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Real People Issue 16 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Happy Easter, bunny girls. Tell me, just how many choccy eggs are currently bothering your kitchen shelves? What’s that? They’re for the kids? All of them? And not a morsel of that, sweet, dark, velvety deliciousness will pass your lips… Yeah, right! Well, that’s what I would have said to you a week ago, before Ainslie told us her story. And what a charming little family love tale it turns out to be. For 46 years a Cadbury’s Creme Egg stood, uneaten, in her gran’s china cabinet. And the reason is very sweet, indeed (p14) – it would’ve been gone in three bites in my gaff. I just can’t seem to resist temptation, and if I try to, chocolate just becomes the forbidden fruit. Which brings me to Kayleigh. She’d split from her…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT MY LITTLE EASTER TREAT This is my eight-month-old daughter whose real name is Bunnie-Love dressed as her namesake to celebrate her first ever Easter. Gemma Davies, Tuffley, Glos UK Northumbrian cops are asking people not to be 999 time-wasters. They highlighted a woman who’d called up after being overcharged on a bottle of squash at Morrisons. Hopefully, she won’t find she can’t get through in an emergency because someone is yakking on 999! CHOCS AWAY Some eggs are certainly not created equally – especially when it comes to calories. This year’s diet buster is the Cadbury Chopped Nut Easter Egg, which dieticians have worked out contains a whopping 2,977 cals – way over a woman’s recommended daily average. Well, it’s only once a year… LE CRUNCH The nation’s fave crisp is revealed, but do you agree? 1 Walkers 2 Pringles 3…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders So, Midge has bundled Louise into his car and raced off. Keanu calls Phil, who calls Ben, and they all go after her. Where is she? Locked in a shipping container at the docks, of course – it’s pretty much where all Cockney kidnapping capers end up! Phil looks for Danny, Keanu looks for Louise, Ben looks shifty. Keanu finds Lou but is knocked unconscious by Midge, then Phil is knocked out by… God, damn! It’s just too exciting to go on. Have a watch. Have a watch! Elsewhere… Jean moves back in with Stacey to get her help finding Sean. Stacey’s delighted to have her home; not so keen on the Sean thing, though, thinking it’s the last thing Jean needs. Too late – he’s back! Oh! And Jay and Ruby…

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a butcher calls

stories@realpeoplemag.co.uk My phone buzzed, and I leaned over to see who was texting. ‘OK, OK,’ I laughed. ‘On my way.’ It was my mate, James, begging for a lift. Ten minutes later, I parked outside The Pandy Inn, Tonypandy. I spied where James had plonked himself in the beer garden, and I settled down beside him. He was sitting with another man. This bloke was stocky, had blond hair and blue eyes. Good looking, like a body builder. ‘I’m Ashley,’ he said grinning. I peered more closely. Was he a bit drunk? I had three children – nine, six and three – but I’d been single for four months. Turns out Ashley Vaughan was single, too, and had a little boy. As we chatted, he listened attentively, while I told him about my job as a health support worker. He was…

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pints of blood

He raised the knife and brought it down again. He raised it for a second time… A third time. A fourth time. His eyes bore into me as the swooping went on. I heard sirens. I’m going to die. Blackness. I pushed open my eyes. Around me were tubes. My dad, Rob, 54, was peering at me. Instantly, I remembered what had happened. ‘He wouldn’t stop stabbing me,’ I cried. ‘The police have got him,’ my dad reassured. He began to fill me in on what had happened. Ashley had run off before the ambulance had arrived. Paramedics had worked on me for two hours at home, before I was stable enough to be flown by helicopter to the University Hospital of Wales, in Cardiff. ‘You’re very lucky to be alive,’ the doctor said. I’d been critically ill with internal haemorrhaging…

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putting on the switz!

Famous for its luxury ski resorts, Verbier, the Alpine village in Switzerland’s Canton of Valais, has long been a go-to destination for winter-sport lovers. In the snow-clad mountains, holidaymakers can rub ski poles with A-listers such as the Beckhams, attracted by the region’s magnificent mountains and epic trails. Regular visitors include singers James Blunt and Diana Ross, while Prince Andrew and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, also own a chalet in Verbier. But it’s not just a winter location. With a whole host of summer events, it’s worth visiting during the snow-free months, too. Situated in the south-west of Switzerland on a sunny plateau, the village gives unrivalled views of the countryside. Its picture-perfect greenery, peppered with wooden lodges, is set among the rolling mountains snaked by 500km of hiking trails. Stroll around and draw…