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Our Canada

October/November 2020

The extraordinary magazine that brings our country to life! Share in the stories, photos, special hometown places, and family-favourite recipes that make this the most unique, proud-to-be-Canadian magazine ever. Every picture and story in this one-of-a-kind magazine will bring Canada to vivid, colourful life for you. Join over 1,000,000 readers - and celebrate Canada!

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Shared With Pride It was such an incredible honour to see my photograph of the statue of Evangeline with the memorial chapel at Grand Pré in Nova Scotia as the cover of the July issue. I’m thrilled and humbled. To also see my photo essay, “A Walk Through Time and History” so beautifully laid out in the issue is a memory I’ll always cherish and share with pride. We’re so lucky to have a magazine like Our Canada to show people the beauty, culture, food and people of this great country. Thank you for letting me be a tiny part of it. Karen Cook, Kingston, N.S. Full Circle Regarding my story, “Lessons in Gratitude” (June-July 2000), some have asked if I made it back to Vietnam after my medical treatment. Well, on April 15,…

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contributor spotlight

JACKIE GARTNER Jackie has always loved taking photos and, in 2015, she and a friend discovered Instagram, which challenged her to snap all different types of photos on a daily basis. The enjoyment she’s found in this pastime has since taken over her spare time and there is nothing else she’d rather be doing. Jackie says she enjoys learning all types of photography but playing with, and finding the light in different ways is her favourite. “Point my vehicle down a back road and there will be a smile on my face!” says Jackie. To see what she means, turn to page 8 to read her photo essay, Three Days in Southern Alberta, that recounts a road trip she took with her husband, Carman. MARK CULLEN, C.M. Mark is president of Mark’s Choice,…

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a fall to remember

Well, here we are roughly six months into our “new normal” pandemic lifestyles, doing our best to cope with the changing world around us while helping those we love and others do the same. With everything we once took for granted in a constant state of flux, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that much of what brings joy, happiness and a sense of pride into our lives is still within reach. I was reminded of this several times as we were preparing this issue’s selection of submissions for publication. For example, there’s the natural beauty of autumn itself. No matter where we live in Canada the sights, aromas, sounds and crispness of the fall air are invigorating and free to enjoy. As a reminder of what you might…

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patricia jenkins

Patricia Jenkins was born on October 16, 1922, in Cochrane, Alta. She joined the Canadian Women’s Army Corps in August 1942, with the intention of serving as a wireless operator; instead, she was selected to become a member of the all-women’s army band. “We were stationed in Canada mostly, but we did play for the boys who were in Holland, Belgium and France waiting to be shipped home. There were many bombed-out areas… devastating to see.” After the war, Patricia lived and retired in Drayton Valley, Alta. She loved entertaining and was known in the community for singing and playing piano at local gatherings. She passed away there on October 30, 2017. To view video interviews with Canadian war vets, visit https://vetvoicecan.org. Share your veteran profiles at ourcanada.ca.…

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three days in southern alberta

In the summer of 2019, my husband, Carman, and I headed off on a short holiday within our own province. We left on a Sunday, and the day before, I spotted a local sign here in Lloydminster that read, “This Will Be The Best Summer Ever” and indeed it was! We arrived at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, where we’d be camping, late Sunday afternoon. It was a bit of a drizzly evening but not enough to keep us in. We roamed around the park to view Horseshoe Canyon Viewpoint and Willow Creek Burn—magnificent vistas to say the least! We always have a destination planned when we start out, but when we act on spur of the moment ideas, it usually turns out well, too—and this trip was no exception. I did have…

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bulletin board

A CHILLY MORNING I have always fed the birds. Something about their little chirps brings back memories of my grandparents filling the feeder at their beloved acreage in central Alberta. My grandparents have long since passed, but every morning, the sound of “chickadee-dee-dee-dee-dee” makes me smile and brings me right back to the mornings on their patio, watching the little creatures flit and fly about, chastising my grandfather when he inadvertently allowed the feeder to run empty. No matter where I go, there will always be the birds, along with the memories, always. Alexandra Geiger, Charlie Lake, B.C. CAN YOU HELP? Beginning in 1926, children in remote areas of northern Ontario began receiving their education in converted passenger rail cars. The teacher and his family would live in part of the school car and…