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create the ultimate merger

It’s six years since smartphones overtook PCs as the most common means of accessing the web. However, unlike DVDs wiping out VHS tapes or digital cameras usurping film ones, desktop and mobile devices aren’t mutually exclusive: we all own at least one of each and use them every day, but not in exactly the same way. PCs don’t fit easily in your pocket, after all, while phones are pretty fiddly for writing and editing magazines on (in my experience). In this issue’s cover feature, we explain how you can get your computer and your smartphone to work in perfect harmony, as if they were the same device, and unlock all manner of useful features. Share files instantly without using the ‘cloud’, make mobile calls and send text messages from your desktop,…

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what’s new online

Play classic MS-DOS games for free ne of the biggest online archives of MS-DOS games has just got even bigger, thanks to the addition of more than 2,500 retro titles. This means you can get stuck into a treasure trove of games dating back to 1980, including the original Microsoft Flight Simulator (see FAQ on page 38), futuristic racing game WipEout, Street Fighter II and classic point-and-click adventures such as The Secret of Monkey Island. To play these games through the Internet Archive, simply select the title you want and click the start button. The game’s data will then download and the emulator will start, allowing you to use your keyboard to interact. Some games come with manuals and most have descriptions to give you an idea of what they’re like. Emulation…

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new voice commands

Find Tile-tagged items If you’ve fitted Tile tracking tags to your bag, wallet, keys or other easily losable items, you can now use your Google Home speaker to discover where they are. Control Spotify With iOS 13, you can finally ask Siri to stream music via Spotify. Say, “Hey Siri, play [song] on Spotify” and it will connect to your Spotify account. A Spotify app is now available for Apple TV, too. Track Royal Mail parcels Enable Royal Mail’s Alexa skill, then link your account, and you can track your parcels. Say, “Ask Royal Mail to track my item” and Alexa will ask you for a reference number or a previously created alias.…

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need to know

New warning over ‘Microsoft’ tech-support scams What happened? Windows users have long been the target of tech-support scammers, and the trend appears to be continuing, with new reports of victims losing thousands of pounds. However, recent arrests have highlighted the efforts authorities in the UK and overseas are making to fight back. Tech-support scams have been running for years in various forms, but usually the victim receives a cold call from a criminal purporting to be from Microsoft or a security company. The scammer claims that the victim has been hacked or is at risk, and charges a fee to fix the problem. However, the caller isn’t really from Microsoft, there’s no fault or hack to be fixed, and if you fall for the scam, your card details will be in the hands…

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first look

Google Nest Mini bit.ly/mini487 After two long years, Google has finally revamped its dinky Google Home Mini, and changed its name to bring it in line with its other smart home products. Place the new Google Nest Mini alongside its predecessor, and you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference. Visually, in fact, the only real change is the addition of a new sky blue coloured smart speaker. As such, expect the same UFO-shaped disc with a plastic base and fabric-covered top. At this point, it’s entirely possible you’re scratching your head wondering how, exactly, this is an upgrade, rather than just a rebrand. After all, there’s still no way to connect the device to Bluetooth. And, frustratingly, there remains no 3.5mm audio jack. Despite that, Google is adamant that the Google Nest Mini has…

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is apple launching a budget iphone?

Apple iPhones are notoriously pricey, with the latest smartphone clocking in at about £800. However, with hardware sales down, the company has been seeking new ways to raise revenue – upping the iPhone X to over £1,000 didn’t work; now, it’s rumoured that Apple is going the other way. According to Apple analyst and famed leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone manufacturer is working on the iPhone SE 2 – a smaller and, most importantly, cheaper version of its flagship handset. The iPhone SE 2 is rumoured to be squeezed into the old iPhone 8 shell, with a 4.7in screen - a touch bigger than the original SE’s 4in display. It’ll also lack key features such as 3D Touch and, while the phone is expected to include the same system-on-chip as its big…