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Our State: Celebrating North Carolina

Our State: Celebrating North Carolina July 2019

Through compelling narrative stories and jaw-dropping photography, Our State magazine celebrates everything that makes our state great! Each month, we reflect the beauty of North Carolina, tell the stories of its amazing people and its remarkable history, and suggest wonderful places to visit. We are unabashedly in love with the Tar Heel State, and every page is designed to be an inspiring tribute to where we live.

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our state: celebrating north carolina

Volume 87, Number 2 FOUNDED BY CARL GOERCH IN 1933 President & Publisher BERNARD MANN Associate Publisher LYNN TUTTEROW EDITORIAL editorial@ourstate.com Editor in Chief ELIZABETH HUDSON Executive Editor TODD DULANEY Features Editor LOUISE JARVIS FLYNN Senior Editor MARK KEMP Associate Editor KATIE SAINTSING Assistant Editors KATIE KING, KATIE SCHANZE Editorial Assistant CHLOE KLINGSTEDT Editorial Intern ANDREW SALMON Design Director CLAUDIA ROYSTON Art Director JASON CHENIER Editorial Designer JEANNE KING Associate Designer HANNAH WRIGHT Art Assistant KELLY GREEN DIGITAL digital@ourstate.com Digital Manager & Strategist JEREMY MARKOVICH Producer JAMES MIECZKOWSKI Videographer DILLON DEATON Content Editor KATIE SCHANZE Web & Social Media Producer ALEXIS CASTANOS CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Sheri Castle, Emily Cataneo, Philip Gerard, Leigh Ann Henion, Alan Hodge, Jeremy B. Jones, Caroline Kelly, Jen Tota McGivney, T. Edward Nickens, Drew Perry, Kathleen Purvis, Megan Smith, Mary Katherine Walt, Andrea Weigl, Lynn Wells ADVERTISING sales@ourstate.com Sales Manager JENN WHITE Operations Manager KATHERINE BONNEY Digital Sales Strategist KIMBERLY SIMPSON Account Supervisors BILL BUSCHMANN, CHRIS HILL,…

3 min.
a time to every purpose

Several years ago, a reader sent me a Victorinox Swiss Army serrated tomato knife in the mail. It’s got a red handle and stands out among all the other knives in my kitchen utensil drawer. I use it nearly every day in the summer, but only to slice tomatoes, its intended purpose, for the sandwiches I practically live off of, and every time, I think of the kindness of someone I only know through the pages of Our State. In the era of multitasking, I prefer a single-purpose gadget. It’s an appreciation I probably got from my dad. He was a gadget man. Oh, I wish you could’ve seen all the kitchen utensils my dad had, lined up so neatly in our drawers. He had a tool for everything: the twosided melon…

2 min.
farms of a lifetime

1Families who own a Century Farm are invited to take part in a reunion that’s held every four years. This gathering takes place at Dorton Arena during what annual event? A. NC State Fair B. Got to Be NC C. Century Farm Festival 2Bill Rhyne of Gaston County owns Sandcastle Farm, which has been in his family since 1912. This farm takes its name from the sandy soil deposited there by what river that flows through it? A. South Fork Catawba B. Green C. Saluda 3Several farms in our state are more than 200 years old and are designated as Bicentennial Farms. Gilmore-Patterson Farm in Bladen County has been in the same family since at least 1735, making it the oldest recorded in the state. What town, named for a saint and local church, is this farm near? A.…

1 min.
hope springs eternal

WE WERE JUST TICKLED to find that the May 2019 issue was dedicated to farms. A few years ago, we followed a calling and moved to the family farm, beginning the process of revitalizing Guilford County’s only recognized Bicentennial Farm: Providence Farm. A friend of mine summed up the resilience of the farmer with a funny anecdote. He said, “If farmers had been on the Titanic, they’d be standing at the rail, on the bottom of the ocean, and one of them would say, ‘I believe it’s gonna come back up.’” Hope eternal. That’s what farmers have. We see it with each new lamb or chick and when the dirt works its magic on newly planted seeds as they push their little heads toward the warm sun. Hope is part…

1 min.
building infrastructure empowering human potential

As the premier, public undergraduate institution in the state of North Carolina, Appalachian State University prepares students to lead purposeful lives as global citizens who understand and engage their responsibilities in creating a sustainable future for all. •Appalachian’s largest and newest facility to date features state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, offering unprecendented opportunities for interprofessional collaboration, preparing health care professionals for a changing and dynamic workforce.•A $191 million residence halls project underway will enhance students’ living environment, promoting their academic and personal success.•The Innovation Campus will have a powerful impact on the region’s economic development by expanding and enhancing Appalachian’s curriculum to produce a workforce of critical thinkers who are capable of developing economically, environmentally and equitably sound communities.…

3 min.

There’s a reason people come to Highlands during the summer: It’s cool. At more than 4,000 feet, this mountain town has summer temperatures averaging 76 degrees, a welcome respite from the hot, muggy dog days of lower elevations. Since it was established in 1875, Highlands has welcomed the weary to relax and rejuvenate in nature. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, wealthy businessmen made the town their summer escape (some still do), and a hillside nearby was home to one of the state’s first tuberculosis sanatoriums, where fresh air was considered the best medicine. Nowadays, cool temperatures and natural beauty are still major draws, but downtown, people can rejuvenate in other ways, too: luxurious lodging and spa treatments, fine dining and shopping, hiking and golf. Surrounded by forests, rivers,…