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September 2019

Sound On Sound is the world's best recording technology magazine, packed full of in-depth, independent product tests, including music software, studio hardware, keyboards and live sound (PA) gear. Every issue also includes SOS's unique step-by-step tutorial and technique columns on all the leading DAW programs, as well as insightful interviews with leading producers, engineers and musicians.

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thanks for the memory

“We are constantly being told that decluttering helps lead to a happier life, and I’m definitely of the opinion that this would be true with sample libraries.” I’ve had a couple of sample-based instruments to review lately, and both have weighed in at over 50 gigabytes each. Given my non-spectacular Internet speeds this has meant leaving the studio powered up all night just to get the download. Some downloads will at least pick up where they left off if your Internet drops out, but others require you to go right back to the start. Equally challenging is the process of finding drive space to store them all, which got me wondering why these things have to be so big. My first experience of samplers was with the early Akai S-series instruments, which…

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sound on sound usa

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making waves: abbey road studio 3

Waves’ Abbey Road Studio 3 plug-in is a monitoring tool that accepts audio from your DAW in stereo or 5.1 or 7.1 surround and outputs two-channel binaural audio. Waves claim it sounds exactly as though you’re sitting in the sweet spot by the SSL 9000J console in the control room of the legendary Studio 3. You have a choice of virtually monitoring through three speaker systems, which the plug-in simply labels ‘near’, ‘mid’ and ‘far’ but which are based on measurements taken of the three monitoring systems most commonly used in the Studio 3 control room: respectively, a pair of ATC SCM25 nearfields, B&W 800D speakers in a switchable 5.1 or 7.1 configuration, and Studio 3’s famous Quested Q412 system. A monitoring aid rather than a mixing plug-in, Abbey Road…

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jam today: new guitar controllers from zivix & rnd64

You wait ages for a MIDI guitar controller, and then two similarly named ones come along at once. Well, not quite — one has in fact been around for a few months — but what is unusual is that news of both of them came to the attention of SOS within days of each other. Zivix were interviewed by SOS at the Summer NAMM show about their original Jamstik MIDI Guitar in 2014 (see https://youtu.be/Gl_UGpxKJ34), but they skipped this year’s Nashville show because they were working on its successor, the Jamstik Studio (top right). Unlike the original 17-inch Jamstik, the new model is a portable MIDI guitar with an internal rechargeable battery about three-quarters of the size of a traditional electric — the fretboard is a standard length (25.5 inches,…

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erica synths bring more modular

The Summer can be a quiet time for product launches, but Latvian synthsmiths Erica have been busy working on several new modules and updates, some of which the SOS team first saw at the Berlin Superbooth in May (see the video we shot there with Erica’s Girt at https://youtu.be/8OZnIHewj0Q). Most of the new modules are in Erica’s shallow-depth, compact Pico format of just 3HP per module. There’s an analogue Pico LFO/Sample & Hold unit (€96.80), a three-input DC-coupled Pico mixer module for mixing CV and audio signals (€60.5), an all-analogue combined four-step sequencer and waveshaper with adjustable sequence length (€90.75), a Pico analogue 4092-stage bucket-brigade delay (BBD) processor with up to 300ms of modulatable delay time (€139.15), and the Pico Noise, a combined white noise source, resonant VCF and a…

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a kind of magic: may meets ik

IK Multimedia haven’t gone quiet over the Summer either. Their much-awaited iLoud MTM monitors, first seen by SOS at NAMM in January (see https://youtu.be/Igx4poCBvQs), shipped in early July at $699.99 a pair, and will be reviewed in SOS next month. Set for a slightly later August release was a new edition of the company’s long-established virtual amplifier plug-in AmpliTube for PC and Mac — but this one contains something rather special. Many years in the making, and two full years in development, AmpliTube Brian May models the entire signal chain of the renowned Queen lead guitarist’s studio and live rigs, following a close collaboration between Brian May himself, his studio team, IK’s engineers, and May’s collaborator Jamie Humphries (lead guitarist on the Queen stage production We Will Rock You). Using IK’s…