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Practical Photography: Lite June 2017

Every issue of Practical Photography is packed with expert advice and tips that will help YOU improve your photography. Each issue contains: - Inspirational and award-winning photographs - The best ‘Technique Guides’ in the industry - FREE feedback on your images - Jargon-free, 100% independent reviews Whatever brand you use (Canon EOS, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic Lumix and so on), our easy-to-follow technique guides will help you get the most from your digital SLR, interchangeable lens camera (CSC), or compact. Note: This 'Lite' digital version of Practical Photography does not contain any interactivity.

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RULES ARE MADE TO BE broken, and this is never truer than when looking for new ways to invigorate your photography. Think a wide-angle lens is the obvious choice for landscapes? Think the rule-of-thirds is the only way to compose? Think again! It was this kind of anarchic thinking that led to this month’s showpiece – a massive 14-page technique guide to ‘alternative’ landscapes that breaks every rule in the book (page 34). From central compositions to telephoto details, we’ll have you embracing your rebellious side in no time. Along similar lines, we’ve also gone DIY with three projects designed to give you truly unique results on a shoestring budget (page 58). You’ll never look at a bicycle inner tube in the same way again! Subscribe now & get a cleaning…

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Mountain bike action by Jan Kasl • When my good friend and professional mountain bike athlete Tomas Slavik told me that he was going to be participating in the first city downhill race of 2017 in Valparaiso, Chile, I knew I wanted to go with him. I’d been to Chile once before and I knew that there were amazing conditions for shooting raw bike action. It took us a couple of tries to get it right, but eventually the magic happened. Nikon D810 | 24mm | 1/3200sec | f/5.6 | ISO 800 Jan Kasl is an action sports photographer based in Prague, who has worked with many well-known brands including Red Bull, Vans and Ghost Bikes. jankaslphoto.com Zimbabwean elephant by Giordano Mazzolini • In 2013 my daughter and I visited an elephant park in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.…

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ANNIVERSARY 100 years of Nikon Not wanting to be outdone by the recent spate of significant anniversaries, Nikon is now 100 years young. The popular Japanese camera giant started life in 1917 as Nippon Kogaku Kogyo Kabushikigaisha, a merger of three optical manufacturers, and was responsible for producing some of the earliest lenses for Canon cameras. Renamed Nikon in 1988, after its popular camera range, it has arguably produced some of the finest bodies and glass on the planet. The 1957 Nikon SP, a Leicaequalling rangefinder, was the first to have a motorised advancement when used in conjunction with the S-36 motordrive. The SP is so iconic that in 2005 a limited edition of 2500 were made and have since become highly sought after. The Nikon F4, released in 1988, was the first…

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Nikon D760 Our sources tell us that Nikon may be riding on the coat tails of the recent D7500 by unveiling the D760. The full-frame D750 successor is expected to maintain 24MP, though will be powered by an upgraded Expeed 5 processor. We also believe Nikon will include 4K on this camera, along with a newly updated 51-point autofocus system and a multi-angle touchscreen. Expect to hear more later this summer. nikon.co.uk Canon 200D Released back in March 2013, the Canon 100D is now long due an overhaul. We’d expect the new 200D’s sensor to increase from 18MP to the same 24.2MP tech found in the 80D, giving it superb low light performance. Powered by the Digic 7 processor, we’d also like to see it include Canon’s Dual Pixel AF system, taking the…

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ARCHITECTURE #1 Shoot a long exposure mono • Architectural photography always works well in black & white, as the absence of colour helps draw attention to the lines, curves and shapes of the subject. Throw in an ND filter, and you can easily blur movement for a minimal shot, as Dr Akira Takaue (akiratakaue.com) did in his stunning image of Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay. “The bridge is a double-deck truss steel suspension bridge, and is basically the front door into Tokyo. I wanted to portray the amazing structural detail and texture, as well as its strong presence in this location, which will be the backdrop to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. In the beautiful morning sunshine, I knew I could get an amazing shot. “Using a Nisi 150mm ND filter, I was able…