Our State: Celebrating North Carolina March 2021

Through compelling narrative stories and jaw-dropping photography, Our State magazine celebrates everything that makes our state great! Each month, we reflect the beauty of North Carolina, tell the stories of its amazing people and its remarkable history, and suggest wonderful places to visit. We are unabashedly in love with the Tar Heel State, and every page is designed to be an inspiring tribute to where we live.

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fine days of fine dining

I don't recall such a thing as a “children’s menu” in the 1970s, not one that my parents ever pointed out to me, at least. At restaurants, I ordered from the main menu and ate what everyone else ate: a fried flounder platter at Sea King Fish Camp, a chopped barbecue sandwich at Blue Mist Bar-B-Q, a vegetable plate with fried okra and macaroni and cheese (counts as a vegetable, right?) at Dixie Restaurant. In Asheboro, meals out were at familiar spots, the food not so different than what my mom or grandmother would’ve cooked at home: meatloaf, country-style steak, chicken pie. But on the occasional Saturday night, my dad would put on a sport coat and my mom would brush the tangles out of my hair, and the three of us…

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golden fried goodness

1 Price’s Chicken Coop in Charlotte has served its fried chicken and fish to lunchtime crowds since the early 1960s. One of Price’s most popular fried items is which part of the chicken that serves as the bird’s “teeth”? • A. Gizzard• B. Liver• C. Crop 2 Dame’s Chicken & Waffles didn’t invent the famous pairing, but in North Carolina, they perfected it. The restaurant has locations in Cary, Greensboro, and which other city in the Triangle? • A. Raleigh• B. Chapel Hill• C. Durham 3 Looking for double-dipped, brined, and slightly spicy fried chicken on the Outer Banks? Visit one of The Cookshak Fried Chicken’s locations. One is in Nags Head, and the other is just up which North Carolina highway in Duck? • A. 904• B. 12• C. 182 4 Pecan-crusted fried chicken is…

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GREEN GRATITUDE I WANT TO SEND A HUGE THANK-YOU for the article on vegetarian and vegan restaurants (“A New Spin on the Veggie Plate,” January, page 114). As the father of four daughters, two of whom are vegan, and the husband of a vegetarian wife, I want you to know how much your article hit home. We travel yearly to the coast to visit family, so we are always looking for a restaurant that has vegetarian items and the ever-difficult [to find] restaurant that has vegan items on the menu. When we travel across the state we will make our visits based on this fantastic article. This really means a lot to us, so please accept our heartfelt appreciation. Chuck Phillips DEEP GAP A RHINO TO REMEMBER I REALLY ENJOY PHILIP GERARD’S WRITING. His piece…

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view from here

Opportunity Abounds WINSTON-SALEM Years ago, the buildings on the eastern edge of downtown Winston-Salem were inundated with the heavy scent of tobacco. Now, those same buildings are filled with the buzz of research and discovery. The city’s Innovation Quarter is the realization of more than 20 years of planning and construction. It is a symbol of new beginnings and a hub for more than 90 companies exploring opportunities in the medical, education, and digital fields (among others). And so, as the sun sets over the district, casting a sherbet-colored glow across the clouds, the streetlights turn gold and bid the day farewell. What will tomorrow hold? Here, the possibilities seem endless.…

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to-do list

walk THROUGH HISTORY In honor of Women’s History Month, take a self-guided walking tour that follows the footsteps of one of North Carolina’s African American icons, Harriet Jacobs. While enslaved in 19th-century Edenton, Jacobs faced severe abuse and mistreatment, which led her to hide in her paternal grandmother’s attic for nearly seven years. Despite numerous hardships, Jacobs became a notable abolitionist and a prolific writer. Her memoir, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, is one of the only published narratives by a formerly enslaved woman. On the 13-stop tour, learn about Jacobs’s early life, her escape to the North, and Edenton’s role in the Underground Railroad. To schedule a tour call the Historic Edenton State Historic Site. 108 North Broad Street, Edenton, NC 27932 (252) 482-2637, historicsites.nc.gov/all-sites/historic-edenton read SHORT STORIES A compact, cylindrical machine with…

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west jefferson

For Jane Lonon, former executive director of the Ashe County Arts Council, the dedication of the Unity in Diversity mural in downtown West Jefferson was an “aha moment.” The mural, a collaboration between the Ashe County Arts Council, local middle schoolers, and the Ashe Latino Center, celebrates the county’s significant Latino population — particularly migrant agricultural workers. A small mariachi band played at the 2006 ceremony, and Latino food was served. “That dedication ceremony was so special,” Lonon says. The experience “really opened up Ashe County to understanding the significance of the diversity that we’ve got here, to celebrating those cultural differences and honoring those traditions.” Nineteen murals scattered around downtown represent the area’s wildlife, history, music, and culture, and, as one of West Jefferson’s first revitalization projects, they also symbolize how…