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Turkey & Turkey Hunting Spring 2017


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a special place

The gobble was faint but distinct, carried on a gentle breeze wafting across a rocky ridge a couple hundred feet or so above me. I turned and faced the steep incline, working up the gumption to take the first step. “Stairway to Heaven,” my brother Tony called this sheer, rock-strewn slope because it leads to a long, narrow meadow that runs the length of the ridgetop. I had scaled it before and had a pretty good idea where I’d find the tom once I got up there — even though he’d become tight-lipped. An hour earlier, Tony and I had clawed and scratched our way down into the deep box canyon — a jagged wound that cut through miles of Black Hills public land turkey utopia. The ridge jutted out from…

7 min.
turkey harvest on the uptick in several key states

Vermont Nears Record Harvest in 2016: Turkey hunters in the Green Mountain State had a good year in 2016, according to harvest data compiled by the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife. During the spring and fall seasons, hunters killed a total of 6,798 turkeys. The department’s wild turkey project leader, Amy Alfieri, said in a news release that the 2016 total fell just shy of the state’s record harvest of 6,970 in 2013. Alfieri said a mild winter in 2015-2016 and normal reproduction over the past couple of years contributed to the healthy 2016 harvest. Vermont Fish and Wildlife officials estimate the state’s wild turkey population is between 45,000 to 60,000 birds. For more information, visit www.vtfishandwildlife.com. South Carolina Turkey Harvest Jumps 10 Percent in 2016: Approximately 50,000 turkey hunters take…

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birds of a feather

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turkey talk: what are spurs made of?

Talk with any turkey hunter about a big bird and chances are good the conversation will veer toward discussion about the length of the beard and spurs. Both are identifying characteristics of the male turkey in each subspecies. Hunters use the length of spurs and beards as measuring sticks for age and records. The NWTF World Record Eastern gobbler, killed by Justin Lucas of Georgia, had 1.1875-inch spurs. Those are only good for 21st in the records, but the 10 beards on his bird and overall weight, along with spur length, led to the record. Spurs on birds killed by Blake Ficker (Indiana), James E. Lewis (Kentucky), William Scarbrough (Tennessee) and Bill Wynn (Iowa), also all in the NWTF records, were 2.25 inches each. Male and female turkeys are born with…

10 min.
every single minute

“Suddenly, there’s this damned turkey in your face, and you haven’t thought about what to do. And you’re woefully unprepared.” When he gobbled at a distant crow, he was 20 yards away. Maybe closer. I’ll never know exactly, because when that gobbler’s booming yodel spun my hat around, I was 15 feet from the nearest tree, and my brain instantly turned to jelly. Instead of doing what I should have done — either moving silently 30 yards back down the trail and setting up or, even better, stopping in my tracks, standing still and pointing my gun at the rumbling sound of his drumming, which I could now hear plainly — I tried to make it to the nearest tree. Bad mistake. The problem was the leaves. I’d been moseying along a well-packed hiking…

10 min.
open-country quandaries

“If you haven’t had a run in with a gobbler that prefers the wide open as opposed to sulking in cover, get ready because your time is due to tango with a gobbler that prefers a room with a view.” I had run into open-country-loving toms many times before, but that was in my Great Plains’ backyard of South Dakota where “Little House on the Prairie” was only shadowed by Mount Rushmore. This Missouri gobbler must have migrated south, though, because it was utilizing the same littlehouse strategy of staying in an open pasture all day for the best in surveillance security. Turkeys adapt survival strategies by mixing instinct and experience, and somewhere in its history this Show-Me State gobbler discovered the safety factor provided by wide-open spaces. Two days of trying…