Running for Beginners

Running for Beginners 7th Revised Edition

As one of the cheapest and easiest way to get fit, there's no mystery around why you want to take up running. However, it can be hard to keep up, and you want to make sure you're doing it safely to achieve the best results. With this book, we teach you all the basics and give you the vital advice you need to make sure you're getting the most out of your new healthy hobby. Featuring: Getting started - What to know before you strap on those trainers Health & fitness - Running is a great activity to maintain a good health and weight - here are the essential tips to become a healthy runner Training - You might have a specific goal in mind, like a 5k or even a marathon, and we'll help you achieve it with our training plans Racing - Want to put your running to the test? Learn how to prepare for your first race

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3 min
essential kit

As a new runner, it can be overwhelming to see the sheer number of clothing, trainers and gadgets being pushed at runners. However, one of the joys of running, is that you can get started with just a few essentials, making it a cheap and accessible sport. The most important item you will need, and should justify spending a bit of money on, is trainers. A decent high-quality pair of specially designed running shoes will last you a few hundred miles and make sure you are running safely without the risk of injury. Check out our guide to the best trainers around on page 126 in this book. When embarking on a new hobby, don’t rush out and waste money on high-end articles that you just won’t need. Buying a few essential…

4 min
warming up and cooling down

Warming up your muscles before a workout is essential to staying a happy, healthy runner. Before partaking in any form of physical activity, you should always remember to limber up. If you rush into a workout, it’s likely that you will pull a muscle, and without an adequate cooling-off time it will take longer to repair itself. No more than ten minutes is required for a beginner to stretch all of the appropriate areas, but when planning your weekly workouts, always factor this time in, both for warming up and cooling down. If you forget, you’ll soon notice when you wake up the next day with sore, aching muscles. Dynamic stretches are considered to be more effective than static ones, as they loosen everything up, removing stiffness quicker. Even after warming up,…

6 min
fit running into your life

Taking up any new hobby means that you’ll need to find some time to do it in your no-doubt already busy schedule. If it starts becoming too hard to fit in, then you will skip runs and ultimately quit – which you will regret. It may already be a tough juggling act to achieve the perfect balance of work and play, but try not to look at running as a chore, or something you ‘have’ to do. Cleverly incorporating it into your daily life will mean it can be a relaxing, peaceful time spent on your own or with a group of like-minded running folk. When to run You may see running as a way to lose weight, for example, but it is also a great stress reliever. To ensure fitting in your…

6 min
running communities

Running can be quite a solitary sport, but the running community as a whole is thriving. Running clubs are a great way to meet fellow runners and make new friends, and there is bound to be at least one club near you. However, you might not be able to commit to a running club, or you might not feel ready to go out running with others, so luckily there is a huge online running presence too. There are a lot of benefits to being part of an online running community. When you are first starting out, you are likely to have a lot of questions and it is good to have someone to ask. If you are injured, then knowing that there are fellow runners who will guide you through can…

15 min
the benefits of running

Any form of physical exercise will help to improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing when performed on a regular basis. Having made the decision to start running regularly, it pays to know exactly what good you are doing for your mind and body, as this will help you to stay motivated and ensure your long-term fitness. Running is the perfect sport to take up, whatever your reasons for doing so. It is cheap and easy to get started; all you need is some sports gear and a pair of trainers, and the world is your oyster. You can start running at any time, anywhere; alone or with friends; with the dog and over the fields; on the road or around the park. It fits into your daily schedule no matter how…

2 min
are you fit to run?

The first thing you must do before embarking on running as a lifestyle choice is to speak to a health professional, and make sure you feel 100 per cent fit, healthy and prepared with all the best advice possible. Running puts a lot of pressure on your body, and is physically demanding, especially when you’re just starting out, so be very aware of any niggling pains that crop up. If you have any health conditions that may affect your running, such as pregnancy, being over- or underweight, heart troubles, high blood pressure or diabetes, always speak to your GP for advice before embarking on a training program. Devising a running training plan will differ depending on what your reasons for running are. The biggest motivation is weight loss, and choosing a training…