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QuizFest February 2019

QuizFest readers look at the magazine as an extension of their diary-- a place where they can answer questions honestly and get in touch with who they are as a person. Each issue is packed with quizzes on love, friendship, family, celebrities, fashion, beauty, and more!

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why does he sweep you off your feet?

“I LOVE MAKING people laugh! — Grayson” BECAUSE HE’S FUNNY! You don’t just fall for anyone, they must make you LOL! It’s no surprise that if a boy has a silly side, he’s going to win your heart! BECAUSE HE’S CHARMING! A princess like you,needs her Prince Charming! Someone who treats you like royalty and is extra sweet is the perfect guy for you! BECAUSE HE’S A SMARTIE! Brains and a great smile? Yep, that’s a winning combo in your eyes. He works hard in school and knows the most random fun facts!…

1 min.
noah, peter or jamey?

PETER! You’re all about romantic gestures, and there is no one more romantic than Peter Kavinsky. His flirty personality combined with his kind nature will make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. NOAH! Funny girls like you need a boy with the same sense of humor. It’s no wonder Noah is perfect for you. He’s all about having fun and is the type of guy who would do anything to make you smile. JAMEY! When it comes to dating, you’re looking for someone who you can be yourself around! That’s why Jamey is the best match for you. He’ll appreciate your flaws and always be your rock. IBRINA HOBSON/GETTY, MASH WEISBERG/NETFIX, JIM SPELLMAN/GETTY, NETF IX…

1 min.
what’s your place in your pack?

YOU’RE THE SECRET KEEPER! If there’s one thing you’re known for, it’s being trustworthy! Your friends know if they tell you something, you won’t tell a soul. It’s no wonder you’re the secret keeper of your circle — gossip never gets the best of you. Your buds are lucky to have you! YOU’RE THE SWEETIE! You’re like the mom of your friend group! Why? You’re incredibly nurturing and protective! Your buds know they can come to you with all of their problems and you’ll be there to listen to them and give them a big hug. They love how much you care! YOU’RE THE COMEDIAN! You bring out the laughter in your squad! From your jokes to your snappy commentary, you truly know how to make someone LOL.Thanks to you, all of your friends feel…

1 min.
which era of shawn mendes are you?

THE Handwritten ERA! You’re still figuring out who you are — and that’s okay. Similar to Shawn during his Handwritten era, you’re just starting to experience crushes and friendship woes and are trying to find your place in the world. But keep pushing forward and good things will come your way! We know it. THE Illuminate ERA! At this point, you’ve had some ups and downs, but are wiser because of them. Illuminate talks growing up, understanding mistakes, as well as going through real love, which are all things you’ve faced head-on. Like Shawn, never stop learning and stay true to yourself and others. THE Shawn Mendes ERA! Keeping it real, being independent and laying your heart out on the line? That’s you! You’re confident in yourself and know how you want to make a…

1 min.
what should be your first text to your crush?

A SIMPLE “HEY”! Play it safe! You’re a shy girl, so texting your crush is already a huge step outside your comfort zone. Don’t stress, it’s fine to take it one text at a time and start with a no-fail “Hey, what’s up?” A FLIRTY EMOJI! Your confidence is your secret weapon! You’ve mastered the art of flirting, which is why you’re not afraid to fire off kissy emojis to your crush before you’ve even texted “Hi.” They will totally dig your boldness! AN INSIDE JOKE! Crack up your crush! You love clowning around with your cutie in-person.Try texting a funny one-liner and keep the laughs going via text. They’ll grin every single time your name pop up on the screen!…

2 min.
discover your new workout jam!

When you’re exercising, you like to listen to music that’ll motivate you to get your workout done. You’re known to be a bit of a rebel or an adventurous person. Truth be told, you don’t mind listening to love songs at the gym, just as long as they have some solid beats behind the vocals. The best way to describe your personality would be confident. Out of your girl gang, you’re by far the most active and athletic. A pickup basketball or soccer game? You’d never miss out! Sometimes you skip out on exercising so you can have a chill day at home. You’re someone who doesn’t take life too seriously. You’ve got a carefree ’tude, which is something that your family loves about you. You’re never afraid to sing at the top of your lungs and dance…