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QuizFest February 2020

QuizFest readers look at the magazine as an extension of their diary-- a place where they can answer questions honestly and get in touch with who they are as a person. Each issue is packed with quizzes on love, friendship, family, celebrities, fashion, beauty, and more!

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where in the world would you travel with selena?

BACK HOME TO TEXAS! How cool would it be to have Selena show you around the place she grew up? Sel’s roots are in Texas and when she’s there, her inner country gal comes out. The trip would bond you girls for life! HER FAVE B-DAY SPOT: ITALY! Gondola rides, delicious food, stunning sights! There’s a reason Selena chose to spend her birthday in Italy. WIth adventure around every corner, it’d be the trip of a lifetime for you both. A BEACHY GETAWAY IN MEXICO! Can’t you just hear the sound of the crashing waves? Selena loves going to Mexico for some much-neede chill time. an picture you two lounging on with not care in world SELENA IS READY TO BOOK HER NEXT FLIGHT “I love to travel to other places,” she shares. “I’m addicted to it!”…

3 min.
who is the shawn to your camila?

1 Would you ever date a guy friend who you’ve known for years? A. I might B.Yeah, totally! C. Nah, that’d be weird 2 Do you believe that opposites attract? A. No, that only happens in movies and books B. It could work C.Yeah, for sure! 3 In a potential BF, you look for someone who is: A. Kind B. Funny C. Smart 4 Would you ever let your best friends set you up on a blind date? A. No, I’d be too nervous B. Only if they told me I’d recognize him C.Yeah, why not? 5 If your best guy bud started flirting with you one day, you’d: A. Be a little confused B. Flirt back — he’s cute! C. Make fun of him 6 If a boy texted you each day to see how you were, would you be annoyed? A. No way, I’d think it was sweet B. Probably…

1 min.
test your ariana grande knowledge!

DIRECTIONS: Circle your answer for each trivia question. Once you’re done, check and see how many you got right to find out how big of a fan you really are. Good luck! 1 ARI’S NEVER BEEN ON WHICH SHOW? A. iCarly B. Scream Queens C. Zoey 101 2 HER DEBUT SINGLE WAS CALLED: A. “The Way” B. ”Put Your Hearts Up” C. “Baby I” 3 WHICH ARTIST HAS SHE NOT WORKED WITH? A. Meghan Trainor B. Troye Sivan C. Cardi B 4 ARIANA’S FIRST NUMBER-ONE HIT WAS: A. “thank u, next” B. “Break Free” C. “Focus” 5 WHAT YEAR DID HER FIRST ALBUM DEBUT? A. 2011 B. 2012 C. 2013 6 HOW MANY HEADLINING TOURS HAS SHE DONE? A. Four B. Three C. Five 7 HER FULL NAME IS : A. Ariana Grande-Butera B. Ariana Marie Grande C. Ariana Joan Grande-Butera 8 WHICH ISN’T ONE OF ARIANA’S PETS? A. Sirius B. Coco C. Cannoli 9 SHE HAS THIS TATTOOED ON HER THUMB: A. Her…

1 min.
what percent vsco girl are you?

10% Uhh ... what does VSCO even mean? You’re not interested in following this trend, and any VSCO girl items you may own are purely coincidental. Though you don’t think there’s anything ugly about it, you’d much rather do your own thing and not worry about keeping up with what’s “cool.” 50% We all have a little VSCO girl in us, right? You wouldn’t say you focus on hitting this trend with every new thing you get, but you certainly find yourself attracted to the VSCO essentials. They just happen to work perfectly with the things you already own! 80% It’s safe to say you are very VSCO! You’re not sure that there has ever been a style that you connected to more than the VSCO girl look. You never look like…

1 min.
which taylor album are you?

Riding shotgun with your hair undone? Yep, sounds like you! You’re full of optimism and can see the positive in any situation. Taylor’s self-titled debut album perfectly suits your sweet disposition. You jump into things headfirst, fearless! This album has anthems for your bold moves, like confessing your feelings to a stranger (ahem, “Hey Stephen”) to calling out an ex (“Forever & Always”). Do you swear to be overdramatic and true? You’re a romantic, through and through. Like Tay’s current era, you want to live in a pastel world covered in hearts and butterflies. The old you can’t come to the phone right now... Okay sass queen, we see you! There’s no holding back an outspoken girl like you. These songs are like your superhero theme music. Who cares what people think? You want…

1 min.
what would your crush score in flirting 101?

DIRECTIONS: Read the statement, then write the number you feel is accurate in the space provided. When you’re done, add up all eight numbers to reveal your answer on the side. 8-13 POINTS C Your crush could use some help in the flirting department. He can be a little shy, so flirting with someone he likes is pretty intimidating for him. But if you were to flirt with him first, he’d most likely flirt back. He just needs a little nudge so he knows you like him, too. 14-19 POINTS He’s almost a flirting pro! While your crush is pretty good at flirting, he doesn’t always get it right when he’s face-to-face with you. He’s much more confident through text and DM! Once you start spending a little more one-on-one time together, he’ll move…