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the key to securing your data

I’m never without a bunch of keys in my pocket, so I struggle to see how anyone copes with only carrying one. No doubt they use clever technology such as NFC, Bluetooth or shouting “Alexa, open the ruddy door!” as an alternative means of access, but the more keys the merrier, I say. Until I drop them down a drain after anight out, and am forced to call a locksmith at three in the morning. The key to this issue’s cover feature is a tiny USB stick called a YubiKey, which combines powerful data security with the convenience and reassurance of having a physical item to attach to your keyring. Just plug it into a USB port and tap the button on the device to sign into your online accounts without…

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what’s new online

Master machine learning without using code You don’t need to be a programming genius to get to grips with the basics of machine learning. Indeed, a couple of years ago, Google launched its Teachable Machine, which allowed anyone to use a webcam or files on their hard drive to teach the computer how to recognise patterns in data. Now, Google has unveiled Teachable Machine 2.0, which again doesn’t require any coding and lets you interact via your microphone. Choose between an Image, Audio and Pose project and, by selecting photos, sounds or people moving around, the computer can be trained to pick up on the differences to classify new examples – such as telling the difference between a human and a dog. Trained models can then be exported to websites, devices and…

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new voice commands

Apply for aMcJob Applying for a job via Google Assistant (and Alexa) issomething of a world-first. Say: “Hey Google, Talk to McDonald’s Apply Thru” and answer some basic questions. Play songs from YouTube Music Using Siri in iOS 13, you can say “Play [song] on YouTube Music” to stream that song on the service. It’ll ask for permission to access the app’s data the first time. Interact with BBC News A new interactive news service launched by the BBC lets you listen to the latest headlines (“Alexa, give me BBC News”). You can then “skip” or get background info by saying “more from the BBC”.…

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google sparks privacy fears over health data plans

What happened? Google has again caused alarm by hoovering up medical data, this time via a partnership with a US hospital chain that involves the health records of 50 million people being shared with the search giant. Known as Project Nightingale, the plans entail data held by the American medical company Ascension being passed to Google to help build an artificial-intelligence tool for clinicians. Unlike previous medical data-sharing projects, there’s been no effort to anonymise patient data and, worryingly, patients weren’t even told that their data was being shared. Google is able to see full health records including medical diagnoses, along with patients’ names and addresses. The project’s details were revealed by journalists at the Wall Street Journal, and it is now under investigation by the US Department of Health following criticism from…

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first look

Snapchat Spectacles 3 bit.ly/specs489 Remember when high-tech glasses were set to change the way we saw the world? The idea was that you’d slip on a pair, record your every waking moment with the built-in camera and share it with your adoring followers on social media. Google had ago with its Glass specs, and failed, but Snapchat hasn’t given up and its Spectacles 3 glasses are its latest attempt to turn the dream into reality. Built into either side of the lenses are two cameras ready to record HD images and video at 60fps (frames per second). This gives Spectacles 3 its unique selling point: the ability to capture the world in 3D. You can then play them back using the included 3D viewer – essentially, a cardboard box with a slot for…

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are british tv shows leaving netflix?

Netflix has, for a long time, been the home for some of the best British TV ever made, including classics such as Blackadder, The Office and Fawlty Towers, allowing viewers to ditch their old DVDs and stream their favourite shows instead. Now, it seems, all this could change. Rumour has it that the ‘vast majority’ of British shows will leave Netflix and Amazon Prime Video next year, and it’s all down to the launch of BritBox (see page 19). The subscription service, a partnership between all the main UK TV broadcasters, is focused on becoming the online home of British TV shows – and that means reclaiming fan favourites from the American streaming sites. Paul Moore, ITV’s communications and affairs director, explained that each show is licensed to those platforms on a 12-month…