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 / Photographie
Popular Photography

Popular Photography January 2015

Popular Photography brings you step-by-step secrets of the pros for taking their most amazing shots. You’ll discover the best equipment at the best prices, get comprehensive comparative reports on cameras, lenses, film, digital equipment, printers, scanners, software, accessories and so much more. Get Popular Photography digital magazine subscription today.

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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2 min.
editor’s letter

The Rise of You Many of you may know that I wear another hat around these parts. Besides editing this august publication and directing Popular Photography’s content in all of the media in which we publish (web, digital editions, social media, books, etc.), I also serve as the editor-in-chief of American Photo. There we cover the heroes of photography, the trends (aesthetic and technological), and the context and culture of image making. In short, the big picture. That magazine is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a special issue (January/February 2015), in print and online at americanphotomag.com, devoted to the images of a generation—and where we’re headed next. Not only are we choosing some of the most important photos of the past quarter century, but we’re also asking heavyweights from throughout…

1 min.
showcase * panasonic lumix lx100

SPLIT VIEW After a visit to hipster Williamsburg in Brooklyn, our senior technology editor, Philip Ryan, was tinkering with framing this shot when the man in the image strolled into frame and stood patiently while having his likeness captured. The photo was shot with the Panasonic Lumix LX100 zoomed to 58mm (equiv.), at f/5.6 and 1/50 sec, ISO 3200, with optical image stabilization enabled. Full test on page 73. distillation produced rum’s first fiery incarnation, known ‘KlLL-DEVIL Seemingly overnight, ‘Kill-Devil’ a.k.a. ’Rymbullion, a.k.a. ’"Barbados water WAS IN HIGH DEMAND. THE ONCE UNWANTED BY-PRODUCT OF T SUGAR INDUSTRY WAS REDOUBLING PROFI EARNING MOLASSES THE DESIGNATION ‘BLACK GOLD’…

1 min.
black out

FROM EACH new generation of Epson inkjet printers, we’ve come to expect quantum leaps that force us to make images worthy of the improvements. The first in Epson’s new SureColor line, the P600, does that in spades. This 13-inch, professional-grade, pigment-based printer is Epson’s latest desktop flagship. Well built, with wireless connectivity options from smartphones, tablets, and PCs, the P600 accepts cut sheets up to 13x19 inches, can output roll-print panos up to 10 feet long, and does direct-printing to canvas, art board, and CDs. Its most newsworthy advance is the black densities produced by the new UltraChrome HD inks. Sample prints show unprecedentedly deep blacks, with unusually smooth tonal gradations across a very long gray scale. Colors are great, too.…

4 min.
flat lite

THE FACT that Fotodiox’s new line of four 1-inch-thick Flapjack LED Edge Lights includes circular as well as rectangular lights brought a smile to our faces. We’re crazy for the natural catchlights these circular lights can bring to our portrait subjects’ eyes—a rare form factor among LED lights of any size. The continuously dimmable Flapjacks are called Edge Lights because their light-emitting diodes circle the outer edge of each unit. Their output is aimed inward and is softened by several layers of diffusion material; the indirect aim promises softer, hot-spot-free lighting. The lights, good for stills or video, are quite bright—285 Lux— and can run on AC or battery power. Battery, charger, and power cord are included. FILTER FACTOR LEE’S LATEST (and, at 105mm, its largest) circular polarizer doubles as a warming filter.…

2 min.
action ready

Knekt GPDL $100 A unique low-angle trigger grip for GoPro cameras, the GPDL provides easy single-handed, ground-level still or video captures. Made of stainless steel and military-grade aluminum, it’s built to last, but weighs all of 5.3 ounces. Perfect for low-angle, follow-cam shots. Knog qudos LED light $120 Knog’s qudos is an LED video light for action cams with GoPro-like mounts. Its three LEDs can be focused for narrow, wide, and very wide beams, with bright and very bright outputs. Submersible to 131 feet, the unit weighs less than 6 ounces. Polar Pro PowerPole $130 We’ve seen extension poles for making well-framed selfies, but the 13-ounce, all-aluminum PowerPole goes a step further. Its built-in battery can add up to 10 additional hours of GoPro video to your day, and it can charge…

1 min.
shady lady

FASHION SHOOTER Sabina Miklowitz took this winning portrait in the harsh midday sun on her Brooklyn, New York, rooftop. After experimenting with mirror shards to create shadows and reflect light, she asked her model to place a hand over her face. “It’s simple and natural,” Miklowitz says. “Aside from creating interesting patterns on her face, the model’s pose is also a natural reaction to bright light and evokes a feeling of struggle.” Miklowitz edited the image to emphasize the strong diagonals across the face: After some sharpening and color correction in Capture One 6, she brought her image into Adobe Photoshop CS6 to convert it to black-and-white; dodging and burning added contrast and played up the angles. She says, “I wanted to bring a level of abstraction to each photograph, calling…