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backing up isn’t hard to do

Losing important files to an unforeseen disaster is a fear that many of us brush aside. Like being struck by lightning, hit by a falling coconut or crushed by a vending machine, it’s easy to assume it’ll never happen to us, and to regard backing up as a boring task that only businesses and big lorries need to worry about. Speaking as someone who has lost several phones and laptops to carelessness, criminals and conking out, I can confirm that backup is essential, and not as tedious as you’d think. In this issue’s cover feature, we round up and review the best free backup software for protecting your precious files against loss, theft, malware, corruption and other catastrophes. These feature-packed programs make backing up quick, simple and painless, to ensure that…

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what’s new online

Explore Google Maps’ new features Google Maps has been helping us find our bearings for 15 years, and as part of its celebrations for reaching this milestone it has added new features to its mobile app. Aside from a new logo, the most obvious change is an expanded set of tabs at the bottom of the screen. The Explore and Commute options are still there to help you find local information and plot travel routes, but they’re joined by Saved and Contribute, while For You has moved to a new category called Updates. The Saved tab puts your favourite places, restaurants, lists and maps within easy reach and shows where you’ve been, based on the location history detected by your device. Contribute encourages users to help make the app more useful by…

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need to know

More malicious apps found in the Google Play store What happened? Google has again been forced to clean up its Play store after another tranche of dodgy Android apps was spotted by third-party researchers, raising the question of how so many are getting through the company’s security checks. Researchers at VPNpro spotted 24 suspicious apps, all with connections to the Chinese developer Shenzhen Hawk, which has previously been accused of releasing apps containing malicious code (bit.ly/vpnpro495). These rogue apps – which include Hi VPN, Virus Cleaner 2019 and Candy Selfie Camera, and have been installed hundreds of millions of times – were found to be harvesting user data by seeking dangerous permissions to access cameras, locations and more. Google has since removed them all from the app store. But those weren’t the only apps…

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is hulu finally coming to the uk?

Streaming service Hulu has been delighting American audiences since 2007 but it’s probably most familiar to UK viewers for a message stating that “this content is not available in your country” when you try to watch one of its videos. However, it’s now rumoured that the service could finally be making its way to UK shores. Hulu is owned by Disney (because what doesn’t Disney own these days?), which is thought to be looking at an international launch sometime in 2021. Before you get too excited, though, it’s worth noting that the Disney Plus global rollout is firmly taking precedence. Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that: “We feel that we need to concentrate on those launches – and the marketing and the creation of product for those – and then come…

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what’s new on kickstarter

Morpheus bit.ly/morpheus495 | From £130 We spend our days worrying about outdoor pollution but it’s easy to forget that indoor air pollution can be just as harmful to our health, whether it’s burning candles or using cleaning products. The Morpheus indoor air-pollution sensor montors CO2, particle matters and volatile organic compound levels – in other words, all the nasty invisible stuff in your home or office that you’re breathing in daily. The built-in screen also displays the indoor temperature and humidity. Pledges start at £130 for a single device, and backers will receive a discount on future, Wi-Fi-enabled Morpheus models.…

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↑ webometer ↓

WE LIKE… ↑ Netflix lets you stop autoplay previews Netflix is now letting viewers disable auto-playing video previews when browsing its home screen. To turn off this annoying feature, choose Manage Profiles in your Netflix account settings and deselect ‘Autoplay previews whilst browsing on all devices’. ↑ Facebook adds parental controls Facebook has updated its Messenger Kids app to give parents more control over how their children use it. You can now review your kids’ chat histories, and the most recent videos and photos they have sent or received, and remove content if necessary. WE DON’TLIKE… ↓ WhatsApp flaw put users at risk A serious security flaw was discovered in the desktop version of WhatsApp that could have allowed potential attackers to inject malicious code and access files on users’ computers. The vulnerability has now been patched…