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the best things online are free

Several years ago, I went through a brief ‘freebie phase’ – I’d request bizarre products and pointless samples from the web, just because they were free. Perhaps I just wanted some post that wasn’t a bill or takeaway flyer, but I soon accumulated such delights as probiotic fish food, a packet of sunflower seeds and a Jolly Green Giant height chart, none of which was much use in my fish-, garden- and child-free flat. I did, however, receive plenty of follow-up junk mail from “our partners”, so at least my thirst for post was quenched. In this issue’s cover feature, we’ve ignored good-for-nothing giveaways to focus on free stuff you might actually want or need. We’ve rounded up the best free products and services that are definitely worth something, because –…

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play free games on any device

Fast smartphones running on 4G networks are now the standard in the UK, but that’s not always the case in other parts of the world. Recognising this, Google’s Area 120 experimental lab (area120.google.com) has been working with third-party developers to create free HTML5 games called GameSnacks that work on even the most underpowered phones, tablets and laptops. None of the games are especially sophisticated, but they are good fun to play. You can choose from a Bejeweled clone called Jewelish Blitz, a tile-matching puzzler similar to Puzzle Bobble called Bubble Woods and the simple racing shoot-’em-up, Road Fury, along with Bridge of Doom, Jump With Justin and Groovy Ski. All of the GameSnacks can be played by touching the screen or using a keyboard and mouse, and none require instructions because…

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what’s new online

Fly from Heathrow to Manchester online bit.ly/heathrow496 Take a virtual flight north from Heathrow airport using this online tool created by the UK’s air-traffic control service NATS, and you can see and hear how planes are guided from takeoff to landing. Featuring conversations between air-traffic controllers and pilots, the visualisation puts each exchange into context, explaining what is being said and why. The tool follows the journey using both 3D graphics and a map of the UK. As you scroll to bring each stage into view, it delivers interesting information along with explanatory graphics including details of the effects of weather on flights, how the height of an aircraft is measured and a rundown of the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. Once you reach your destination, you’ll see a ream of statistics. If you…

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new voice commands

Set Sonos as speaker To control Sonos speakers using a Google Assistant device, launch the Google Home app, open the device settings and select a default speaker for your audio. Add a Gmail shortcut The latest version of Gmail lets you activate anew Siri shortcut. This lets you say: “Hey Siri, send an email” to instantly launch the compose view. Play stories from The Sims Say “Alexa, open The Sims Stories” to engage in an interactive tale based on the popular game, called The Mystery of Strangerville.…

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microsoft suffers yet more windows 10 update problems

What happened? Another round of updates for Windows 10 has been hit by bugs and errors. The February edition of the monthly ‘Patch Tuesday’ update – which is rolled out to fix security and performance flaws each month – has caused some computers to freeze and crash. The problem lies in one specific part of the update, which was pushed out for four days before being removed. Microsoft said only some devices were affected by the dodgy update: “This standalone security update has been removed due to an issue affecting a subset of devices”. But that’s not the only problem. A separate update, issued to fix a range of security vulnerabilities, has been found to delete files or move them to a temporary folder, as well as causing boot failures, leaving users…

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google moves uk data to the us after brexit

What happened? Google will move the data of its British users from servers based in Ireland to the US. The move comes following Brexit, with data agreements between the EU and the UK still to be decided, and means users will be faced with the choice of letting their data sit relatively unprotected on US servers or deleting their accounts entirely. How will it affect you? Before your data is moved, Google will ask you to agree to new Terms of Service in order to tranfer your account to the US. If you don’t agree, there’s only one alternative: delete your account and stop using Google. There is no option to ask for your data to stay in the UK or EU. The move means your data will no longer be protected by the General…