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August 26, 2019

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leann hunley on days return

“It was a sweet little Christmas present,” says Leann Hunley, describing what it was like receiving the phone call to return to DAYS as Anna DiMera in late 2018. “It was toward the end of the year and I was heading home [to Washington state] for Christmas in a week or so. It was something to look forward to after the holiday, knowing when I got back to L.A. that I would have a little bit of story to go to.” The icing on the cake was learning what that story entailed. “It was also really great news that I was going to be working with Thaao [Penghlis] playing Tony,” adds Hunley. “That’s a story that I’ve missed. I’ve come back a few times, but it’s always been with Andre. So…

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mark lawson on gh gig

Mark Lawson, ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s ex-Brody, has a new daytime identity: GH’s charming Dustin, who Maxie hopes will lift Lulu’s Dante-darkened spirits. He says the job “kind of just came about from staying in touch with Frank [Valentini, executive producer, his former OLTL boss] and Frank bringing me in a few times for screen tests for other roles. This came along, they offered it to me and I was very, very happy to get it. I had auditioned for a few of the other shows; I went in for Y&R and DAYS, but it didn’t seem to be the right fit.” When he got GH’s offer, Lawson reports, “I immediately said yes — and then I was like, ‘Oh, no! What have I done?’ Because I started to recall what that…

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days: john unmasks kristen

The walls start closing in on “Nicole” as more people begin to suspect that she’s really Kristen. After a tussle with Gabi in which Gabi discovers the truth, Stefan shows up. “He’s shocked to see Kristen alive,” says Stacy Haiduk (Kristen). Stefan races to Gabi’s aid and tries to stop Kristen from finishing Gabi off. “Kristen is in this position of, ‘What do I do now?’ She ends up knocking Stefan out, as well,” explains Haiduk. “Then, she drags him and Gabi to the secret room and locks them in there.” Kristen puts on her mask and slips back into “Nicole” mode so she can meet up with Brady. “She’s a little frazzled and frustrated because she’s still thinking about what she’s going to do with Gabi and Stefan,” shares the actress,…

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y&r: rey and lola’s dad crashes her wedding

After Kyle and Lola are officially married, Celeste alerts Rey that his father, Adrian, is lurking nearby. “Celeste worries that Adrian’s presence will cause major drama, so she makes the decision to keep his arrival secret from Lola,” says Head Writer Josh Griffith. “Rey is furious that Adrian has crashed his sister’s wedding. He cannot believe that Adrian ignored Lola’s wishes and picked the most important day of her life as an opportunity to resurface and try to make amends with the family.” Rey angrily confronts his dad and orders him to leave. Adrian maintains a cordial demeanor as he insists he hasn’t come to cause trouble. “Rey has not seen Adrian in many years,” Griffith explains. “Rey’s anger is a result of a lifetime of hurt feelings that he has…

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gh preview: port charles reels from franco’s transformation

There is plenty of heart-break and confusion to go around in the wake of the procedure that has replaced Franco’s memories with Drew’s. “Everybody in Port Charles is reacting to a complete and total mind-bender,” begins Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten. “There is nothing Franco-ish left about this guy save for the skin, the face, the sound of his voice; everything else reads like he has been possessed, in a way. So the first hurdle that everybody has to get over is that this is real, this has been done, this horrible violation has been perpetrated on Franco. That is a giant leap for these people, and it will continue to be a problem for people like Elizabeth and Scott, and Jason and Sam and a whole host of others, that…

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b&b: hope and flo face off

Now that the truth is out about baby Beth, Flo tries to make things right with Hope. “Flo is super-relieved that Hope knows,” states Katrina Bowden (Flo). “Flo goes to her cousin to talk to her. She wants to tell Hope how sorry she is, and how she wishes she had never gotten involved in this whole mess in the first place.” When the cousins come face to face, the tension is palpable. “Hope is not pleased to see Flo,” Bowden notes. “Flo is very apologetic and she asks Hope if there is any way that she can possibly forgive her — even though Flo knows there probably isn’t any chance of that. But Flo needs to do this. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she didn’t at…