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this duck definitely isn’t peeking

My favourite cartoon from Gary Larson’s The Far Side series (remember that?) pictures a worried office worker who’s being spied on by a bird in the building behind him, and the caption: “Anatidaephobia: The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you”. Happily, no-one who suffers from this fictional phobia need be alarmed by this issue’s cover feature, because DuckDuckGo definitely isn’t watching you – or anything you do online. This privacy-focused search engine has been around for over a decade, but in the past year DuckDuckGo has risen to become the 30th most popular site in the UK (according to bit.ly/popular473). True, that’s still 29 places behind Google but, as we explain on page 40, DuckDuckGo has many advantages over its data-guzzling rival, aside from not storing your search…

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what’s new online

Listen to 78rpm recordings online From 1895, 78rpm gramophone records were pressed from shellac compounds – a resin secreted by the female lac bug. As time has gone by, these historic audio items have become rather brittle, so the Boston Public Library in the United States has not only digitised its vast archive of recordings to ensure they’re better preserved but has made the sound collection available for free online through the Internet Archive. This means you can listen to such great artists as Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra in your browser. The archive stretches between 1901 and 1966 and contains close to 50,000 records spanning many genres across 750 different labels. Check out old blues and jazz discs, play classic British songs by Noel Coward, Gracie Fields and Vera…

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new voice commands

Play a Harry Potter game Say “Talk to Wizarding World” and Google Assistant will ask you three Harry Potter-related questions in a new Warner Bros quiz. View videos on Apple TV The latest iOS lets you ask Siri to play a video on your Apple TV. Say “Watch [name of show] on Apple TV” and it plays the film or programme in the appropriate app. Ask what the BBC is playing If you listen to the BBC on an Alexa-enabled device, you can now say “ask what the BBC is playing” and it will tell you. You can play BBC Radio stations by uttering “Alexa, play BBC [station name]”.…

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need to know

Microsoft delays Windows 10 update to beat bugs What happened? We’re not the only ones who are tired of Microsoft’s buggy monthly updates: the software giant is changing the way it rolls out minor tweaks to Windows to avoid problems in the future. Last October, Microsoft pushed out a feature update to Windows 10 that wreaked so much havoc – including deleting user data – that the company was forced to pause the release to fix the bugs. The April before that, a similar biannual feature update caused computer crashes and reboot issues. With all that in mind, the next major update is being rolled out differently. This year’s Windows 10 Spring Update is already later than expected. Microsoft didn’t specify when it would arrive, but as the code was finished in March, it…

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first look

Google Stadia stadia.dev As we reported last issue, Google is preparing to enter the games market with Stadia, its new platform designed to take advantage of the next big leap in games: streaming. While Microsoft and Sony are said to be primed to offer full-scale games streaming on their next-generation consoles, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now is testing cloud gaming for PCs, Google is making its pitch as the new home of gaming. The firm offered a hands-on demo at this year’s Games Developer Conference. Thankfully, the Stadia experience wasn’t as bad as the name. Following on from its Project Stream experiment, when the web giant teamed up with developer Ubisoft to stream Assassin’s Creed, Google showcased the game once again in all its 1080p, 30fps glory on a Pixel Chromebook. The graphics were…