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Voyages et Plein air
Our State: Celebrating North Carolina

Our State: Celebrating North Carolina August 2019

Through compelling narrative stories and jaw-dropping photography, Our State magazine celebrates everything that makes our state great! Each month, we reflect the beauty of North Carolina, tell the stories of its amazing people and its remarkable history, and suggest wonderful places to visit. We are unabashedly in love with the Tar Heel State, and every page is designed to be an inspiring tribute to where we live.

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eat, play, stay in nc

In search of the perfect pimento cheese burger, a charming coastal town, or a cozy mountain inn? Check your inbox on the first and third Thursdays of every month for a travel newsletter that’ll help you explore our state from the mountains to the coast. Subscribe at ourstate.com/newsletters PHOTOGRAPHY BY EMILY CHAPLIN & CHRIS COUNCIL, REVIVAL PHOTOGRAPHY…

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our state: celebrating north carolina

FOUNDED BY CARL GOERCH IN 1933 President & Publisher BERNARD MANN Associate Publisher LYNN TUTTEROW EDITORIAL editorial@ourstate.com Editor in Chief ELIZABETH HUDSON Executive Editor TODD DULANEY Features Editor LOUISE JARVIS FLYNN Senior Editor MARK KEMP Associate Editor KATIE SAINTSING Assistant Editors KATIE KING, KATIE SCHANZE Editorial Assistant CHLOE KLINGSTEDT Editorial Interns JAMEY CROSS, ANDREW SALMON Design Director CLAUDIA ROYSTON Art Director JASON CHENIER Editorial Designer JEANNE KING Associate Designer HANNAH WRIGHT Art Assistant KELLY GREEN DIGITAL digital@ourstate.com Digital Manager & Strategist JEREMY MARKOVICH Producer JAMES MIECZKOWSKI Videographer DILLON DEATON Content Editor KATIE SCHANZE Web & Social Media Producer ALEXIS CASTANOS CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Robin Sutton Anders, Jennifer Brookland, Sheri Castle, Philip Gerard, Alan Hodge, Susan Stafford Kelly, Layla Khoury-Hanold, Bridgette A. Lacy, Ronni Lundy, T. Edward Nickens, Drew Perry, Ayla Samli, Emily Wallace, Mary Katherine Walt, Andrea Weigl, Lynn Wells, Emiene Wright ADVERTISING sales@ourstate.com Sales Manager JENN WHITE Operations Manager KATHERINE BONNEY Digital Sales Strategist KIMBERLY SIMPSON Account Supervisors BILL…

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life before air conditioning

These days, I’m cold all the time—at work, in movie theaters, in restaurants—blasted by unrelenting, arctic air-conditioning. I carry a sweater with me everywhere, even on the hottest mid-90 degree days. But I can remember how, not long ago, when the last month of summer would settle on us, heavy with its humidity and heat, we did what we could to stay cool. My grandmother got the laundry out to the clothesline early, carrying the basket of just-washed linens and cotton dish towels and nightgowns to the backyard, and I helped her, cradling those clothes in my arms for as long as I could before pinning them to the line, savoring the coolness of damp fabric. We fried okra for lunch and sliced tomatoes and ate cucumbers, the six-inch pickling kind, soaked…

2 min.
record time

1 Steve “Paddle Ball King” Langley attempted to set a record for making the world’s largest functioning paddleball in 2012. The 9-foot-1-inch paddle was demonstrated for the first time in what town where Fli-Back paddleball toys were once made? A. High Point B. Thomasville C. Hickory 2 In 2015, more than 300 students at NC State University broke the world record for the most people playing one popular board game at the same time in a single venue. What is the name of this game, which can send people directly to jail? A. Parcheesi B. Monopoly C. Trivial Pursuit 3 A world record was set in 2011 when an event at Charlotte Motor Speedway saw 70,854 fans activate a certain type of handheld device. What did these fans light up? A. Cell phones B. Cigarette lighters C. Flashlights 4 In 2014, 895…

2 min.
dance the night away

BLAND SIMPSON’S article (“Island Time,” June, page 52) brought back cherished memories of the Nags Head Casino. My friend and I, both high school kids at the time, would go to Nags Head in the summers of 1968,’69, and ’70. We couldn’t wait to go to the casino. We loved dancing to the soul bands, especially Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts and The Showmen. We’d dance barefoot, and the floor was sandy. Sometimes, it was so crowded that the ceiling over the dance floor would shake. Oh, what great times we had! We’d rent this old, run-down cottage. We didn’t care; we just wanted to dance to the soul music at the casino. It’s a shame there aren’t places like that anymore. The kids of today don’t know what…

3 min.

Play Main Street Park. In an alley off of Main Street, picnic tables provide the perfect place to enjoy a sandwich from Main Street Market, takeout from Rutherford Thai, or a sweet treat from Main Street Coffee & Ice Cream. Rutherfordton is a town of firsts. It was the home of western North Carolina’s first U.S. Post Office, first public school, and first newspaper. It’s where the country’s first $1 gold coin was minted. Founded in 1787, it was even one of the first towns in the region. Walk through downtown today, and that sense of history is apparent in the century-old buildings and the regal antebellum houses lining the streets, and in the Rutherfordton natives whose families have been here for generations. For visitors to this small foothills town, it’s a chance…