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Real People Issue 17 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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A couple of weeks ago, five went mad in Paris – me and four old pals. Most of us have known each other since we were teenagers, and that’s a long time. I won’t tell you how long, since we were there to celebrate my bestie Lynne’s big birthday and she’ll murder me if I say which one! But we had a great time, with too much of all the best things, like laughs, wine and silly stories. On the plane home, I thought, what would I be without them? I thought it again this week, reading, misty-eyed, about a different group of pals. I know I can count on my mates to lift me from any low. Well, Kevan can say that in spades A wheelchair user, there was a…

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our mad world!

Cute TOT START ’EM YOUNG! I think you have your youngest fan – my little girl, Chloe Alice, 22 months. She goes through the mag showing me familiar objects she knows. Cheryl Bradley, Boldon Colliery, Tyne and Wear UK Like your chilli sauces hot? Like them so hot that your body goes into spasm with burning pain, just like you’ve been bitten by a tarantula? Good, as Kent-made Scientific Steve’s Venom Chilli Sauce, £6.50, is the nearest thing to eating spider venom. Nice! BURN BABY BURN Evangelical priests in Poland have burned books, including Harry Potter novels, for promoting sorcery. Also chucked on the bonfire of evil were ornaments and a Hello Kitty brolly! THAT’S TOTAL RUBBISH! Abeach recent clean Cornish -up unearthed very old litter some … • A 1984 packet of Smiths Salt & Vinegar Crisps (offering a…

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soap on a rope

EastEnders It’s 10 years since Sean was on the Square, so this week’s his. After fisticuffs with Jack, causing ructions with Stacey and a run-in with Ruby, Sean whisks Jean off for her chemo appointment. Here, he realises the enormity of his mum’s situation and, with a few home truths from Stacey ringing in his ears, he contemplates leaving again (WTAF?!). So, when Jean suggests spending time away from Walford together, he agrees. Later, as they settle down in their remote farmhouse (of course it’s remote!), disaster strikes and Jean is quickly in real danger. Elsewhere… Billy loves Honey; Honey loves Billy – doesn’t she, deep down? How come she’s moving in with Adam, then? OK, Billy’s a daft loser and Adam is a hunky dentist – is it really that simple, though…? Oh!…

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starry, scary night

stories@realpeoplemag.co.uk A thousand times a day, I wish I had a time machine that could take me back to an afternoon in March three years ago. Back to a corridor in my all-girls’ school in south London. I’d be 17 again and hearing the bell sound for the end of lunch, seeing the little huddle of my friends... But this time I’d walk straight past them. I wouldn’t stop to peer over their shoulders at what they were doing, wouldn’t take any interest in the app they were busy swiping. I wouldn’t make any of the mistakes I made that day. Because that one moment in time has changed my life for ever. I’m telling my story so that other girls know the trouble that can follow a click and a swipe. I did stop. I craned…

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blame game

‘It’s rape,’ Gemma told me. ‘I just want to forget about it,’ I cried. ‘At least go to hospital and get yourself checked out.’ she urged. At King’s College Hospital, London, doctors discovered I’d suffered internal bruising in my rectum, and I flushed with even more shame. But I found myself spilling out what had happened. ‘Can we call the police?’ they asked. I nodded. News was spreading. By now, my friend had told her mum and she’d told mine. Mum arrived at the hospital, and hugged me. ‘How could you be so stupid?’ she said, tenderly. ‘How could you be so naive?’ What could I say to that? He was a footballer. I’d got carried away. Police took me and Mum home and collected my clothes, so they could be tested for DNA. Next day, I went to The Haven,…

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we’re all going on a... bank holiday!

Adrenaline rush One for the older kids (14+), this first-of-its-kind adventure park is for grown-ups too – we’re looking at you, in particular, competitive dads. Based in Birmingham ’s NEC, tickets start at £20 for four ‘ Basecamp’ challenges that were created and inspired by TV’s wee-drinking, bark-chomping survival know-it-all Bear Grylls. Think survival maze, assault course, target academy and escape rooms. You can add on a few fancy extras such as shark diving (really) and indoor skydiving, for which there are various packages available online if you’re looking for a deal. For example, you can book Basecamp with an indoor snorkel experience for £45 or you can buy the go-all-in experience, which includes Basecamp, high ropes, dive or snorkel, indoor skydiving and climb. It’s pretty pricey at £160, but will save you…