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Spring 2022

Sew News magazine is a complete resource for sewers of all skill levels. Each issue of Sew News magazine is packed with practical sewing information, how-to guides and the latest on fashion, fabrics, books and new products.

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DEAR READERS, Bring on spring! And all the pattern hacking! That’s right: This issue is dedicated to pattern hacking. Because what is sewing, if not a chance to make your garments 100% custom ... and 100% you. No matter where you are in your hacking journey (isn’t everything a journey these days?), we’ve got something for you in this issue. Start simple, then add in difficulty as your skills improve. • Add special lace godets to the sleeve of a favorite blouse pattern on page 49. • Make the most of a favorite camp shirt pattern with three totally different looks on page 44. • Customize a favorite knit jumpsuit with dramatic flared legs with Bandana Bonanza on page 60. • Create a button placket on a romantic fitted blouse; find out how on page 64. • Hack…

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reader tips for easy spring sewing!

ZIPPER SLIP To revitalize a sticky zipper, rub the closed teeth with the stub of a used white candle. Once the teeth are coated, unzip and zip a few times to distribute the wax. Your zipper will open and close like new. Kate, Facebook PAINTER’S TAPE IN A PINCH! Use painter’s tape to copy clothing you already have. Outline the pattern shapes in tape, peel the tape off, and stick it to pattern paper. Don’t forget to add seam allowance! Robin, Facebook HEALTHY HEALER Maintain a healthy self-healing cutting mat by soaking it in a tub of 1/4 c. of vinegar per gallon of water. Rinse off and pat dry. Sheila, Facebook THREAD BETTER If you can’t find thread that matches your fabric precisely, go a shade darker. It’s less noticeable than lighter thread. Anne, Facebook I USE THIS TIP ALL THE…

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staff picks

1. When you feel like you need a break from garment sewing, why not try your hand at jewelry making? This Bracelet Maker by Clover makes it so easy to create fabulous and trendy bracelet designs using a variety of decorative yarns, threads, and beads. This is perfect for those makers who are intimidated by accessory making with excessive hardware, and, best of all, you can match your threads to your fabrics. Handy instructions for different knot techniques are also included! 2. Many items in our studio and home have a charging station, but did you ever think that your sewing iron could essentially be cordless? The Panasonic QL1000 Iron is packed with advanced features like 360° freestyle ironing with precision tips (yes, two tips!) that are covered with powerful…

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you can hack it on

Want to learn more about pattern hacking? Continue your journey online, with us! Scan the QR code to head to for inspiration, how-tos, and full hack tutorials for some of your favorite independent patterns. Shell Chic If you have the Antero Shell by Sew News already, or another boxy woven tee pattern, check out the Style Revive: Antero Shell Hacks video and follow along as Meg hacks this top into a wrap, a dress, ruffle sleeves, a blocked tank, and more! Want to do even more with this pattern? Piece the front and back with coordinating scraps. Amanda shows you how! Blouse Power The Up in Arms Blouse by Sew News is another fan favorite pattern! On the blog, you’ll find info on how to hack this pattern seven ways. In addition to the…

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rachael gilbert-burns of @minimalmachinist

Rachael Gilbert-Burns lives in Cumbria with her husband and two children. She is a software engineer for museums and cultural institutions and brings her technical skills from her day job into her sewing practice. Rachael loves the minimalist aesthetic and strives to learn more about fitting and sewing technique with each garment she produces. She enjoys testing new technology and uses a projector beamed onto her cutting table for her pattern cutting and digitizing. Rachael also uses vector software for her pattern adjustments and hacking and documents her process. Very much a community-oriented maker, Rachael loves to contribute and facilitate conversations around all things making. Sew News: What’s your favorite way to decompress? Rachael Gilbert-Burns: I like to decompress by taking a walk in nature and collecting the things I find. I…

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pleat primer

PLEAT TYPES Knife pleats have all the folds pressed in one direction. Knife pleats have a 3:1 ratio: 3" of fabric creates a 1" finished pleat. To space knife pleats, draw a foldline along the fabric right side, and then draw a placement line 2" from the foldline. Draw a second foldline 1" from the placement line. Draw a second placement line 2" from the second foldline. Continue drawing foldlines and placement lines until the desired fabric length is marked (1). Fold the fabric along the first foldline with wrong sides together. Align the folded edge with the placement line; pin (2). Repeat to pleat the remaining fabric. Baste the pleats in place along the upper edges. Box pleats have two folds that face away from each other and underfolds that meet at the…