennymusic.com Pop And Urban Piano MIDI Melodies This pack from Equinox Sounds has 30 royalty-free MIDI piano melodies for pop, hip-hop and R&B producers looking for melodic inspiration. There’s a mix of phrases in MIDI format to assign to your favourite synth…

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in case you missed it…

SPITFIRE AT THE BEEB In the lavish setting of London’s Barbican arts complex, Spitfire Audio announced what could be regarded as its largest product to date, in a collaboration with one of the world’s most respected and hardest-working orchestras. The BBC Symphony Orchestra is easily one of the best known and most recognisable British orchestras, thanks to its involvement in many BBC broadcasts for radio and TV, including the Proms concert season which enlists them to perform throughout the celebrations, including the most famous of events, the Last Night Of The Proms. Spitfire Audio will be bringing the BBC Symphony Orchestra, captured in sample form, to a DAW near you very soon. The package captures 99 players, across 55 different orchestral instruments, exploiting 418 techniques, captured from 20 different audio signals. This feat…

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the principles of songwriting

MT COVER FEATURE In the modern world of music, it’s almost seen as a badge of honour to have an eclectic taste in myriad genres; from dance to rock to dubstep to ambient, the old days of aligning oneself to a tribe in thrall to genre are, in the main, long gone. Despite the technical differences between each (often wildly different) style of music, the central question persists: how does an artist come up with creative, musical ideas, conceive a structure and build songs that work to affect the human mind? This process has many names – and with certain genres, the lines between composition and production are blurred. So for simplicity’s sake, we’re going to refer to this entire stage as songwriting. In this feature, we’re going to explore how understanding the…