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Popular Photography February 2016

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pictures that heal

A fi gure emerged from what looked like gray fog; a vaguely institutional corridor took shape in the background. “Is that a selfportrait?” someone at the table asked. “It looks the way I feel most of the time.” Exclamations of agreement fi lled the room. “Yes, apparently that’s me,” replied the photographer, Silvina Cassinelli. “‘Apparently Me’—that’s what I want to call it!” I had dropped in on the last day of an eight-week photography course for the New York City chapter of the Brain Injury Association of New York State. The participants, led by a team of volunteer photographer/teachers from the Josephine Herrick Project, were coming up with titles for their favorite photos from the course to be self-published as a book through Blurb. The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitative Medicine at NYU Langone…

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Three Little Pigs Lined up like piggies in a nursery rhyme, two of these swine were intensely digging for dinner, while the third just wanted a little love. “Pigs are surprisingly adorable,” says Stan Horaczek, our online editor, who encountered these three on a shoot at the idyllic Rock Hill Farm in upstate New York. “They make very colorful subjects,” he says. “Their faces are expressive and their body language telegraphs recognizable feelings—like affection.” Don’t get too close, though. Pigs are always hungry and will bite almost anything they deem remotely edible. Horaczek used a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and 35mm f/1.8 Tamron SP Di VC USD lens set to f/3.2 for shallow focus at 1/1250 sec; ISO was 200.…

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new gear

Pared-down Instrument LEICA M (TYP 262) The latest digital rangefinder to take the vaunted “M,” this camera cuts out video capability and live view to get back to basics. The body’s 24MP CMOS sensor has ISO sensitivity to 6400 and outputs DNG RAW files natively. $5,195, street, body only; leica.com Portable Pano REALLY RIGHT STUFF PG-01 COMPACT GIMBAL HEAD This gimbal head allows for independent pan and tilt control. It ships in four configurations, the lightest of which weighs 1 pound. All four can hold up to 8 lbs, designed for interchangeablelens compact shooters. From $180, street; reallyrightstuff.com Cool Collimator KINO FLO 4BANK FIXTURES Going for the Martin Schoeller look? Get one of the newly reconfigured kits to take advantage of the included 90-degree honeycomb louver. The device fits over the light’s four bulbs to harness and direct…

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tablet to covet

AFTER 2012’S iPad Mini, Apple could take its tablet line in only one direction: bigger. But the new iPad Pro, with a nearly 13-inch screen, stands out in more than just size. With up to 128GB of storage and a new dual-core processor, the specs boost the Pro nearly to laptop level— and, at $799 to $1,079 (street), laptop pricing, too. What’s more, it is made to be used with the Pencil (a $99 add-on), Apple’s first stylus since its Newton PDA back in 1993. The Pro is not the largest tablet (some new Android units push 24 inches), but its image rendition will wow photographers. The 4:3 Retina display’s resolution is 2732x2048 pixels, over 260 pixels per inch. The new A9X chip serves up highres media with minimal waiting time. Almost…

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load up

WE ALL remember our first camera bag—for many of us it had few frills and minimal protection. But camera bag manufacturers have evolved and found new ways to store gear safely and more comfortably. Many contemporary solutions take their cues from hiking gear, bicycling bags, and urban fashion. Here are six variations on the camera backpack; designed to suit the needs of everyone from enthusiasts to hardcore pros. 1 Manfrotto Street Backpack $140 The largest bag in the company’s new Street line, this backpack is designed with the style-conscious photographer in mind. Combining metropolitan good looks with pared-down functionality, it will store a DSLR body along with three lenses and provides tripod storage on the side of the bag. HOT: Brass fittings and varying-material construction make it both handsome and durable.…

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cajun flavor

RUSH JAGOE began bringing his camera along on hunting trips at the age of 13 and his explorative hobby has since blossomed into a professional career. Originally from western Kentucky, he spent a year at Kentucky University for photojournalism before deciding to set off on his own. He visited New Orleans eight years ago for a bookmaking workshop and never left. Now an editorial photographer, Jagoe has turned his full attention to making vivid images of his surroundings, including his own social milieu in New Orleans. His wife, who is from southern Louisiana, created the Mosquito Supper Club in hopes of preserving and embracing the Cajun culture through cooking. The supper club meets weekly, and celebrates the unique Louisiana culture with family recipes, music, and shared company. Jagoe started by simply helping…