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why chrome has lost its shine

It’s always difficult to give up something you’ve become accustomed to over the years, whether it’s eating red meat, watching EastEnders or wearing a spotted cravat, so your first reaction to this issue’s cover may be “why should I?”. After all, Chrome is a perfectly good browser, with thousands of useful extensions and smart syncing abilities, so why give it up for a new browser you’re less familiar with? Well, as we explain in our feature on page 40, Chrome is no longer the trailblazing browser that arrived to save the web from Internet Explorer in 2008, but a different beast altogether – and one that shows Google’s increasing disdain for its users and third-party developers. We don’t expect you to uninstall the browser forthwith, and we won’t be scrapping the…

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what’s new online

Create stunningly realistic landscapes Can’t draw for toffee? GauGAN, a new artistic tool from Nvidia, can convert even the most rudimentary drawing into a stunning scenic masterpiece. Rather than selecting colours to paint with, you choose items from a list of environmental elements such as trees, rivers, rocks, plants, snow and sand. You then use the drawing tools to scribble on the left-hand canvas before pressing a button to see a realistic landscape appear before your eyes. The results are impressive, given that you’re armed with only a paintbrush and a filler tool. GauGAN lets you alter the brush size and uses two clever algorithms: one to make the conversion and the other to check how realistic it is (a system called a Generative Adversarial Network). GauGAN’s neural network fills in details…

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new voice commands

Get instant translations If you want to translate a word or phrase, say “Hey Google, be my [language] interpreter”, and the Assistant will ask what you want to translate. It works with nearly 30 languages. Search apps via voice The iOS 13 beta is giving users a taste of what is to come with Siri on iPhones and iPads. The app will have a new microphone icon to the right of the search bar, allowing queries to be made by voice. Listen to classic arcade sounds Say, “Alexa, open Arcade Party,” and treat your ears to the sounds of coin-operated gaming machines from 1981, 1983, 1986 and 1992.…

8 min.
you can now switch mobile provider by text message

What happened? Switching mobile providers is notoriously difficult, especially if you want to keep your phone number rather than be given a new one. Ofcom has introduced a new system that lets mobile users switch via a text message. Before now there were two ways to switch. First, you simply cancelled your existing service and signed up for a new contract, but that meant losing your phone number. To address that, Ofcom came up with the Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) system. If you wanted to switch, you needed to get the PAC from your current provider and give it to your new one. Between them, they would coordinate shifting your phone number. While the PAC system was an improvement on losing your phone number just to get a new contract, Ofcom noted that…

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first look

Kano PC bit.ly/kano479 Kano has earned a solid reputation in recent years for making products that teach kids how to build computers and write code. Now the company is moving away from its Linux-based Raspberry Pi devices to launch a laptop that runs Windows 10 S. The chunky computer features a 11.6in touchscreen tablet and fold-out keyboard that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever used an iPad keyboard case or two-in-one device, such as the Surface Go. The bold orange keys give it a child-friendly feel that’s also attractive. The device uses custom parts that – in some cases, at least – can be replaced easily if needed, which is sensible in a device for children. It’s certainly no powerhouse, though: as an entry-level DIY kit, the Kano PC runs on a quad-core…

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will microsoft’s new tablet run android apps?

There’s still no sign of Microsoft’s rumoured dual-screen device, but reports suggest that not only is it happening, but it may also run Android apps. In an interview with Forbes, Jeff Lin, Associate Director at IHS Markit, claimed that the phantom Surface will feature “two 9in screens with a 4:3 aspect ratio” (bit.ly/ surface479 ). According to his sources further along the supply chain, the foldable tablet runs a new version of Windows 10 known as Windows Core OS (WCOS), is built around an Intel Lakefield chip and has an always-on connection. Most surprising, however, is his claim that it will be able to run “Android apps and iCloud service in Windows 10”. It’s thought that the new operating system will make this possible either by streaming the apps through the cloud…