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so many apps, so little time

Browsing app stores to find something useful to install on your phone is like going to a supermarket that has dispensed with shelves and dumped everything into the aisles – without labels. You may think you’ve found the tin of baked beans you came in for, but you can’t be sure of its contents, its quality or whether it’ll infect you with something nasty. Search for ‘Wi-Fi scanner’ on Google Play, for example, and you get 250 results, all with similar names, logos and (often dubious) reviews. In this issue’s cover feature, we save you the time and hassle of sifting through endless apps by picking 50 of the best tools for your Android or iOS device. Rather than pointlessly recommending things you’ve already installed, we’ve chosen top-quality apps that you…

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what’s new online

Discover who’s watching you online Have you ever wondered exactly what information social networks, dating websites and streaming services have gathered about you? Visit VPN Mentor’s new Who’s Watching You tool and you’ll soon find out. The VPN-testing company has scoured the privacy policies of a host of tech firms, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Tidal and eBay. Click their logos to see bullet-pointed lists of everything they’re tracking – and that’s on top of any data you handed over when you signed up, including your email address and date of birth. A list of privacy functions on the left of the screen lets you filter the companies to see those that track your location, access your messages, gather information about your device and usage, and keep an eye on how…

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new voice commands

Listen to a kids’ story Google Assistant can now read stories to you. Say, “Hey Google, tell me a story” and listen to tales such as Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood. Get instant translations Going abroad? You can ask Siri to translate phrases by saying, “Hey Siri, can you translate a phrase into [language]?”, followed by the words you’d like to convert. Learn about Madagascar Through a series of interactive messages from charity WaterAid, you can set off on an audio journey to the Madagascan village of Tsarafangitra, learn phrases, hear recipes and play games. Say “open WaterAid Voices” to get started.…

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need to know

Facebook unveils new privacy features – but is it too late? What happened? Facebook used its annual F8 developer conference (www .f8.com ) to unveil a range of new features, many of which focused on privacy. The move follows a year of negative press for the company, from the Cambridge Analytica data-sharing scandal to a security breach that affected 50 million users, as well as wider concerns about the impact of social media on mental health and children. So it’s no wonder CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg started his talk at the conference with an apology: “I know that we don’t exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now, to put it lightly”. How sincere he was remains to be seen, although it didn’t help that he delivered that line while laughing. Besides…

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first look

Oppo Reno 5G bit.ly/oppo475 Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has managed to steal a march on its rivals by making the first 5G-enabled smartphone. The arrival of 5G handsets should come as no surprise to tech enthusiasts. Phone manufacturers announced their commitment to the new high-speed technology at the Mobile World Congress exhibition earlier this year, and now it seems the wait is over. Although 5G is obviously the most exciting feature on the Oppo Reno 5G, the phone isn’t a one-trick pony and will be of particular interest to avid amateur photographers. It boasts a triple-camera setup, with a main camera that offers an impressive resolution of 48-megapixels. This is complemented by a 13-megapixel ‘periscope’ camera with a telephoto lens and 10x zoom for capturing distant objects, and a 16-megapixel ‘selfie cam’ that…

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is pornhub bringing adult content back to tumblr?

Adult-content site Pornhub says it’s “extremely interested” in buying Tumblr from its current owner, US telecommunications company Verizon. Since acquiring the social network for £840 million in 2006, Verizon has struggled to turn Tumblr into a profitable business. According to the Wall Street Journal (bit.ly/verizon475), the company is now seeking a buyer for the troubled site. As you may remember, in Issue 465 (bit.ly/webuser465) we reported that Tumblr had banned so-called ‘not safe for work’ (NSFW) content, ranging from artistic nudes to blatant pornography. Verizon’s misguided attempt to make the site more advertiser-friendly by removing a core element of its appeal for users led to fans deserting the platform. That response didn’t go unnoticed by Pornhub CEO Corey Price. During a recent interview with BuzzFeed (bit.ly/ buzz475 ), Price said “Tumblr was…