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Runner's World September/October 2019

RUNNER'S WORLD is filled with powerful information that will help you run faster and farther and have more fun doing it! Every issue brings you the strategies, tips and advice to fuel your performance, prevent injuries, burn fat, shed stress, and achieve your personal goals.

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inside knowledge

Joshua Carlos “Crazy Goal” p.38 I make sure to manage my time better, hydrate throughout the day, eat in a timely manner, and tape my feet before workouts. One busy day, I scarfed down food and water a couple of hours before running. When I started my workout, I immediately felt that sloshing around in my stomach. ALSO: Mantras, mantras, and more mantras! I have different ones for different occasions. Long runs, tempo days, speed days, races, really any runs. The ones I use most would be “light, float, effortless,” and “Tokyo 2020.” One to keep me relaxed and another to keep me driven! George Etzweiler “Can’t Stop Running” p.82 I don’t feel unmotivated to run, and I don’t have many tough days because I run with my friends. If I was out there alone,…

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what we’re running

MOLLY RITTERBECK HEALTH & FITNESS DIRECTOR WORLD’S BIGGEST FAN OF THE SEXY-PACE RUN 1 / Skratch Labs Sport Recovery Drink Mix Chocolate $32.50 I can’t handle protein powder that tastes like chalk. This one is as creamy and delicious as a cold glass of chocolate milk, but it contains an optimal 4-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein to replenish tired muscles. The best part: I can actually pronounce all the ingredients, but it is high in sugar, so I only use it immediately after my longest and hardest workouts. 2 / Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 $32 Is there anything worse than the blinding sting of suncreen in your eyes midrun? Yes: sunscreen that leaves a milky white cast on your skin before blinding you. Thankfully, this one does none of that, due to its lightweight,…

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what we’re running

DAN ROE TEST EDITOR // MAN SEEKING NEW ACHILLES — DM FOR DETAILS 1 / Krewe Ferris Sunglasses $195 I don’t take running that seriously nowadays, so I don’t dig sporty, wraparound shades that make me look like I’m training for a PR. These oversized, Wayfarer-esque sunglasses look good postrun and fit comfortably loose on my face, yet stay in place when I sweat. 2 / Garmin Forerunner 935 $500 I’m pretty analog, so the training status and biomechanical features are overkill, but I like that I can run for a week between charges. It finds a signal fast and wearing it tells people I’m a runner, which is close enough to having a personality. 3 / Iron Mike Tank Sold Out I bought this years ago with no intention of running in it. But when my…

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the inside lane

BEING THE SHOE NERD that I am, our September issue is one of my favorites each year. In this issue, you’ll again find our Fall Shoe Guide, which features 30 of the best road and trail shoes just released. It’s a real treat watching this guide come together, because there’s so much sweat put in by our staff and the nearly 300 local runners who hit the pavement and singletrack all spring and summer—we tested 78 models to help you find the next pair you’ll love. The process has also helped me dial in what shoe I’ll wear when I race the Chicago Marathon this fall. Years ago, I would have reached for the lightest shoe possible, but I’ve learned the value of extra cushioning for 26.2 miles—even if it means…

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the test zone

Territory Run Co. The Long Haul Cap / $32 This hat was out of stock for a while—sad times. When I was finally able to snag one, I busted it out for a run at high noon. The brim is pretty wide and flat, which you’d think would look ridiculous on someone with a small head, like me. But it works. I love the smooth mesh that makes up most of the hat—it’s super soft, super light, and helps keep my head cool. —Amy Wolff Montane Allez Micro Hoodie / $100 If you run on trails in the mountains, you’ll want to bring along extra layers as early as September. This thin, lightweight hoodie is breathable enough to keep wearing when temperatures rise, and its deep half-length zipper gives you plenty of temperature control.…

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pain cream smackdown

The FeelGood Lab Sports Recovery Lotion 3.4 fl. oz. / $26 VS IcyHot Pain Relieving Cream 3 fl. oz. / $9 FEELGOOD LAB TEST NOTES: This stuff comes on aggressively cool—feels like more than the “minimum effective dose.” And no, I didn’t grab the wrong bottle and accidentally put some on my face. It seemed to calm my twitchy, inflamed calves, for about an hour. ICYHOT TEST NOTES: IcyHot feels more subtle at first, like it’s not working as hard. But after the initial cooling, the warm, soothing sensation is similarly therapeutic. After an hour, I feel equally recovered. HEAD-TO-HEAD TEST: I’d stage a blind test, but IcyHot feels warm and the FeelGood Lab cream doesn’t. So I slathered one on each leg. Both give me modest relief, but neither is long-term. The FeelGood Lab cream…