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Issue 441

Unique Cars is Australia's premier magazine and marketplace for special interest, classic, collectible and performance cars. A veritable showcase of Australia's finest vintage, classic, sports, modified and luxury cars. With classic, luxury and performance car reviews (new and used), specialist car and club events as well as over 1000 cars for sale in gloss colour. Unique Cars is both a window shopper and buyer's dream. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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why hurry?

THERE ARE days when it would make sense to have a livein fleet manager, and a mechanic. Perhaps two of the latter. Then they could keep track of where the hell eveything is and what we’re up to. And whether we really are in a rush for something. The way things are around Chateau Guido, there are usually at least a couple of projects on the go – at least one car and one motorcycle. Though if we’re talking a bad week, that number can rise exponentially when they gang up on their owner and decide to break faster than you can fix them. For example, with the rapid onset of winter in the southern states, it did seem like we were propping up the entire automotive battery industry single-handed. You might…

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brabham delivers #1

ECONOMIC AND Covid issues aside, Brabham Automotive says it has delivered its first BT62 customer car, a major milestone in an effort that has weathered a gestation period of several years. Led by David Brabham, the effort is concentrated around the one model for the time being, very much a track-focussed car that stacks up as something that might comfortably lead a GT3 pack, in its current form. That form is a under-1000kg package that is said to produce 12ookg of downforce at 270km/h. It’s powered by a bespoke normally aspirated V8, based on a Ford block and claiming 522kW (700hp). It drives through a sixspeed sequential Hollinger transmission. The company says, “The BT62 is limited to seventy vehicles, with each vehicle meticulously hand-built to order, enhancing the exclusivity for customers. “The customer engagement process…

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new rules for aussies?

THE ROSCO McGlashan Aussie Invader land speed record team is seeking a change to the rules governing these records, on the basis they were written decades ago and don’t address the current technology. Regs covering these events are adminstered by the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile, which has been doing it for 85 years. “It may be time for a rethink. Logic tells me these rules were written for a long time ago,” said Mark Read, the team’s media director. “Cars are now looking at speeds around 700-800 mph faster than those records set 100-plus years ago,” Read wrote in a letter to the Federation letter. “The Aussie Invader team is building a car to reach a speed of a 1000mph (1610km/h). With the current rules of two passes over the same measured mile,…

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spotted this month

SEEN SOMETHING? Send to. Get your smartphones out and share what you've seen on our Facebook page. The best entries will end up right here. MIGHTY MONARO On my first drive out of hibernation, I spotted this stunner driven by a happy couple. That's love there. SAM MORALES- WYE RIVER, VIC PONTIAC POTENTIAL It's not too often you stumble on a project Pontiac Firebird down a side street. Checkout the Val too! TROY TRIMBOLI- TOWNSVILLE, QLD CALIBRA LAUNCHPAD When was the last time you saw a Calibra? Wearing some scars from the Hot4s/Fast Fours days, but it lives! MARTY LEE- BAROOGA, NSW FAIRMONT FAMILY Sheepskins and original B&W Vic rego plates, this XR Fairmont was my defintion of a survivor. What a beauty! DOMINIC SANT- COLLINGWOOD, VIC…

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bentley l v8 retires

AFTER AN extraordinary run of 61 years, Bentley is retiring its L-series V8, a design debuted in 1959 and then shared with Rolls-Royce. It launched with the S2 saloon and contemporary Continental, at the time providing 180hp, which the company then described as “adequate”. The then new design had been required with the growing demands for airconditioning and power steering, in addition to shunting a fairly hefty car. Displacing 6230cc, it ran aluminium block and heads, overhead valves and a compression ratio of 8:1 and was fed by twin carburettors. Typical of the breed, it was a fairly understressed unit. By the time of its retirement, it had grown to be known as the 6 and three-quarter powerplant (thanks to a capacity increase in 1971) and had sprouted first one then two turbos.…

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auction action

Block Party WHAT'S MOVIN' AND SHAKIN' NISSAN SKYLINE SILHOUETTE R31 The popularity of Aussie-built 1980s cars has soared in recent years and the market has reflected that with premium prices paid for local performance heroes. The Nissan Skyline R31 Silhouette was often overlooked in favour of the upmarket SVD models but has proved its popularity with its shared body styling and own unique characteristics. Powered by the RB30 six, and well equipped with disc brakes and bucket seats, they would make a reliable weekender. Hunt for a standard car and you could own one in the $5-15k range. 1977 PONTIAC FIREBIRD TRANS AM AS IF you needed even more proof that celebtrity sells – this Trans Am went for a good four to five times what a really nice one is worth at USA…