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June 3, 2019

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stacy haiduk dishes about days return

“When I left DAYS, they told me they were going to have me back,” recounts Stacy Haiduk (Kristen), who was absolutely delighted. “Then July went by, and August went by, and September went by. I went, ‘Oh, my God! It’s not going to happen.’ ”Her second thought? “ ‘I can’t Uber again,’ ” says Haiduk, who had previously worked as a driver for the ride service during an acting dry spell. Fortunately, Haiduk didn’t have to. While waiting for the call to come about returning to DAYS, “I got this little movie,” she notes. “It’s called NO PLACE LIKE HOME, and it’s with Kelly Kruger [ex-Mac, Y&R] and Christopher Sean [ex-Paul, DAYS].”While on the movie set, Haiduk continued to think about DAYS. “I literally prayed to the universe,” she relays.…

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rebecca budig back to gh

Rebecca Budig, who played the role of Hayden from 2015-17, is slated to return to Port Charles this summer.The actress tells Digest exclusively, “At the end of April, I got a text from [Casting Director] Mark Teschner, and then a phone call from Frank [Valentini, executive producer]. I was very surprised and I’ll be honest, a little trepidatious,” given the abrupt end to her previous stint on the show.When the show made it clear that they wanted her back, “It was a very nice feeling and very flattering to know that they could see the potential story for Hayden and Finn. I think there is a lot left untold there, and there’s a lot of story to mine. And not just with the baby” — when Hayden left town, she…

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days: nicole is kristen!

A drunken Maggie shows up at “Nicole’s” hotel room and is stunned when she comes face to face with Kristen. “Xander and Kristen were talking about their plan, and he was not being very nice to her,” says Stacy Haiduk (Kristen). “He runs out, and she gets really pissed off. A few seconds later, there’s a knock on the door, and Kristen thinks it’s Xander. So she opens the door to yell at him, and Maggie is standing there.”The two women stare at each other in shock. “Kristen’s like, ‘Oh, s**t!’ ” chuckles Haiduk. “She’s panicked and thinking, ‘How do I get out of this?’ She slams the door in Maggie’s face and puts the Nicole mask back on. Then she reopens the door like nothing is wrong.”A confused Maggie…

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y&r’s adam wants custody of christian

Adam informs Nick and Victoria that he has no interest in returning to Newman Enterprises, which Vicky is relieved to hear. Adam then offers to leave Genoa City so he can search for Chelsea and Connor but he has two conditions: He wants $500 million and custody of Christian.“This is almost laughable to Nick,” says his portrayer, Joshua Morrow. “It’s certainly not a funny situation, but Adam is everything Nick expected … but worse. Victor has been trying to convince Nick that there’s nothing devious going on with Adam and that him being back in Genoa City is a good thing, but Nick never believed it. Now it’s become Nick’s worst fear, because Adam wants custody of his son.”The next day, Nick gives Adam his answer. Not surprisingly, it’s a…

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gh: alexis learns of kristina’s betrayal

While Sam and Jason’s plan to get leverage over Shiloh comes to a head, Kristina is nursing major concern over the loyalty pledge she delivered to the cult leader, revealing a damning secret about Alexis.“Here she is on the mend, trying to get her life back together, trying to feel strong, but that pledge being in Shiloh’s possession is filling her with anxiety, dread and guilt,” says Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman of Kristina’s predicament. Alexis is also quite nervous, awaiting word from Sam about whether she and Jason have successfully neutralized Shiloh. “She knows that there is a plan; she does not know just how deep in danger Sam has been willing to put herself,” the scribe explains. “Nonetheless, she knows Sam, and she can’t imagine that Sam is up…

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b&b: thomas’s plan is successful

Thomas is victorious in his quest to win Hope when Hope tells Liam that even though she still loves him, she has chosen to become a mother to Thomas’s son, Douglas. Liam does not take the news well and confronts his rival. “Liam comes and tries to stake his claim and says, ‘This is my wife. Stay out of our lives,’ to which Thomas responds, ‘Thanks but no thanks,’” chuckles Matthew Atkinson (Thomas). “Even though we’re talking about completely rearranging people’s lives, the way Thomas looks at it is everything is in chaos now, and calmness needs to occur. This is the best thing for everyone. That throws Liam off-balance. Liam came in thinking, ‘We’re going to have it out and Thomas will leave everyone alone,’ and when he gets…