QuizFest May 2018

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3 min.
what does your crush’s name really mean?

A There’s no doubt about it, people who have “A” names are very ambitious and have go-getter attitudes! B A “B” name means your crush is really brave. Yep, they face their fears head-on! C Not very artsy? No worries. Your crush is if their name starts with a “C.” They love coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. D Your crush is a dreamer. They are always reaching for the stars and are passionate about whatever they set their mind to. E If you’re crushing on an “E”- named person, they’re a keeper! You can count on them to always be there for you! F You’ll never be bored around someone whose name begins with “F.” They’re full of energy. G Looking for someone to share all of your secrets with? You can trust a “G”- named…

2 min.
what’s your girl power attitude?

1 You want to have a reputation as someone who: A. Uses my voice for good. B. Treats everyone around me equally. C. Works well with others. 2 If your BFF got into trouble at school, you’d: A. Stick up for her. B. Find out the whole story, and then react. C. Comfort her. 3 Which color would you wear on a job interview? A. Red — the color of passion B. Yellow — it’s known as the color of honor C. Blue — it stands for loyalty 4 If you disagreed with a school policy, you’d: A. Start protesting. B. Investigate its fairness. C. Get all of your friends together to talk it out. 5 Would you ever ask your crush out? A. Of course, I always go after what I want! B. Probably C. Maybe ... eh, maybe not 6 It’s hardest for you to be around people…

1 min.
are you the jordyn or kylie in your friendship?

DIRECTIONS: Circle the top five words that you feel best describe your aesthetic. Then, head to the “add them up” section to reveal your truth! Mostly BLUE JORDYN! You’re chilled out, just like Jordyn! You’re that friend who is there at the drop of a dime, no matter what. You may not be loud and extra all of the time, but when you and your bestie get together, you have a never-ending supply of inside jokes. You’re the least judgmental girl out there, so your friends can really be themselves with you! Mostly PINK KYLIE! Like Kylie, you live out loud! There are two key parts to your personality. The side everyone knows is the glam, beauty-loving girl who can help any bud do her makeup. But when they dig a little deeper, people find the other…

2 min.
what does your favorite flower reveal about you?

Check! Find out your fave flower’s hidden meaning! Lily! You’re a burst of happiness! Lilies have a way of bringing a smile to anyone’s face — and you can do the same! You brighten up any room when you walk in smiling. Tulip! Tulips spread cheer — and so do you! If your friend bombs her math test or doesn’t get the lead part in the play, you’re there with a hug. You radiate joy! Sunflower! You’re a crowd favorite! People are drawn to sunflowers because they’re super bold. You don’t mind standing out. In fact, you prefer it. Go Ms. Confident! Orchid! You’re strong! The Greeks connected orchids to anyone who held great power — that’s you! You speak your mind and stay true to yourself. Daisy! You always look on the bright side of things! If you’re a…

2 min.
best friends quiz! are you as close as you think?

DIRECTIONS: Answer all the questions. Then, see which colored answers you circled the most to see what it reveals about your friendship with your BFF! 1 How long have you and your best friend known each other? 2 When you have good news, do you tell your BFF before anyone else? 3 What’s the longest you and your bud go without talking? 4 Can you tell when your BFF is sad, even if she doesn’t say so? 5 If we asked you to tell us your bestie’s b-day right now, could you? 6 How often do you girls have sleepovers together? 7 Does your bestie know what your middle name is? 8 How long does it take you to make up after a fight? 9 Would you ever let your bestie read pages from your diary? Add them up! How many…

1 min.
what does your fave prom dress reveal?

Check which style you’d love to wear and see what it says about you! Floral This flowy, flowery gown is the perfect compliment to your whimsical personality. It’s effortlessly chic and oh-so-dreamy. Forgo traditional heels and slip on some flat strappy sandals for a look that’ll be both cute and comfy for prom! Bright Not everyone can pull off a bold color, but you and Zendaya can! You both have a fierceness about yourselves, which is why this dress suits you two. Pair it with simple accessories and you’ll be ready to dance the night away! Princess A tulle dress like Bella’s was meant for a sweetheart like you. You’ll look like you’re prom royalty as soon as you put it on and it’ll surely catch the eye of your crush when he sees you at…