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now that’s what i call spotify!

As a music-loving youngster whose pocket money only stretched to buying one 7-inch single a week, I relished the biannual release of the Now That’s What I Call Music compilations. Thirty-two recent chart hits spread across a gatefold sleeve with a picture of a pig in sunglasses, these albums were a potpourri of poptastic goodness (and Level 42). Still, they look pretty quaint now compared to the music-streaming behemoth Spotify, which gives you instant access to 40 million tracks for free – or less than the price of one CD a month, if you want to skip those annoying ads. In this issue’s cover feature, we celebrate the wonder of Spotify by digging beneath its black, white and green surface to uncover the tools and content that even Spotify addicts miss. From…

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what’s new online

Find copyright-free images online When you want to find an image to illustrate a blog post, newsletter or project, it’s easy to go to Google Images and grab a photo you like the look of. However, doing so runs the risk of breaching copyright. It’s therefore much wiser to find images that are free to use under a Creative Commons licence and, with the new search engine CC Search, you can do just that. Enter words or phrases into the search box and you’ll be able to scour 300 million images across 19 collections. They include pictures from museums, Flickr, Rawpixel, Behance and more, using open APIs and the Common Crawl dataset. In each case, you can filter by licence type and provider, and indicate whether you want to modify an image or…

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new voice commands

Discover data about you Google Assistant’s new setting helps you understand the data it uses. Launch the Assistant or Home app, go to Settings and tap Your Data In The Assistant to see commands you’ve issued and turn functions on and off. Start a healthy run Use Siri to kickstart a run in the Nike Run Club app and get running tips on your lock screen. Go to Settings and select Nike Run Club, Siri & Search, Use with Siri. Reduce your carbon footprint Say, “Alexa, give me a tip to reduce my carbon footprint” for ways to save energy and, in some cases, a bit of cash too.…

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need to know

Hackers snoop on WhatsApp users through phone calls What happened? WhatsApp has pushed out an update to its more than one billion users after revelations that hackers could gain access to smartphones simply by calling people via the messaging app. The hackers’ targets don’t even have to answer the call for the phone to be infected with the malicious code, according to reports (bit.ly/whatsapp476). The hack exploits a weakness in the app that lets the code be sent via data packets in a voice call, spreading to the rest of the device and giving attackers access to the phone’s data, camera, microphone and location. Dubbed Pegasus, the WhatsApp flaw was reportedly created and sold by an Israeli company called NSO Group that specialises in uncovering these kinds of vulnerabilities, developing such methods and allegedly…

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first look

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Foldable Tablet bit.ly/lenovo476 It was perhaps inevitable that once hardware manufacturers deemed folding smartphones possible, they would begin folding everything else. Folding TVs, anyone? Don’t bet against it. For example, Royole, the Chinese company that released its own (admittedly, not very good) folding smartphone just before Samsung, is now rumoured to be working on folding wearables. It’s in this spirit that Lenovo has unveiled the latest version of its popular ThinkPad X1 laptop – the ThinkPad X1 tablet. It’s still in its prototype stage, but although it has its faults, it gives a tantalising glimpse of where the technology is heading. The ThinkPad X1 tablet features an impressive OLED screen with 2K resolution, which measures 9.6in in the folded ‘laptop-like’ position, or 13.3in when unfolded. As it’s a prototype, we don’t…

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is netflix moving into gaming?

It’s no secret that Netflix is attending next month’s E3 – the annual video games expo in Los Angeles. The streaming service made a show of contacting E3 through its official Twitter account, requesting an invitation to gaming’s biggest event of the year, where it’s planning a discussion panel called ‘Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games’. The Twitter chat was a little too scripted for our liking – as if we’re supposed to believe that major companies can just ask for an invitation to a tightly scheduled expo at the drop of a tweet a month before the event. But could there be more to the visit? When pushed, Netflix hinted that there was more to talk about than just the new Stranger Things game, saying…