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why is your crush a keeper?

He’s as sweet as can be! When your crush is with you, he makes you feel like a princess. He’s all about romantic gestures and knows how to make you feel special. It’s no surprise this cutie is a total keeper! He makes you laugh! Nonstop laughter is this boy’s specialty! Not a day goes by that he doesn’t make you giggle. He knows that his sense of humor can brighten your day and he loves being able to cheer you up! He trustworthy! If there’s one thing your crush is good at,it’s keeping your secrets! You know you can open up to him about anything and you’ll get an honest, thoughful opinion. What you share is between you two, only!…

2 min.
are you the extra one in your squad?

When it comes to style,“casual” isn’t in your vocabulary. You dress to impress! You wouldn’t freak out speaking in front of your entire class. You don’t pay attention to Insta themes. You’d post a pic #nofilter. You add lots of emojis and exclamation points to every text you send. You save full-glam makeup looks for special occasions. Comfy sweats and plain tees are your go-tos! You’d totally dye your hair a funky color ... but only for a few weeks! You don’t take a dozen selfies to get the perfect Insta pic.One is fine! Forget boring neutrals — your closet is filled with glitter, sequins and bling! You try not to freak out over minor inconveniences,but it happens! Your pals would describe you as “laid back”and“easygoing.” Whenever your pals throw parties, you dress according to theme! You’d try out a crazy new…

2 min.
what does the first letter of your instagram handle mean?

A You’re a trendsetter! As leaders of the pack, “A” names keep their followers in-the-know. B Social butterfly? That’s you! You’re always down to meet someone new. The DMs are open! C Loyal follower alert! You #bless your friends’ feeds with endless likes and comments! D You’re an explorer! You love posting travel pics that give your pals wanderlust. E You get the conversation started! Admit it: You basically live in the comments section! F Hello, meme queen! Anyone with an “F” handle has an incredible sense of humor. G Filter game strong! “G” names are known for having perfect Instagram themes. H You’re as real as they come! Your followers appreciate how down-to-earth you are. I You live it up! You’re always up to something interesting and exciting, and the proof is on your feed! Can you…

1 min.
why are you his good luck charm?

You help him succeed! You’re your crush’s good luck charm because you help him reach his goals. With you by his side, he feels like he’s winning at life. No dream is too big for him to achieve, thanks to your help! You give him confidence! Your confidence rubs off on your crush in more ways than you know! Because of this, your sweetie has been able to excel in areas he didn’t before meeting you.You help him shine! You complement him! You and your crush may be opposites, but that’s good. You’re the Ying to his Yang. You help get him out of his comfort zone and try new things, which makes him feel lucky to have you!…

1 min.
who’s your mystery friend?

DIRECTIONS: For each question, circle the answer that sounds the most like how you’d answer.When you’re finished, see which color you circled the most. 1. What’s one of your favorite things to do? “I love going to amusement parks.” “I like taking pictures.” “I love horseback riding and boxing.” 2. What’s your beauty must-have? “I love a good highlight — liquid highlight, especially.” “A great mascara!” “My nude lipstick for sure. I always have it with me.” 3. What’s a food you’ll never get tired of? “Popcorn.It’s my favorite thing.” “Homemade chocolate chip cookies.” “Hamburgers. I love them!” 4. What are some of your fashion go-tos? “My off-duty uniform consists of a T-shirt and jeans.” “Colorful flip-flops with a dress and a bomber jacket.” “I love anything with fringe on it and fun accessories!” 5. What’s one of your most-used emojis? “The cute,little purple devil.” “The red heart.” “The one…

1 min.
lyric or lie ?

DIRECTIONS: Read each lyrics and mark “lyric” if it’s from a Camila song, and “lie” if it’s not. Check the answer key to see what you got right! 1 “I’m a sucker for the way that you move, babe.” 2 “I gotta convince myself I don’t want it, even though I do.” 3 “I need someone, on days like this I do.” 4 “I knew it when I met him, I loved him when I left him.” 5 “I don’t wanna know no word of mouth.” 6 “But the stars don’t align, y’ e not her or us.” 7 “That’s my shape, I made the shadow. That’s my lane.” 8 “This paper town has let me down too many times.” 9 “Tell me what you like, but it’s never gon’ change.” 10 “Loving you was young, and wild, and free.” ANSWER…