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win the battle of the bulge

I recently bought a new laptop with a whopping 8GB of memory. Perhaps yours slams in more RAM, but considering that my old one squeaked by on a mere 1GB, I felt this was rather impressive. So I was puzzled when Windows Task Manager told me that this new machine was already guzzling more than half the available memory, as I’d only installed a few programs. The reason for this drain was that HP had ‘thoughtfully’ preinstalled such tools as Jump Start, Cool Sense and ePrint SW, while Microsoft had treated me to Groove Music, 3D Viewer, Skype and much more. Even Apple had chucked in Bonjour – to which I quickly said adieu! This unwanted ‘bloatware’ is an increasing scourge on our systems, so in this issue’s cover feature, we explain…

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what’s new online

Experience 60 years of NASA exploration Google has boldly gone where no other web giant has gone before – and the result is out of this world. It has taken 127,000 images captured by NASA since 1915 and analysed them using machine learning. The effect is a rich Arts & Culture experiment that tells the space agency’s story (and that of cosmic exploration) from multiple visual perspectives. After an animated introduction, the NASA Visual Universe project displays a host of circles, each of which contains space-related words and an indication of the number of images it includes. You can click any of these before refining your selection by selecting the ‘+’ icon and choosing supplementary topics. It’s also possible to view enlarged images and browse a series of thumbnails As if that wasn’t…

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new voice commands

Translate in real time Ask Assistant to be your interpreter (“be my [language] interpreter”) – naming one of 26 languages – and it now translates real conversations in real time. Check your Epson printer The Epson iPrint app for iOS has introduced a Siri Shortcut to the main navigation menu. You can even ask your printer how much ink is available. Tune into Pocket Casts One of the best podcast apps, Pocket Casts, can now be used with Alexa. Ask for recommendations, play your “up next” shows, say “surprise me” for a random episode and request the latest episode.…

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need to know

Google warns of security flaws in Chrome and Windows What happened? Google has warned Chrome users to update their browsers after the discovery of two ‘high severity’ zero-day vulnerabilities, which were being used by hackers to gain access to computers. The first software bug was in Chrome itself, while the second was in Windows, with Google warning that the two flaws were being used together. A zero-day vulnerability is one that’s already being used by hackers. Often, such flaws are spotted by security researchers, but Google said it had already seen these two being used by cybercriminals. The attackers use the two flaws together, taking advantage of the bug in Chrome to attack other programs. Normally, Microsoft’s operating system prevents this from happening, but a weakness in Windows 7 allows applications to interact. The…

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first look

Lenovo IdeaPad S340 bit.ly/idea471 A stand-out at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Lenovo’s new IdeaPad S340 is a smart-looking, ultra-slim laptop with surprisingly impressive specs, given its expected £550 price tag. There are two models available – take your pick between a 14in and a 15in HD display, but be aware that only the latter supports the optional touchscreen; then decide which type of processor to run and choose either an AMD Ryzen 7-powered version or a more impressive 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8565. The latter doesn’t come cheap, though, which negates the main selling points of a laptop which, according to the manufacturer, features the ‘more desirable’ higher-end computing tech. Unlike most budget laptops, the S340 feels durable and lightweight. Packed inside its Sand Pink, Onyx Black, Abyss Blue or Platinum Grey…

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what’s new on kickstarter

NRG Power Stem bit.ly/bike471 | From £160 Replace your standard bike stem – the bit that connects the handlebars to the chassis – with the NRG Power Stem, and you can charge your devices while you’re out and about. Made from toughened metal to withstand the elements, this isn’t a dynamo – you won’t have to pedal to keep your phone or cycle computer alive – but works using a rechargeable battery and a custom cable (shortened so it doesn’t get trapped in the wheels) that fits most devices. Support the project with a £5 donation or pledge £160 to receive your own NRG Power Stem.…