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Spring 2022

Quilts and More promises simple, fresh, and fun projects. Make easy quilts, bags, pillows, and pincushions using clearly written instructions.Every digital issue includes the pattern pieces found in the corresponding print version. To access pattern pieces, simply click on the underlined text in Cut Fabrics sections.

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from the editor

One of the most surprising behind-thescenes aspects of publishing a magazine is how far in advance we work. Christmas in July? I was working on Christmas in February. It’s fun to plan ahead, but it’s also disorienting. Sometimes I’m not sure what month I’m in, let alone what year. To say the start of 2022 took me by surprise would be an understatement! And just like at the beginning of every January, I now find myself pondering resolutions in an attempt to make it the best year yet, both for Quilts & More™ magazine and my own sewing. Like so many sewers, my goals fall into two interrelated categories: organizing my stash and finishing up projects. My cluttered space stifles my creativity and motivation to sew. The goals are the same…

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coming soon

On Sale Feb. 4 Get inspired with the April 2021 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting¨ magazine. • Discover sustainable sewing and learn how to incorporate the trend into your work.• Join the 9th annual virtual quilt-along.• Check out seven exclusive projects, including a baby quilt and a hand-pieced throw. Find us online: AllPeopleQuilt.com search: AllPeopleQuilt Retailers: To order American Patchwork & Quilting®, Quilt Sampler®, Quilts & More™, and other quilting magazines, email apq2@meredith.com or call 866/378-1064. Letters & Comments: Share your thoughts with us at apq@meredith.com Note to readers: It is permissible to make and publicly display a single finished product of any project in this issue, including for purposes of competitive winnings up to $1,000, so long as visible credit is given to the designer and Quilts & More magazine.…

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now trending

STORE SUPPLIES Corral your most-used tools using these clever storage ideas. AllPeopleQuilt.com/116 CONQUER UFOS Join our 2022 UFO Challenge for help completing your unfinished objects. AllPeopleQuilt.com/117 SHOW THE LOVE Stitch Valentine’s Day projects to decorate your home or give as gifts. AllPeopleQuilt.com/118 STYLISH STORAGE Sew your own organizational items to keep your space tidy. AllPeopleQuilt.com/119 ORGANIZE FABRIC Find solutions for sorting and storing your stash. AllPeopleQuilt.com/120 connect with us search: American Patchwork & Quilting @allpeoplequilt…

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stuff we love

1. FRIINDER STAND-UP TRANSFORMER BAG Carry small tools or handwork supplies in a stylish zipper pouch with three small interior pockets. The pouch’s top can be pulled down to form a stand-up tool holder to place on your work surface. $6.99; amazon.com 2. A QUILTING LIFE PLANNER AND WORKBOOK Get organized with author Sherri McConnell’s planner. Featuring spiral binding so you can lay it flat on your work space, the planner has room to set goals, keep track of projects, create shopping lists, and more. It has 12 fill-in-the-blank calendar pages so you can begin anytime. Sherri also includes tips for organizing your projects, scraps, tool inventory, gift list, and more. $21.99; shopmartingale.com 3. STRAWBERRIES SNACKBOX Featuring the classic tomato and strawberry pincushion design, the 8×5¾×2¾" tin from Ruby Star Society will hold small notions…

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skill builder: headband

SKILLS YOU’LL PRACTICE MAKING A CASING FEEDING ELASTIC SEWING 3-D PROJECTS Bonus project! Whip up a coordinating scrunchie to make a set. AllPeopleQuilt.com/122 MATERIALS Finished size: 21½" circumference Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width. ❑ 18×21" piece (fat quarter) pink floral❑ 5½"-long piece ¾"-wide elastic❑ Binding clips (optional)❑ Safety pin (optional) CUT FABRICS Cut pieces in the following order. Cut pieces parallel to 18"-long fabric edge. From pink floral, cut: 2—8×17" rectangles 1—2½ ×12" rectangle ASSEMBLE HEADBAND Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. Press all seams open. 1) On wrong side of each pink floral 8×17" rectangle, mark a line ¾" from both long edges. Fold raw edges to marked lines; press. 2) Lay a Step 1 rectangle right side up on table. Center remaining rectangle right side down atop first rectangle to form a plus sign (Photo 1). 3)…

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sweet quilty home

unexpected STORAGE Quilting involves many tools and notions of various sizes. Some of these items, such as acrylic rulers, are notoriously hard to store. Here are seven ideas to display and store necessary quilting supplies in unexpected ways by utilizing objects that weren’t originally created for a sewing space. Take a look at enlisting cosmetics holders outside of the bathroom. The small compartments easily can fit threads while the large compartments can hold rotary cutters, snips, and tins of pins. Place one near your sewing space to keep necessary items close at hand. Floating photo display ledges, designed for gallery walls in living rooms, make the most out of vertical space when installed on walls in your sewing area. The open groove on the bottom can accommodate many acrylic rulers of various sizes. Harness…