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Our State: Celebrating North Carolina

Our State: Celebrating North Carolina January 2020

Through compelling narrative stories and jaw-dropping photography, Our State magazine celebrates everything that makes our state great! Each month, we reflect the beauty of North Carolina, tell the stories of its amazing people and its remarkable history, and suggest wonderful places to visit. We are unabashedly in love with the Tar Heel State, and every page is designed to be an inspiring tribute to where we live.

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our state up to date

We Won an Award! In its third season, Our State’s Away Message podcast was named Best Podcast in the regional magazine category by Folio:, a national media brand that honors excellence in publishing. All three seasons — comprising more than 30 episodes — are available now at away.ourstate.com. It’s Soup Season Find 21 soup recipes that will keep you cozy all winter long. Plus, sign up to receive an Our State Eats newsletter dedicated to our favorite cold-weather supper at ourstate.com/soup. Share your favorites: Our State Recipe Box PHOTOGRAPHY BY CHARLES HARRIS, MATT HULSMAN…

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our state: celebrating north carolina

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the best seat in the house

The chair was a soft cornflower blue, velvet with a button-tufted back, made in Lenoir by the Fairfield Chair Company, which, 50 years ago, had already been making chairs for 50 years, so I think they knew what they were doing. That chair swiveled and rocked, and although it was made for one person, my grandmother was slender and didn’t take up much room. And I was small, 6 years old, so I didn’t either, and the two of us fit perfectly in that chair together, filling in all the space, she on the right side, loose Kleenex tissues stashed in between the arm and the seat cushion; me wedged on the left side, feet barely reaching the ottoman in front of us. In winter, when school was out for the holidays,…

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public (art) works

1 Belmont’s city hall was formerly a post office and features a New Deal mural in the lobby. The painting, by Peter DeAnna, illustrates Maj. William Chronicle’s soldiers getting ready for which nearby Revolutionary War battle? A. Cowpens B. Kings Mountain C. Guilford Courthouse 2 The former post office in Beaufort is home to four paintings by Simka Simkhovitch. One of the pieces shows a lighthouse with a black-and-white diamond pattern, and a ship delivering mail to which location? A. Cape Fear B. Cape Lookout C. Cape Hatteras 3 A painting by Philip Von Saltza depicting the 1903 flight of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk hangs in the post office in Williamston. This town is the seat of which county? A. Bertie B. Hertford C. Martin 4 Roy Schatt’s painting Harvesting Tobacco is on display in the lobby of the auditorium…

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dr. grabow memories

MY FATHER OWNED approximately 120 pipes, and a majority of them were Dr. Grabow’s (“The Pipes of Sparta,” November, page 98). As a child, one of my Saturday morning chores was to dust each pipe. Of course, I had no idea of the craftsmanship that went into making each one. My father passed away earlier this year, so when I dust his pipes, I’ll think of him and the finely crafted works of art that were made in Sparta. LeeEllen Koenig GREENSBORO I HAVE SEVERAL DR. GRABOW PIPES, AND smoke mostly in the winter months. I’ve also visited Sparta many, many times over the years and wished I could go through the factory. The casual and peaceful experience of smoking a pipe goes perfectly with the beauty and personality of this Southern…

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campsite cookin’

We used to primitive camp a lot and cooked over an open fire in huge cast-iron cookware (“Fireside Feast,” November, page 192). Nothing smells better in the morning than country ham frying, along with grits and redeye gravy. Oh, and simmered-all-day chili with hot-water cornbread on a cool day. It doesn’t get any better! Suzanne G. Leonard VIA FACEBOOK WE LOVE LETTERS Address letters to Our State, PO Box 4552, Greensboro, NC 27404; email editorial@ourstate.com; or send us a note through our website at ourstate.com/letter-to-editor. Only signed letters will be considered for publication and will be edited for length. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALEX BOERNER, FRANKIECARR/ISTOCK/GETTY IMAGES PLUS…