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2 min.
airbnb files preliminary paperwork for public stock offering

Airbnb filed preliminary paperwork to sell company stock on Wall Street, undaunted by a global pandemic that has taken some wind out of its home-sharing business. The San Francisco company said it submitted a draft registration statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission. It kept details in the statement confidential. Airbnb said Wednesday that the number of shares in the company it plans to sell and their price hasn’t yet been determined. The timing of the IPO also hasn’t been set. Airbnb, which was founded 12 years ago, has long been expected to go public. Its CEO, Brian Chesky, told The Associated Press this summer that he was working on the IPO documents when the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. in March. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the company was close…

2 min.
weather channel app to change practices after la lawsuit

The operator of The Weather Channel mobile app has agreed to change how it informs users about its location-tracking practices and sale of personal data as part of a settlement with the Los Angeles city attorney’s office, officials. City Attorney Mike Feuer alleged in a 2019 lawsuit that app users were misled when they agreed to share their location information in exchange for personalized forecasts and alerts. Instead, the lawsuit claimed users were unaware they had surrendered personal privacy when the company sold their data to third parties. Feuer announced the settlement with the app’s operator, TWC Product and Technology LLC, and owner IBM Corp. The app’s disclosure screens were initially revised after the lawsuit was filed and future changes that will be monitored by the city attorney’s office are planned. “Users…

3 min.
american airlines will drop flights to 15 cities in october

American Airlines will drop flights to 15 smaller U.S. cities in October when a federal requirement to serve those communities ends. The airline blamed low demand during the coronavirus pandemic, which has triggered a massive slump in air travel. Airlines and their labor unions are seeking billions in taxpayer relief. American said its schedule covering Oct. 7 through Nov. 3 will drop flights to cities including Sioux City, Iowa; New Haven, Connecticut; and Springfield, Illinois. “This is the first step as American continues to evaluate its network and plans for additional schedule changes in the coming weeks,”the airline said in a prepared statement. A massive pandemic-relief measure approved in March set aside up to $50 billion in cash and low-interest loans for the nation’s passenger airlines. American was the largest recipient — $10.7 billion…

4 min.
q&a: california’s new electricity-blackout challenge

As if the pandemic and economic recession weren’t bad enough, millions of Californians now face recurring threats of abrupt blackouts during a heat wave in the nation’s most populous state. California’s Independent System Operator, a nonprofit agency that manages the state’s power supply, ordered utilities to impose temporary blackouts for the first time in 19 years last Friday and did so again Saturday, pulling the plug on hundreds of thousands of customers for one to two hours. The specter of so-called “rolling outages” have loomed as a possibility every day since, and were narrowly averted Monday evening after “stunning” conservation efforts, according to ISO president Steve Berberich. Conservation helped avoid threatened outages again Tuesday and may be needed again Wednesday to keep the power running. Temperatures are finally supposed to ease Thursday,…

5 min.
pandemic pushes expansion of ‘hospital-at-home’ treatment

As hospitals care for people with COVID-19 and try to keep others from catching the virus, more patients are opting to be treated where they feel safest: at home. Across the U.S., “hospital at home” programs are taking off amid the pandemic, thanks to communications technology, portable medical equipment and teams of doctors, nurses, X-ray techs and paramedics. That’s reducing strains on medical centers and easing patients’ fears. The programs represent a small slice of the roughly 35 million U.S. hospitalizations each year, but they are growing fast with boosts from Medicare and private health insurers. Like telemedicine, the concept stands to become more popular with consumers hooked on home delivery and other Internet-connected conveniences. Eligible patients typically are acutely ill with — but don’t need round-the-clock intensive care for — common conditions including…

5 min.
rise in jobless claims reflects still-struggling us economy

The coronavirus recession struck swiftly and violently. Now, with the economy still in the grip of the pandemic five months later, the recovery looks fitful and uneven — and painfully slow. The latest evidence came Thursday with the government’s report that the number of workers seeking U.S. unemployment benefits rose back above 1 million last week after two weeks of declines. At the same time, a regional manufacturing index grew more slowly in August than in July. Employers are advertising fewer job openings with unemployment still in double digits. And many businesses and consumers remain paralyzed by uncertainty and restricted by lockdowns. Until the pandemic can defeated, most experts agree, any recovery is destined to remain weak. The latest figures, released Thursday by the Labor Department, suggest that employers are still slashing jobs despite…