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Practical Photography: Lite February 2019

Every issue of Practical Photography is packed with expert advice and tips that will help YOU improve your photography. Each issue contains: - Inspirational and award-winning photographs - The best ‘Technique Guides’ in the industry - FREE feedback on your images - Jargon-free, 100% independent reviews Whatever brand you use (Canon EOS, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic Lumix and so on), our easy-to-follow technique guides will help you get the most from your digital SLR, interchangeable lens camera (CSC), or compact. Note: This 'Lite' digital version of Practical Photography does not contain any interactivity.

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RULES BRING ORDER, but they can also stifle creativity. When it comes to the visual arts, rules are indeed made to be broken… the shredding of a painting mid-auction, for instance! But those who break them well are those who know them instinctively – what they are, why they exist and how they work. Our challenge as photographers is to know when to stick to the rule book and when to throw it away. Richard Collins’ guide to composition, starting on page 34, is your first step to becoming a visual master. These are the 15 rules you have to be intimately familiar with when framing up an image, so learn them, practise them and know them inside-out. And then break them! Just not every time...…

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Camera Buying Guide Unsure about which camera is best for your needs? Our ebook includes reviews, spec and prices for every camera available right now. New additions include Fuji’s GFX 50R and Panasonic’s Lumix LX100 MkII. 15 tree brushes Build foreground interest from scratch with our collection of tree brushes for Photoshop and Elements. Turn to page 122 to find out how to use them. Photoshop video lessons Create fun egg portraits (yes, really), discover Photoshop CC 2019’s latest features, and get the best from this month’s free tree brushes.…

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Kevin Morgans // HIGHLY COMMENDED // ANIMAL PORTRAITS I was photographing mountain hares up on a hillside in the Cairngorms National Park, when the slope I was working on fell into shadow. I decided to head up onto the plateau to see if I could photograph a hare against the setting sun. I was lucky enough to find this accommodating hare, which groomed and posed beautifully as the sun set over the mountains. Over the next few days this hare became a real star, and hopefully I’ll find him back on the hillside this coming winter. Canon 1D X | 500mm | 1/200sec | f/4 | ISO 1000 Kevin Morgans is a talented wildlife photographer who has been awarded commendations in a variety of competitions. Jack Mortimer // SHORTLISTED // BOTANICAL BRITAIN Dusk is a…

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COMPETITION 2018 Comedy Wildlife Awards A real highlight in our annual calendar, the winners of 2018’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced. Garnering thousands of entries from across the globe, the judges, who include co-founders Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, as well as comedian Hugh Dennis, had a tough task to single out a clear winner. However, they rose to the occasion, and crowned Mary McGowan’s shot ‘Caught in the Act’ the overall champion. Mary also won the Affinity People’s Choice as well as the Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land Award. For her successful efforts, she will receive a safari to Kenya, an iPad bundled with Affinity Photo, a Think Tank bag and a trophy. Of the remaining categories, we were especially tickled by Arshdeep Singh’s Junior Category winner…

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rumour mill

Sony α 7000 The α 5000 and α 6000 series of APS-C CSCs have proven popular, and highly capable. However, we’ve heard that Sony is now set to introduce a new APS-C model, which will be aiming itself more towards the higher end of the market. Details are sketchy at present, but we expect to see a similar AF system to the α 9, fresh body design and blistering 20fps continuous shooting speed. Samyang 35mm f/1.2 lens With Samyang now providing autofous lenses for the major players, it still refuses to leave its roots. The latest whispers suggests that the company will introduce a 35mm f/1.2 lens into the manual focus XP range. While no further details are present, this will be an excellent addition for a wide range of styles. We’d…

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PORTRAITS #1 Fill the frame THIS MONTH, WE’RE TAKING a look at the art of composition with a masterclass starting on page 34. How you choose to frame a subject can have a huge impact on your final image. If you want to see how filling the frame can create a really impactful portrait, then Alexandra Bochkareva’s ( stunning image presented here is a perfect example. “I’m a portrait and fine art photographer. I was born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and I’m now based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. “I’m in love with creating art photographs, and most of my images are captured with manual lenses and natural lighting. “My project Redheads’ Stories is dedicated to red-haired and freckled people, and I founded it to show their unique and rare beauty to the world (search…