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on the edge of success

It’s been along time since Web User devoted awhole cover feature toa Microsoft browser - more than 13 years, in fact, back inIssue 148, when we celebrated the release of IE7. Although plenty ofpeople used the ‘blue E’, as Internet Explorer and its successor were often called, there was rarely much new or exciting to write about, especially once Chrome came along, Firefox flourished and interesting contenders such as Vivaldi and Brave emerged. Yet here we are in 2020, with Edge onour cover and a six-page feature on page 40, determined to convince you to give Microsoft’s reinvented, Chromium-based browser a try. We had our doubts, too, so we’re happy to report that Edge is now fast, secure and packed with useful tools - many of which you won’t find in…

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what’s new online

Chat privately in a disposable room Most of us remember the gist of a face-to-face conversation but, unless you’re making a recording, you won’t have hard evidence of each and every utterance made. This certainly isn’t the case with most online chats because written posts are stored, forming a logged history that can be referred back to when required. The new chat app Yap revives the more relaxed and immediate environment of casual conversation. You can begin a chat simply by entering your name, then invite up to five other people to join you and start posting. Uniquely, every time you make a post, the previous one you entered is erased. This means you have to pay attention if you want to keep up with the conversation – you can’t just pop…

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new voice commands

Translate chats in real time Launch the Google Assistant app on your Android or iOS phone and say, “Help me speak [language]” or “Be my [language] translator” to see instant translations on screen or hear them read aloud. Confuse Siri with hahas Get Siri into a kerfuffle by saying “Siri, call me haha”, adding as many “hahas” as you like. Have a listen at: bit.ly/haha492. Order some flowers To send a beautiful bouquet, say “Alexa, open Interflora” and place an order. You’ll be guided through your purchase and check out with Amazon Pay. You can also “Ask Interflora for flower advice”.…

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need to know

Apple, Amazon and Google join forces on smart devices What happened? Apple, Amazon and Google have been long and sometimes bitter rivals, but now they’re working together to improve the interoperability of voice assistants in our smart homes. This collaboration should mean that smart gadgets you buy from third-party suppliers such as Ikea will work with any of the leading voice assistants, whether it’s Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant. To accomplish this, the tech giants have set up a working group called Project Connected Home over IP (www.connectedhomeip .com), which will create a new internet protocol standard. In other words, they’re going to talk to each other about how to make their systems work together more easily. The aim is to build a standard that works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other internet-based…

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first look

Amazon Echo Flex bit.ly/flex492 As its name suggests, the Amazon Echo Flex is designed for flexibility. The smart device plugs directly into any wall socket, allowing you to bring Alexa into every part of your home – even where there’s no shelf. There is a catch however: it’s just not as good as a standard smart speaker. The Echo Flex offers all the usual goodies you expect from the Echo range. You can check the weather, make calls and set reminders, and its two built-in microphones catch every word you say to it. However, the speaker simply isn’t up to scratch. It’s quiet and tinny, and you’ll need to be quite close to it to hear Alexa’s answers to your questions. As with other Echo devices, you can connect the Flex to an…

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is night mode actually bad for your sleep?

We’ve long known that the light from mobile phones can keep us awake at night. Our brains see the blue light seeping from the screen and are tricked into thinking it’s daylight, making it harder to get to sleep. To combat this, many phone makers have introduced a night mode that automatically dims the screen during the devil’s hours and adds a soft yellow tint that’s easier on the eyes. And it could all be for nothing. According to a study from the University of Manchester (bit.ly/ night492 ), a phone’s blue light may not actually disrupt our sleeping patterns. In fact, it could be the night mode that’s more detrimental. During tests on mice, researchers adjusted the colour of the lighting without altering its brightness, and discovered that blue light…