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Paleo Magazine

Paleo Magazine October/November 2019

Paleo Magazine is dedicated to giving people the tools and information they need to make the best personal choices for living the Paleo lifestyle. Each issue is packed with information on diet, exercise, daily living, recipes, reviews, the latest research, raising Paleo kids and much more!

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Paleo Magazine LLC
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Heather Wood Buzzard @RedMoonHerbs RedMoonHerbs.com Cassie Bjork @CassieDotNet Cassie.net Diane “V” Capaldi @PaleoBossLady PaleoBossLady.com Ryan Carroll @TheGravityCollective TheGravityCollective.com Darryl Edwards @FitnessExplorer PrimalPlay.com Sarah Fragoso @Sarah_Fragoso SarahFragoso.com Kathy Gilbert Frank Hyman HentopiaCoop.com Brooke Kalanick, ND, MS @BetterByDrBrooke BetterByDrBrooke.com Jason Kremer, DC, CCSP, CSCS @TheWellnessDoctor HealthAroundYou.com Chris Kresser, LAc @ChrisKresser ChrisKresser.com Fisher Neal @HuntingActor LearnToHuntNYC.com Mark Sisson @MarksDailyApple @PrimalKitchenFoods MarksDailyApple.com Erin Skinner, MS, RD, CPT RealNutritionRX.com Erin Van Genderen @erinvangenderen Ashleigh VanHouten @TheMuscleMaven Tate Zandstra @tate.zandstra TO CELEBRATE EACH NEW ISSUE, AND HELP OFFSET THE EFFECTS OF PRINTING, WE PLANT 50 NEW TREES…

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paleo magazine

FOUNDER / EDITOR IN CHIEF Cain Credicott PUBLISHERS Bryan Azur Angie Azur CREATIVE DIRECTOR Olivia Sheehan COPY EDITORS Daria Astara Ellen Seeley RECIPE EDITOR Tammy Credicott RECIPE DESIGNERS Beth Lipton Elizah Munroe RECIPE PHOTOGRAPHER Savannah Wishart Photography PrimalRevolutions.com CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Zach Moore Tate Zandstra ADVERTISING sales@paleomagazine.com PALEO MAGAZINE ADVISORY BOARD Loren Cordain, PhD Nora Gedgaudas Melissa Hartwig, CISSN, RKC Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD Amy Kubal, MS, RD, LN Jaclyn Nadler, MD Robb Wolf NEWSSTAND CONSULTANT Tom Ferruggia tferruggia@msn.com…

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what's going on

GIVEAWAYS! Don’t miss our regular giveaways at PaleoMagazine.com! Each month we offer several, with prizes from amazing Paleo companies plus free magazine subscriptions! Visit PaleoMagazine.com/giveaways to check out our latest offering and enter for your chance to win! SHARE YOUR STORY Do you have an interesting story of how you learned about the Paleo lifestyle or how it’s helped to change your life? Send your 500-word story to us at News@PaleoMagazine.com and we might publish it as an “I Inspire” feature in an upcoming issue! TALK TO US If you haven’t yet, you should follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You can find recipe ideas, get helpful information, share your own story/recipes, and ask and answer questions. Connect with the growing number of other folks who are finding success with the Paleo lifestyle. On Facebook…

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paleo magazine radio

Elle Russ stops by PMR to tell us all about her book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution. Elle’s book is based partly on her own experiences—her troubles with hypothyroidism and the journey of discovery on which she had to embark. Two of the main reasons Elle struggled for so long with her condition were misdiagnosis and subsequent mistreatment. In our discussion, we cover all this history, as well as the lessons Elle has learned along the way. We break down all the great info readers can find in her book, as well as many helpful pieces of advice to treat this common and serious problem. KEY POINTS FROM THIS EPISODE: ▶ Elle’s own experiences and years of struggle with hypothyroidism.▶ Misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and why testing the thyroid should always be step one.▶ How…

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letter from the editor

EDITOR IN CHIEF We live in an increasingly “hyper-connected” world. From cell phones to tablets to wearables to laptops and desktop computers, the entire history of human information is always at our fingertips. Information overload is just a click away. Each of these devices can also be used to send and receive emails, text messages, and phone calls—and to check Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. We live in a world where you can take out your phone, swipe at its screen, and never run out of new videos to watch, new pictures to like, and new articles to read. So, with all that information easily at your fingertips, why bother to pick up a magazine, let alone a print one? I’ll tell you—because print is objectively better than digital in just…

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research roundup

title: Effects of a Paleolithic Diet on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials journal: Advances in Nutrition (Link: https://paleom.ag/cvd) ERIN'S TAKE Hunter-gatherers were generally lean and free from cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks and strokes. Other studies have shown that a transition to modern, processed foods has brought about an increase in obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation-related conditions. These scientists performed a meta-analysis and systematic review aiming to assess the effects of a Paleolithic diet on risk factors for CVD. The results showed that a Paleo diet can significantly reduce the primary CVD risk factors of: excess body fat, dyslipidemia, inflammation, and high blood pressure. A high-quality Paleo diet is therefore a dietary approach supportive of heart health. STUDY 8 randomized control studies Adults 18+ Mean age of subject: 57 Countries of studies:…