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the great anti-antivirus debate

Web User has never shied away from controversy. Over the years, we’ve covered such thorny issues as ‘Why you don’t need Windows 8’, ‘Don’t renew your TV licence’ and ‘Stop using Google’, and I hope we’ve had some fun along the way. In this issue’s cover feature, we tackle another contentious topic: do you still need antivirus software to protect your PC and phone? Your response may be: “of course you do, you blithering idiots, or you’ll get infected with all sorts of malware”. But hear us out (and steady on, there). While online security threats are undoubtedly getting worse, built-in protection against them has become much better, across our browsers, operating systems and app stores. But is this enough to replace traditional paid-for antivirus? We look at both sides of…

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blur your background in a skype call

Ever looked over your shoulder while making a video call, worried that there might be something (or someone) embarrassing behind you? If so, you’ll love Skype’s new background-blur feature, which ensures the focus is entirely on the caller rather than anything else in the room. Available in version 8 of Skype for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and version 14 for Windows 10, it’s activated by hovering your mouse over the Video icon at the bottom of the screen, then toggling the button Blur My Background. At that point, anything behind you is obscured, with artificial intelligence tracking your body so you don’t disappear in the haze. Another new feature in the VoIP service is real-time subtitling for audio and video calls for people who are deaf or hard of hearing (click…

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what’s new online

Try the world’s first browser bit.ly/browser470 It’s 30 years this month since Tim Berners-Lee proposed the global hypertext system that led to the creation of the world wide web and, to celebrate, CERN has commissioned a recreation of the first ever browser. Called WorldWideWeb and later renamed Nexus, it was the go-to option for early web pioneers until 1994, created using Objective-C during the second half of 1990. Brought back to life in JavaScript, it’s completely different to modern browsers, not least because of its distinct lack of colour. Primary navigation is via a left-hand menu, which lets you launch text-only web pages, and clicking links opens them in new windows. Interestingly, there were only 26 HTML tags back then, among them the now unfamiliar HP1, HP2 and HP3, which were used to…

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new voice commands

Hone your trivia knowledge HQ Trivia now lets you practise between live games using Google Assistant. Say, “OK Google, get me ready for HQ” and you’ll be asked 12 questions by HQ University. Clean your teeth properly Activate the Tooth Brushing Timer in iOS Shortcuts to ensure you’re cleaning your gnashers for the right amount of time. Ask Siri to trigger a countdown, then apply toothpaste. Sing nursery rhymes Say, “Alexa, start Kids Karaoke” for a list of 10 nursery rhymes to sing along to. Each upbeat tune comes in two versions: one with vocals, one instrumental.…

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need to know

‘Digital gangster’ Facebook faces government regulation What happened? After an 18-month investigation, a parliamentary committee has finally released its full report on Facebook and is calling for regulation of the social network. The report was meant to focus on fake news and disinformation, but ultimately covered a wider range of concerns, ranging from privacy invasion to political disruption. The ‘Disinformation and fake news’ document – available to read online at bit.ly/facebook470 – lists Facebook’s major missteps, from the Cambridge Analytica scandal to accusations that the social network was “willing to override” users’ privacy settings to hand data to third parties. Political advertising and marketing was of particular concern in the wake of the EU Referendum campaign, as was the spread of foreign propaganda and influence on British political affairs. With that in mind, the…

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is microsoft developing a foldable laptop?

Name any top technology firm and the chances are that it’s rumoured to be working on a foldable phone or tablet. It is, after all, a tech upgrade not seen since 2007’s touchscreen revolution. Fresh leaks suggest that Microsoft may be jumping on the foldable bandwagon, with a patent titled ‘Bendable device with display in movable connection with body’ (bit.ly/ms470). Or, to put it more simply, a foldable device. In hushed tones, industry insiders have long discussed the fabled existence of a dual-screen device, codenamed Andromeda, deep within Microsoft’s Redmond HQ. This, however, appears to be an entirely separate device – and one that may even run full Windows 10. The document claims Microsoft’s foldable tech will work across “handheld devices, laptops, wearable devices and other consumer electronics”. It’s that reference to laptops…