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Popular Photography October 2015

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take a shot

If you’ve been looking for it, too, I have good news: By the time you read this, the 22nd edition of our popular competition will be up and running through December 31. We’ll post galleries of the finalists online in January and publish the winners here in spring of 2016. Want all the details? Find them at PopPhoto.com/2015PhotoContest. Our own contests aren’t the only ones I judge. In fact, I spent the better part of two days this summer critiquing images as a juror for U.S.A. Landscape Photographer of the Year. Outdoor shooters (probably including many of you) submitted gorgeous work—we’ll showcase some winners and share the secrets of their success next month. Presuming you have photos you love and want to show off, I have four very practical tips for…

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imagemaker patrizia castiglione

Born and raised in Montreal, Patrizia Castiglione has been an established fashion, wedding and advertising photographer for over 15 years. Her devoted attention to detail, as well as her keen fascination with creating concepts that evoke fantasy, has been a defi ning factor in distinguishing her work. During the past few years, Patrizia has had the privilege to educate others in the fi eld of photography. Patrizia owns the Magnolia Studio in Montreal and won best photographer of the year by the Canadian Wedding Industry Awards in 2014. The image shot with the PENTAX 645Z camera and the HD PENTAX D FA645 55mm F2.8AL[IF]SDM AW Camera Setting f3.5 at 1/100 Sec., ISO 500 Contact Patrizia for her thoughts: info@patriziacastiglione.com or to see more of her work go to: patriziacastiglione.com…

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a model student?

Photographer Christian O’Dell went beyond the ordinary with this senior portrait, orchestrating the angle, lights and shadows, and tonality for an image that feels more like a fashion photo than a yearbook snap. A tall ladder let him shoot from above using an 85mm f/1.2L Canon EF lens on his EOS 5D Mark III. He hung lace curtains in the window to filter the sunlight, set a reflector by his client’s torso to open up the shadows on her face, and added a small LED for more detail in her hair. “Even straight out of the camera, the image was very striking, but I knew it needed a little more of a punch,” he says. That came courtesy of a VSCO P400 preset for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 used to…

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fall gear

Astral Body FUJIFILM X-T1 IR Go beyond the visible light spectrum with this special version of Fujifilm’s flagship ILC. They look alike, but this one captures both infrared and ultraviolet light, letting you transform nighttime skies and daytime landscapes. $1,699, street, body only; fujifilmusa.com Stronger Legs GITZO TRAVELER TRIPODS AND CENTER BALL HEADS With the latest iteration of its Traveler line, Gitzo uses biggerdiameter tubes, a shorter center column, more compact leg locks, and other improvements for greater grace under pressure. $960, street, for the GK1545–82TQD kit shown; gitzo.us 360-Degree Imager PANONO EXPLORER EDITION This grapefruit-sized ball containing 36 3MP cameras with fixed wide-angle lenses took a few years to come to market, and only 1,000 are available. Connect to Panono’s cloud server to stitch your images into interactive 360-degree spherical panoramas. $1,049, direct; panono.com Travel Partner TAMRON 18–200MM F/3.5–…

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glass blast

SUMMER BROUGHT a string of lens announcements from Nikon, including three full-framers, among them an update of an old favorite: the 24–70mm f/2.8 zoom. For many years, this style of lens has been the workhorse for pro and advanced amateur shooters in all systems. But the big camera makers did not incorporate optical image stabilization out of a reluctance to sacrifice the high degree of image quality expected from such a lens. Now it seems that Nikon has cracked the code, possibly with the help of a new aspherical extra-low dispersion (ASP/ED) lens element. This finds its home alongside three aspherical, two ED, and one high-refractive index (HRI) elements in the 20-element 16-group design of the AF-S Nikkor 24–70mm f/2.8E ED VR. Nikon says the Vibration Reduction will allow for up to…

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on the go

1 Ogio Backstage Action Pack $99 This mid-size backpack gives you quick access through the padded front pocket as well as from the sides. A zippered compartment inside holds accessories, and there’s a separate chamber for a tablet or a hydration system. ogio.com 2 Pelican iM2050GP2 Storm Case $92 Watertight and tough, this hard-sided case has foam padding to hold two GoPros and accesories snugly and securely. Heavy-duty dual-action latches and a pressure valve help protect your gear. Despite its durability, it weighs just 3 pounds with the foam in place. pelican.com 3 Lowepro ViewPoint BP 250 AW $130 Released September 9, this backpack fits three action cams in its removable inner case, plenty of accessories, a 10-inch tablet, and a 15-inch laptop, rare in action-cam bags. Outside straps and pouches let…