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Presse Feminine
Paleo Magazine

Paleo Magazine August/September 2019

Paleo Magazine is dedicated to giving people the tools and information they need to make the best personal choices for living the Paleo lifestyle. Each issue is packed with information on diet, exercise, daily living, recipes, reviews, the latest research, raising Paleo kids and much more!

United States
Paleo Magazine LLC
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paleo magazine

CONTRIBUTORS Heather Wood Buzzard @RedMoonHerbs RedMoonHerbs.com Cassie Bjork @CassieDotNet Cassie.net Diane “V” Capaldi @PaleoBossLady PaleoBossLady.com Ryan Carroll @TheGravityCollective TheGravityCollective.com Darryl Edwards @FitnessExplorer PrimalPlay.com Kathy Gilbert Kathryn Goulding @kcorazzell Frank Hyman HentopiaCoop.com Jason Kremer, DC, CCSP, CSCS @TheWellnessDoctor HealthAroundYou.com Chris Kresser @ChrisKresser @ChrisKresser ChrisKresser.com Alison Main @AMainDesign Fisher Neal @HuntingActor LearnToHuntNYC.com Melani Schweder @ABrighterWild ABrighterWild.com Mark Sisson @MarksDailyApple @PrimalKitchenFoods MarksDailyApple.com Erin Skinner, MS, RD, CPT @ErinSkinner_rd RealNutritionRX.com Ashleigh VanHouten @TheMuscleMaven AshleighVanHouten.com Our Readers Final placing in our annual Best Of is based solely on the results of reader voting. We want to thank everyone who took the time to cast their votes and helped us celebrate the best the Paleo community had to offer this past year! See the results on page 36! FOUNDER / EDITOR IN CHIEF Cain Credicott PUBLISHERS Bryan Azur Angie Azur MANAGING EDITOR Shawn Mihalik CREATIVE DIRECTOR Olivia Sheehan COPY EDITORS Daria Astara Ellen Seeley RECIPE EDITOR Tammy Credicott RECIPE DESIGNERS Beth Lipton Kelly Nardo Chelsea Gold Taus Schumacher CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER Jaelyn Wolf RECIPE AND COVER PHOTOGRAPHER Savannah Wishart Photography @PrimalRevolutions PrimalRevolutions.com ADVERTISING sales@paleomagazine.com PALEO MAGAZINE ADVISORY BOARD Loren Cordain, PhD Nora Gedgaudas Melissa Hartwig, CISSN, RKC Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD Amy Kubal, MS, RD, LN Jaclyn Nadler, MD Robb Wolf NEWSSTAND CONSULTANT Tom Ferruggia tferruggia@msn.com…

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what's going on

GIVEAWAYS! Don’t miss our regular giveaways at PaleoMagazine.com! Each month we offer several giveaways, with prizes from amazing Paleo companies (plus free subscriptions!) Visit PaleoMagazine.com/giveaways/to check out our latest offering and enter for your chance to win! SHARE YOUR STORY Do you have an interesting story of how you learned about the Paleo lifestyle, or how it’s helped to change your life? Send your 500-word story to us at news@PaleoMagazine.com and we might publish it as an “I Inspire” feature in an upcoming issue! TALK TO US If you haven’t yet, you should follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You can find recipe ideas, get helpful information, share your own story/recipes, ask and answer questions, and connect with the growing number of other folks who are finding success with the Paleo lifestyle. On Facebook we…

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ashleigh vanhouten paleo magazine radio

PMR #231: The Art of Breath—with Rob Wilson Breathing is key to health and homeostasis: It can immediately calm (or upset) us, plus can improve our state of mind, mood, and fitness performance. We breathe automatically—but not necessarily correctly! Power Speed Endurance coach Brian Wilson does a fantastic job illuminating how to be mindful and intentional about our breath. PMR #237: Aroused: The History of Hormones—with Dr. Randi Epstein Fascinating and at times disturbing, Aroused tells the story of hormones: how we discovered them, attempts to control or manipulate them, “medical research” before ethics committees, and just how much we still don’t know. We chat about the body’s complexity and the hormones that control growth, sex, hunger, mood, and more. PMR #238: Are Health Podcasts Actually Making Us Healthier?—with Mind Pump’s Sal Di Stefano A…

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letter from the editor

The first year we did our annual Best Of was 2013, and since then I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity it’s given me each year to pause and look back at all the amazing work that’s being done in the Paleo community. Every year it never fails that we see enthusiastic new faces and exciting new ideas added to the established foundation of folks who are cranking away year after year with the singular goal of helping people lead healthier lives. As I’m looking over the results of this year’s Best Of (p 36), it’s easy for me to sit in my little bubble and think we’re making some massive headway when it comes to improving people’s health. Unfortunately, all it takes is for me to step outside of my bubble for…

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research roundup

title: The Psychological Characteristics of People Consuming Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Weight Loss Dietary Patterns journal: Obesity Science & Practice (Link: https://paleom.ag/patterns) study (393 Australians) AGE: mean 29 years, range 17-74 years OLDEST: Paleo (mean 42 years) YOUNGEST: weight loss (mean 22 years) GENDER: 83% 17% ETHNICITY: 79% Caucasian, 11% Asian, 10% other BMI: lowest: unrestricted control group (average 21.7/healthy) highest: Paleo group (average 27.0/ overweight) Erin's take Unassisted dieting for weight loss has a well-established connection with negative psychological health (i.e., depression, binge eating, emotional eating, and poor self-esteem). This study confirmed that connection. It also found that gluten-free dieters and non-dieters did not experience this decreased mental health effect. Further, those on a Paleo diet actually had better psychological characteristics than all other groups, including vegans and vegetarians. In the three domains of psychological characteristics, healthy motivations, and well-being,…

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product reviews

1 Laird Superfood Creamers Surely you’ve seen this stuff by now—it’s everywhere. And it’s delicious! Created by big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, Laird Superfood Creamers are made from just a few all-natural, whole-food ingredients: Coconutmilk powder, coconut sugar, aquamin™(an algae-derived multi-mineral), and extravirgin coconut oil combine to offer a clean, powerful source of fuel for athletes or anyone else. These creamers are available in five distinct flavors: Original, Turmeric, Cacao, Chocolate Mint, and even Unsweetened (although all flavors, sweetened or not, are keto-friendly). LairdSuperfood.com 2 Karma Nuts Most cashews available in stores come skinless and roasted, even in the bulk-food aisle. While Karma Nuts does offer these traditionally roasted cashews, their most interesting product is the Wrapped® cashews—in a nutshell, cashews, either raw or air-roasted, with their skins still on. Leaving the skin on gives…