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Practical Photography: Lite March 2018

Every issue of Practical Photography is packed with expert advice and tips that will help YOU improve your photography. Each issue contains: - Inspirational and award-winning photographs - The best ‘Technique Guides’ in the industry - FREE feedback on your images - Jargon-free, 100% independent reviews Whatever brand you use (Canon EOS, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic Lumix and so on), our easy-to-follow technique guides will help you get the most from your digital SLR, interchangeable lens camera (CSC), or compact. Note: This 'Lite' digital version of Practical Photography does not contain any interactivity.

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EVER HEARD OF THE 10,000-hour rule? It’s the idea that you can’t truly call yourself an expert until you’ve invested this much time in your chosen subject. Of course, there are those who dedicate their entire lives to mastering a skill and are quite rightly considered legends (Sebastião Salgado and Annie Leibovitz spring to mind). Yet even these veritable superstars need a shot of inspiration from time to time. With this in mind, we asked 27 of the world’s best photographers to tell us how they plan to stay inspired this year. Starting on page 36, this massive 18-page guide will provide you with all the creative fuel you need to make 2018 your best ever. Some ideas are surprising, some are thought-provoking, all are brilliant. It’s been a labour…

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learn from the best

Richard Collins PP’s new deputy editor is a hugely experienced writer, editor and fashion photographer. His CV includes Dazed & Confused and ID. Join him on p100 Daisy Gilardini Taking the wildlife genre to its sub-zero extremes, Daisy has joined more than 60 expeditions to the Polar Regions and is widely published. Read more on p112 Andrew Curry Taking his love of street photography to Japan’s neon-lit capital, Andrew has amassed an array of fascinating images that show a different way of life. See p124…

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The top gear for landscapes The team head into the wild to test out a variety of gear for outdoor photography and come up with inspirational ideas for capturing the very best landscapes... • Dan is down on the stunning Dorset coast, looking into the practical approach to long exposures and explaining the use of neutral density filters in landscape photography. • Louise hits the beach with three different lenses, taking in the view with a wide-angle, focusing on details with a telephoto and getting creative with the amazing Lensbaby. • Kirk gets the chills in a frozen Peak District, trying out four cameras with four different sensor sizes and seeing which one comes out on top in a head-to-head shoot-out. Contact us if you have any problems with your free gifts Practical Photography, Bauer Media,…

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beyond the lens

Light painting in Nevada by Eric Paré • We’re always on the lookout for interesting foregrounds and backgrounds for our tube light painting shots. This place in Nevada was perfect – we were right by the road, but there were never any cars. To get this effect, we simply put a flashlight inside a plastic tube and then attached a sparkler to the end. These tubes can easily be bought at hardware stores, or if you can’t find any, simply roll your own using acetate (laminating sheets). Canon 5D MkIV | 14mm | 2sec | f/6.3 | ISO 800 Eric Paré uses unique light painting techniques to create incredible images with dancer and performer Kim Henry. His work has been featured worldwide in many publications. Hammerhead sharks by Gabriel Barathieu • We were only just at…

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gitzo anniversary competition results

Back in November we launched a travel-themed competition to win a limited edition Gitzo 100 Year Anniversary Edition Tripod worth £1250. There were also two runners-up prizes – two Gitzo Century Traveler Messenger bags worth £180 each. What better way to celebrate Gitzo’s 100th birthday! The three winning images were chosen for their impact, sense of place and, in Robert’s case, a cute dog playing footsie with a Buddha statue. It’s a niche genre, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Congratulations to them all. • Visit for more product info. Winner Vicki Horrigan I took this shot on Cable Beach, Broome in Australia’s far northwest. It was a shot I’d tried to capture on visits over the previous two years, without much success. On this trip, the elements finally all came together…

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the knowledge

COMPETITION You’re having a giraffe! The brilliant, and very hilarious, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has announced its winners for 2017. This moment of levity is one of the highlights of the photographic calendar, and drew entries from 86 countries. Seasoned wildlife photographer and awards founder Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE said: “It’s been a real success this year. The quality of images has improved substantially and we have had more entries from even more countries.” In true comedy spirit, he went on to add: “One of my favourites was the fox peeing in the golf hole – I know there are lots of people who feel the same way about golf!” Amid a raft of sidesplitting entries, the overall winning shot comes from Tibor Kercz, who captured a series of photos showing an owl losing…