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plug holes against hackers

I’ve read about burglars who break into people’s homes, find nothing worth stealing and do a spot of housework to make a point. “They made the beds, vacuumed the rugs and scrubbed the toilets,” reported one ‘victim’ (bit.ly/ house488 ). I wonder if hackers might be similarly helpful on infiltrating my dull online accounts, perhaps tidying my inbox and fixing contrast problems in my photos. Sadly, they’re more likely to use information gleaned from security breaches for nefarious purposes, which means that even minor hacks can have major consequences. In this issue’s cover feature, we explain how to discover exactly what data you’re inadvertently leaking online, so you can stop hackers building a profile of you and stealing your identity. From detecting if your passwords have been compromised to reviewing your…

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what’s new online

Create your own games with Giphy The popular GIF search engine Giphy has launched a new platform called Arcade, which lets you play and share micro-games featuring retro-style graphics and stickers. Many of the games are clones of classics, such as Breakout and Asteroids – you simply visit the website on your PC or mobile device, choose a title and drag or press on the screen to move the main characters. Each game takes mere seconds to play and is accompanied by music and sound effects that could have come straight from the 1980s. What makes the service most intriguing, however, is the ability to remix the games and create titles from scratch by selecting one of 10 templates. You can choose your own characters from Giphy’s searchable set of stickers, select a…

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new voice commands

Move your music around If you have more than one Google smart speaker, and have assigned a room to each device, you can choose where your music plays. Say “Hey Google, move the music to [room]”. Delete Siri recordings Upgrade to iOS 13.2 and you can delete your Siri history. In your iPhone’s settings, Tap Siri & Search, Siri & Dictation History and select ‘Delete Siri & Dictation history’. Get quick inspiration Suffering from creative block? Say “Alexa, open Adobe Inspiration Engine” to enjoy inspiring quotes and creative exercises. You can also discover what kind of creative type you are by taking a probing quiz.…

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need to know

Twitter bans political ads ahead of General Election What happened? Twitter has confirmed that it will ban political advertising amid criticism of the impact of social networks on democracy, but Facebook doesn’t look set to follow its rival’s lead. Twitter’s plans were revealed in a series of tweets by co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, saying: “We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought”. Part of the motivation, he said, was the company’s efforts to address misleading messages and fake news in politics, which is made especially problematic if politicians and their followers can simply pay to spread a targeted message that says whatever they want. “It’s not credible for us to say: we’re working hard to stop people from gaming the system to spread misleading info, but if someone pays us…

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first look

Amazon Echo Buds bit.ly/echobud488 First Apple, then Microsoft and now it’s Amazon’s turn to jump on the earbud bandwagon. The launch of its Echo Buds has been somewhat overshadowed by the near-simultaneous release of Apple’s new, upgraded AirPods. However, despite having its rich and bassy thunder stolen, Amazon’s first foray into smart earbuds is largely a success. - trend for earbuds and are only available in black. Amazon’s Echo smart speakers have been praised for their excellent sound quality and this carries over to the Echo Buds. Audio quality is crisp and clear, and the buds employ Bose’s noise-reduction technology, though it’s a far cry from the Apple AirPods’ new noise-cancelling feature. As you’d expect from Amazon, Alexa lives inside the buds. The smart assistant can be summoned with the wake word, thanks to…

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are smart speakers still spying on you?

Hackers may still be able to eavesdrop on your conversations via smart speakers, rumours suggest. Eavesdropping vectors and phishing scams, which get users to hand over private data, were first discovered in both Amazon Echo and Google Home devices in 2018. You’d assume that by now the companies would have figured out how to prevent this from happening. Yet two researchers from hacking consultancy Security Research Labs assert that criminals are continuing to gain access to user data and conversations. It seems that third-party apps could be to blame. Google and Amazon both offer back-ends to developers to create Home- and Alexa-based apps. When cybercriminals add the symbol to the back-end, it forces the smart speaker to remain silent but active, as hackers listen in. Users are then asked for data, such…