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Real People

Issue 20 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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Having kids can be a grisly business, don’t you think? The messy stuff usually starts in the delivery room, or the operating theatre… just ask Lorna. A big, beautiful momma, she was 24st when she fell pregnant, 28st when she was about to pop, and there was another sizeable problem standing between bump and baby-in-arms… Turn to page 12 to find out what it was, and cringe along with her!But the top prize for gruesome kids this week goes to the sweetest little lad you’ll ever see. Toddler Everett is mad about fish, so mad about them he’s happy to plant a smacker on those cold, rubbery lips the minute they are plucked from a lake. But one night, this little angel’s Nemo love went too far (P38). At…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT UK Britain’s Porkiest pooch a 70kg Malamute called Georgie Porgie has been put on a strict diet at a Plymouth animal sanctuary. They hope he’ll soon be half the chap he is now after losing a whopping 35 Kilos. LITTLE LOVEBUG A very talented friend took this picture of my adorable nine-week-old son, Nathaniel – my own Very Hungry Caterpillar. Hazel Howe, Edinburgh PAW SHOW Here, my granddaughter, Heidi and her dog, Poppy, give a whole new meaning to the Downward Dog pose in yoga! Marjorie Edwards, Swanage, Dorset YIKES! Piranhas were recently found in a Yorkshire pond, but they’re not the UK’s only exotic residents… • Killer whales (Cornwall)• Wallabies (Scotland)• Coatis – a…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders It doesn’t take long for big bad Ben’s plans to start showing cracks. This time it’s thanks to loose-lipped Lola who, after a warning from fiancé Ewan, sinks a few glasses of truth juice (prosecco!) and tells all to Billy. In the cold light of day, Billy has a think and, without dropping Lola in it, decides to tell Phil all about Ben’s plot to bring him down. Ben insists it’s all rubbish (although Phil’s not convinced) and figures his most pressing problem now is Billy so decides to get rid of him once and for all! Of course, this is EastEnders and that means there’s a cock-up on the cards. But who will pay the price? Elsewhere… Kat and Kush have a rocky few days. They get…

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strange fruit

My Scott was never happier than when out fishing Opening my bedroom window, I pushed my face hungrily towards the breeze. Glancing at the clock, I saw it was only 10am but the heat from the sun was already stifling.Later I flopped down at my mate Sally’s house, pink in the face.‘Let’s go down to the island,’ she said. It was July 2011 and I was 38.The place she meant was Donkey Island, a nickname for the one at Sunbury Lock, on the River Thames. The spot was a magnet for fishermen and her boyfriend, Jason, was already down there, casting his rod.I’d never been to the fishing spot before and I wasn’t keen now.‘Can’t be bothered to shift,’ I panted. ‘Come on,’ she coaxed. ‘It’ll be cooler…

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river monsters

Brothers Lenny …with (centre) their cousin Charlie Smith Shane Crawt My stomach lurched. In a fug, the police took me home. ‘Who else was down by the river? Did you see anybody?’ they asked.I told them I’d last seen Scott the night before – then three figures popped into my shattered thoughts. Those lads… I described the youths who’d spoken to us before I’d left.After the cops had gone, I lay down and wept. Grief-stricken, all I wanted to do was to jump into the cool waters of the river and join Scott. But I had to find out what had happened to him.I clung to the hope it had been an accident. But the post-mortem found Scott’s death was caused by a severe blunt trauma…

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must-see dundee!

A beautiful view of Broughty Ferry and bay The home of The Beano honours Desperate Dan Spectacular architecture of the V&A Once most famous for being the home of the Desperate Dan statue (don’t miss out on taking a pic), Dundee has undergone a transformation in recent years and was placed sixth in Lonely Planet’s 2018 list of must-see European destinations.The home of The Beano, The Dandy and Jackie magazine, Dundee was known for the three Js – journalism (comics), jute (textiles) and jam (yum!).But now arts and culture are taking priority. St Andrews University – where Wills met Kate Dundee has a spectacular new design museum, the V&A.The boat-shape building that juts out into the River Tay was the vision of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.…